10 most extraordinary hotels in Prague

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10 most extraordinary hotels in Prague
COVID-19 pandemic, all regular activities and life as we know it came to a standstill. However, with resilience, we are gradually restoring the normal way of life. But in case, check updated Czech Republic visa requirements before you planning to travel to charming Prague.

Where is Prague?

Before switching to the mundane regular life, you deserve a much-needed break. Delving oneself into the culture, colors, and cuisines is all that you need right now. In order to get an outright taste of these, there's no place better than Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Prague is the Central European city and is also referred to as the Mother of the cities or the heart of Europe.

Top 10 Extraordinary Hotels in Prague

What are the best hotels in Prague? The best hotels are the ones that offer you a luxurious stay and an overall extraordinary experience. Hotels must be an all-encompassing abode located wisely to help in your travel goals. Take a look at some of the best hotels in the City of a Hundred Spires.

1. Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel is possibly the most centrally located hotel in Prague, which makes it a traveler's first choice. Located right at the heart of the city overlooking the Vltava River and very near to Charles Bridge as well, this Romanesque hotel is astonishingly designed by Pierre Yves Rochon, a popular French designer. Prague promises the best of culture and comfort, and Four Seasons Hotel delivers on this front. What makes Four Seasons extraordinary? What makes the Four Seasons Hotel something out of the ordinary is its unique atmosphere and architecture. The 138 rooms and 19 suites have a magnificent interior design that lets you have an extravagant experience of the Baroque style of architecture. Equally exceptional is how the design also incorporates elements of contemporary lifestyle and quintessential urban vibes. While on vacation, you obviously want to experience something new and magnificent while still staying in touch with your comfort zone. This hotel's homely yet awe-inspiring atmosphere makes sure that your stay in Prague is a trip to remember forever.

2. The Emblem Hotel

Recognized as a celebrity-favorite hotel in Prague, this ravishingly beautiful hotel is an absolute favorite for the common crowd as well. If you plan to travel to Czech Republic and stay at a hotel that offers everything at a fair price, then The Emblem Hotel is for you. Some of the amenities that you can enjoy here are a spa and gym overlooking the city, an American steakhouse, a business center with internet access, happy hours, etc. Additionally, the hotel is also pet-friendly. Why is The Emblem Hotel a tourist favorite? The Emblem Hotel is not just luxurious but also truly meant for those who want to have an extraordinary experience in one of the world's most popular citiesThe most attractive feature of The Emblem Hotel is its rooftop spa. Can you imagine taking the view of the entire city at once while relaxing at the same time! The hotel puts tremendous emphasis on making their visitors experience something worth remembering.

3. Mandarin Oriental Prague

Your travel to Prague with the company is incomplete without the Mandarin Oriental. This hotel is a picturesque embodiment of the city's dynamic history and flavors. It is located right at Prague's legendary Latin Quarter. The hotel is known for its amazing European and pan-Asian cuisine, with the Kerala curry being a major hit. Some of the facilities provided are a spa and gym, high-speed free internet, family-friendly, pet-friendly activity areas, and babysitting options. Why is Mandarin Oriental Prague extraordinary? Awarded "Building of the Year" in 2007, Mandarin Oriental Prague goes out of the way to offer visitors a truly extraordinary stay. The most sought-after feature of this one of the extraordinary hotels in Prague is its five signature suites. The five suites are Moser Crystal Suite, Oriental Suite, Lazar Suite, Lobkowicz Suite, and the largest one, Presidential Penthouse Suite. The Presidential Suite has a magnificent private roof that has Prague Castle as its backdrop. Even a night's stay at any of these suites will make your Prague trip successful.

4. Golden Well Hotel

Golden Well Hotel is one of the best hotels in Prague. A Romanesque-era hotel built along a sloping castle hill, all the Golden Well Hotel rooms have a different story to narrate. Beautifully crafted by French designers and Czech painters, the hotel is an absolute masterpiece. The hotel's restaurant is famous for the local chef Pavel Sapik's seafood dishes. Some of the hotel amenities are airport transportation, a business area with high-speed free WiFi, a lounge, private parking, etc. Your travel to Prague will be well-complemented by this historic hotel. What is the Golden Well Hotel’s USP? Golden Well Hotel's specialty lies in its honest simplicity. As a visitor to a foreign country, you tend to feel overwhelmed at times. But this hotel's intimate and refined atmosphere makes for a memorable stay in Prague. People keep returning here as they truly feel at home, even in a foreign nation. What's more extraordinary than that?

5. Le Palais Art Hotel

reception sing ring Absolutely true to its name, the Le Palais Art Hotel is a breathtaking concrete beauty in Prague. Built-in 1841 and later restored and remodeled in 1897, this hotel is a striking representation of Belle Epoque architecture. What are the best hotels in Prague? If you fancy art and culture, this is one of the best hotels in Prague for you. It offers fitness centers, free breakfasts, children and pet activity rooms, and other facilities. What makes La Palais Art Hotel magnificent? Le Palais Art understands that breakfast is not just for nutrition but also for a special emotion. Every country has its own breakfast preferences. This is why the hotel has an exceptional range of delicious breakfast spreads for its visitors. Some of the popular cuisines served here are Continental, English/Irish, Asian, American as well as the buffet.

6. Hotel Josef

breakfast at hotel Designed by Eva Jiricna, Hotel Josef is one of the most affordable yet exquisite hotels in Prague, and yet it is located in the heart of the city. This hotel will appeal the most to the modern generation as it is an astonishing blend of the city's history and modern elements. For example, you will find iPad docking stations in the rooms. The hotel provides conference facilities, a lounge, free WiFi, meeting rooms, and a concierge, among other facilities. How is Hotel Josef different from others? Hotel Josef's most extraordinary characteristic is its staggering range of cuisine and amazing dining experience. You can enjoy several delicious breakfast options. Plus, the hotel's in-house bakery chefs are known for giving add-on delicacies to the guests. Their almond croissants are particularly popular. Did you know Hotel Josef ranked #1 Prague's Favourite Hotel for Foodies?

7. Alcron Hotel

Located centrally in Prague, the magnificent hotel is merely 100 meters from Wenceslas Square. Similar to Hotel Josef, the Alcron Hotel is an affordable blend of modern features and vintage Art Deco style. Some of the amenities that you can enjoy in this one of the extraordinary hotels are private parking, airport transportation, bar and lounges, fitness rooms, etc. Why book a room at the Alcron Hotel? Alcron Hotel truly cares for its guests. They have given special attention to differently-abled visitors. For them, the hotel has built three disability-friendly rooms. These rooms have wider doors so that people who use wheelchairs can easily pass through. Plus, these rooms have lower sinks, easily accessible shower corners, etc., to make the stay in Prague memorable for the special guests.

8. BoHo Prague Hotel

Culture, hospitality, elegance, and well-being are the reigning features of this hotel. Literally steps away from Old Town Square, the BoHo Prague Hotel must be on your list if you plan to travel to Prague. You will get to enjoy the spa, meeting rooms, allergy-free rooms with minibars, airport transportation, free WiFi, and other facilities. What makes the BoHo Prague Hotel remarkable? The Boho Prague Hotel is exceptional, owing to its amazing location. The highly-rated hotel is convenient for travelers as it is close to the airport as well as to Republic Square and Central Station metro stations. In fact, there are one too many key tourist attraction spots nearby. The National Theatre and Jewish quarters are hardly 5 mins away. On the other hand, Charles Bridge and St. Nicholas Church are 15 mins walking distance away from this extraordinary hotel.

9. Don Giovanni Hotel

towels One of the most affordable yet breathtaking hotels in Prague, the Don Giovanni Hotel is located in the area of "Vinohrady." Named after Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, the centrally located hotel is right on the underground station Zelivsheko. It is also very close to Prague-Ruzyne Airport. Major restaurant chains such as Incruenti and Zelivarna are merely 1 km from the hotel. Why is Don Giovanni Hotel exceptional? Similar to BoHo, Don Giovanni Hotel's remarkability also lies in its pristine location. Nestled right in the heart of possibly one of the world's gorgeous cities, the hotel's location itself makes your trip memorable. All the major tourist spots are within 1 hour of the hotel. Some of these attractions are Wenceslas Square, Zizkov Television Tower, Czech National Museum, Eden Arena, Vitkov Hill, Prague State Opera, and Karlin Music Theater.

10. Augustine

cool hotel room Augustine is one of the luxury hotels in Prague. The hotel is situated in Lesser Town below Prague Castle. The hotel's most exceptional feature lies in its design, which is inspired by the 13th century Augustine monastery. It is, therefore, deeply interconnected with a rich history. Some of the hotel's amenities are free-stay for kids, airport transportation, free Wi-Fi, valet parking, and fitness rooms. Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires, is the ultimate relaxation pit for the mind and soul. Make plans to travel to Prague before heading over to a mundane life post-COVID-19. The city is a reserve of unexplained pleasure for the curious heart. Enjoy that!

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