10 reasons why you should travel to Zanzibar instead of Dar es Salaam

Arati Kulkarni17 September 20204116 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Zanzibar instead of Dar es Salaam
where is Zanzibar or research Tanzania visa types? Then you are in the right place. It is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar goes by the name of "land of the blacks", whereas Dar es Salaam acquired the name of "Abode of Peace". Zanzibar weather shows the strong sea breezes coming from the north and east coasts successfully cool down the heat of summers. Whereas the weather report in Dar es Salaam revolves around the tropical wet and dry climatic conditions. Before we understand why you should travel to Zanzibar instead of Dar es Salaam, let us first talk about the question in mind - is it safe to travel to Tanzania? There have been cases of violent crimes in the form of sexual assault, robberies, carjacking, and mugging. A terrorist group attacks mosques, police stations, embassies, and other places visited by Westerners.

Keep in mind these pointers to save yourself:

zanzibar resort
  • Be aware of the environment you are in
  • Stay super alert in all the possible locations
  • Do not leave your eateries and beverages unattended
  • Visit the webpage of Travel and Covid-19
  • Get yourself enrolled in the STEP - Smart Traveler Enrolment Program to locate yourself if you are in danger and to receive alerts in case of danger
  • Avoid going to crowded areas and religious demonstrations
  • Avoid drinking tap water when you travel to Zanzibar
  • Avoid carrying your valuables when you travel to Tanzania; you can always keep them in the hotel’s safety box
  • Dress modestly to show respect for the local traditions
  • Beware of mosquitoes, though the risk of contracting Malaria is low in Zanzibar now
  • Do not feel disheartened; Tanzania is a lot more than it shows.
Let us now hop onto the 10 reasons why you should travel to Zanzibar instead of Dar es Salaam:

1. Escape the crowd and go exploring Zanzibar

prison island One of the largest cities of Tanzania is Dar es Salaam. Don’t you want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city and go to the less populated and developed island? Then, welcome to Zanzibar. You can rent a scooter here and go on an exploring ride to the narrow treats and magnificent coastlines at your speed. Roads are small, traffic might get on your nerves, but the view of Zanzibar is worth it. The pleasant weather out there will make you forget all the worries that travelling to Dar es Salaam ever gave. The lesser-known places of Zanzibar are waiting for your humble visit.

2. Explore the Stone Town 

stone town One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Zanzibar is the old part of the capital town. Travelling to Stone Town will never make you ponder over what to do in Zanzibar. Walk into the narrow alleyways while you peak into the preserved traces of historical events in the yesteryear Sultan’s statehood presence. Two sights you certainly won’t find in Dar es Salaam are kids happily playing along the alleyways and older men drinking kahawa (coffee) on the town squares. Beyond that, you can buy carved artefacts, fascinating jewellery, fresh seafood right from the Zanzibar Island, organic fruits harvested in the nearby farm, and traditional clothing in the form of kitenge. The best time to travel to Zanzibar is when you want to wear the Jumanji robe.

3. Discover the true meaning of happiness 

zanzibar One of the best things to do in Zanzibar is meeting the astonishing people there who are full of life, philosophies, friendliness, and excitement. You will feel at peace no matter what you are stressing about - something you won’t find, even if you search hard enough, in Dar es Salaam. The people of Zanzibar are over and above wonderful and lovely. You are more than just welcome there. The best part about your travel to Zanzibar will be interacting with the people of Zanzibar.

4. Call of the overpowering beaches 

zanzibar beach When you travel to Tanzania, you will come to know that Zanzibar is a beautiful island. Unlike Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar is a quintessential tropical island paradise divided into beaches. Some of them include:
  • Pongwe Beach is an isolated beach, ideal for people who want to stay away from the crowd.
  • Paje Beach is best known for kitesurfing.
  • Nungwi Beach is an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary lives.
  • Jambiana Beach is a combination of turquoise waters and sun-bleached coral-rag houses.
  • Matemwe Beach makes a good mix of powdery sands and village life.
All these mesmerizing beaches are about 1-2 hours from Stone Town.

5. A perfect quixotic elopement

wedding arch Dar es Salaam is full of people, whereas Zanzibar is a secluded and peaceful place. A secluded place makes it a perfect abode for lovers, newly married couples, or honeymooners. Right from the morning sun to the evening moon, there’s a lot of things to do in Zanzibar for your beloved one and you. Explore the history together, walk hand-in-hand with your partner on the spectacular beaches, indulge in fun-loving activities, and have a relaxing spa treatment at your hotel by the end of the day. Sound romantic to you? For that, you should know where is Zanzibar!

6. Day-trip at Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park

mangrove forest One of the largest areas of the autochthonous forest in Zanzibar is this park. Best known for red colobus monkeys, an endangered species found only in Zanzibar and not in Dar es Salaam. Other species of monkeys include duikers, bush-babies, and about 40 bird species. There are about 200 coral species and a huge variety of fishes. If you want to know how hawksbill turtles look like, then do travel to Zanzibar. Walk into the forest trail and have a glimpse of natural beauty. You can stop in between and visit the picturesque beaches.

7. Revive your taste buds in the Spice Island

zanzibar One of the best things to do in Zanzibar is to taste the fresh spices and spicy food. Having a sumptuous spice tour that is tasty and interesting at the same time is something confined to Zanzibar alone. Devour up a traditional Swahili meal full of spiced up rice, chicken, bananas, potatoes, and sauce or masala. At the end of the meal, have fresh-from-the-tree fruits as your dessert. Dar es Salaam is not the place where you can buy spices and soaps made by locals, but Zanzibar is. You won’t wonder a lot about “what to do in Zanzibar” if you love spices.

8. Immerse yourself into marvellous festivals

mwaka kogwa festival 3 main festivals take place in the world of Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago. In February, the Sauti za Busara Music Festival where musicians from all over Africa and beyond participate. In July, Zanzibar International Film Festival waits for you with talks, workshops, screenings, and live performances. In September- October, Zanzibar Beach and Water Sports Festival open its arms for a blissful celebration of beach life, music, and Zanzibari culture. The unique experience of Zanzibari life reflects the mixture of African, Indian, Arab, Persian, and European cultures.

9. To understand how Zanzibar became a tourist spot

zanzibar beach When you travel to Zanzibar, you will certainly know that it has had a long and complicated history. For decades together, it had been one of the biggest slave markets in East Africa. Not only that but also a famous base for trade marketing. Only after the discovery of its spices, it gained popularity as the “Spice Island”. It became an important part of the Ivory trade too. The diverse cultural characteristics derived from the Britishers, Africans, Persians, Indians, Portugal, and Arabs still live in Zanzibar. Dar es Salaam is not as diverse as Zanzibar. Even if it is, then it did not struggle as much as Zanzibar did. Do struggle stories interest you?

10. Fit into Zanzibar weather 

kendwa Where is Zanzibar? Thanks to the equator, the Zanzibar islands are warm throughout the year. But the warm weather easily gets the cooling effect from the strong sea breezes of the northern and eastern coasts. You get to witness sunshine for 7 hours throughout the day. A perfect mix of hot and cold weather is Zanzibar. Dar es Salaam is pretty far away from the hot and cold mix. The weather report of Zanzibar makes it an ideal spot for vacationing and tourism. The best time to travel to Zanzibar is when you yearn for such weather.


tansania The people who love to slow down a little in life will get the maximum benefit of travelling to Tanzania’s Zanzibar islands. No doubt Dar es Salaam has its attractions intact, but nothing like Zanzibar’s beach life, nightlife, spicy food, cultural diversity, and adventure-filled getaways in it. Don’t get confused about what to do in Zanzibar, because here’s a message for the foodies: Your travel to Zanzibar will not go to waste, especially if you have a spicy tooth. Whereas, when it comes to wildlife, you won’t see lions, elephants, or giraffes, but instead, witness the rarest of rare monkey and bird species. You cannot miss out on your travel to Tanzania, as it is full of natural beauty, cultural diversity, exciting history, and unlimited fun. Before you go to Tanzania, you need to find an answer to the question of “is it safe to travel to Tanzania”. Zanzibar is an equatorial paradise for those of you who love to sit under the sun and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. The best time to travel to Zanzibar is between June to October when you can make the most of the Zanzibar weather.

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