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You can make a planned trip to Antigua and Barbuda by obtaining an Antigua and Barbuda visa. Foreign nationals can apply for short-term Antigua and Barbuda visas (eVisa) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural and other short-term purposes).

All citizens who require a visa can obtain an electronic visa for Antigua and Barbuda.


Antigua and Barbuda e visa

The Antigua and Barbuda eVisa is an online method of obtaining a visa to travel to Antigua and Barbuda.

All citizens and nationals of all countries (visa required) are eligible for the Antigua and Barbuda eVisa.


Antigua and Barbuda visa requirements 

Documentation required when applying online for Evisa:

A biography page of a valid passport or travel document with a valid transit or re-entry permit for any country to which you may be ticketed. (Please note that passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.)

Recent color passport photo (45mm x 35mm);

Proof of intended travel to and from Antigua and Barbuda, i.e. ticket or confirmation of your reservation from a travel agent.

Proof of residency for the duration of your stay or a letter of invitation from your sponsor. Students must provide a letter of acceptance from your school and details of where they will be staying during their studies. Those travelling on business must provide a letter from your employer stating the purpose of your trip.

Proof of funds available to finance your trip

Recent police record. (The visa office may act at its discretion.)

Birth certificate.

Immigration status on your passport or residence permit.

Additional documents can be required.


How to get Antigua and Barbuda visa 

You will need to complete the online application in one web browser session. Make sure you have all the items you need before you begin the application process.