15 Best travel apps every traveller should use

Tamerlan Mehdiyev22 September 20211124 views8 min. read
15 Best travel apps every traveller should use

We use different types of apps on a daily basis. We use apps because they can ease some of our workflows. They are used for different purposes. Most of us use it to stay connected. Our planet is immense. However, with the help of technological advances, communication is easier than ever. Others use apps to spend their free time more wisely. Apps are great resources for the necessary information. We can learn and get information from apps. These apps manage to fit the world into our pockets. The concept of using apps to enhance the travel experience is spreading quickly. We are witnessing the launches of new travel apps. These travel apps are special for being versatile. There are so many things that you can do with these apps. Using these software applications, anyone can arrange their travels easily. There are so many useful travel apps. They can differ based on their functions.

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Why do I need to have best travel apps? Because these applications can provide things that are needed during travel. You can use these apps to research destinations, learn about accommodation and great restaurants, etc. What are the best travel apps? It is a fair question to ask since there are too many of them. In this article, we will look at some of the best international travel apps. We will try to include some of the newest ones, best travel apps 2021 as well. Let's cut to the chase and have a look at these top travel apps.


mytsa app logo

Developed by the Transportation Security Administration, this app allows you to check airport security information with 24/7 access to these sources. This app will save you a ton of time and money. How? Using this app, you will control what things you can carry with you through a checkpoint. Furthermore, you can look at delay information at an airport. You can see how crowded will an airport be on a particular date, etc. With these traits, MyTSA deserves to have a place on our list of top travel apps. This app is both available for android and IOS.



Are you fed up with managing too many travel apps? Do you wish for an app that has all functions you might expect from other travel apps? If so, then you should check Expedia out. Expedia is an all-in-one travel app. Using Expedia, you will enjoy the services that the app provides. You can book your accommodation, tickets, rental cars, etc. You can even look for cruises with Expedia. Expedia has special offers to its members of Expedia's rewards program. If you are a member of the program, then you can benefit from additional perks. With its advantages, Expedia is one of the best international travel apps.


kiwi application

If you are an experienced traveller who often travels to different places, you might already know about Kiwi. With its smoothly running interface, Kiwi is one of the best apps for travel. What can we do with Kiwi? With Kiwi, you can book your flights, carry out other travel bookings. You can find the most necessary information on your destination using Kiwi. Kiwi allows you to see locations of ATMs even within the airport. With Kiwi, finding and booking flights have never been this easier.


iphone store apps

If you are asking yourselves, what are the best travel apps for iPhone? Then you might want to try Flighty. Ever wondered what will be the arrival time of your airplane? Flighty lets its users know what will be the arrival time of planes. With this app, you can track any plane. If you use the premium version, then you can get information about possible flight delays ahead of your flight. Considering these, it is one of the best travel apps for flights.


hopper app logo

Data have uppermost importance in many fields. For tourism, they are essential as well. Hooper is a software application that turns this tourism-related information to good use to predict some things. What kind of things does this app predict? Well, to start, we can count on prices. Using this app, you can predict the prices of flights well ahead of your planned travel. Another function of this app is to conclude whether the timeline you plan to choose for your travel is good or bad. It will notify when is the best time to buy tickets, travel to a particular place, etc. For such features, it is one of the most useful travel apps. It is both available for android and IOS devices.



In most cases, travel plans require a lot of driving. Indeed, driving a car to explore new places is one of the best methods. You might want to know where is the gas station nearby or where is the ATM. This is where iExit comes in handy. Using this app, you will learn about places on your route. It will notify you of the locations of needed amenities. Therefore, we can add this app to the list of best travel apps.

Hotel Tonight

travel apps

You might already get the idea behind this app from its name. Hotel Tonight is a dream app for travellers who leave booking works to the last minute. Using this app anyone can get a hotel room booked even it is late. The app has a simple interface allowing people to search hotel rooms based on different categories. Rooms are classified as basic, luxe, charming, and high-roller. They are mainly distinguished based on their prices. If you think this is all the app capable of doing, then you are mistaken. You can get detailed information on the hotel and read reviews of other travellers regarding the rooms. It is one of the best travel apps for android and IOS.



It would be ridiculous if we did not include the Airbnb app in our list of best travel apps 2021. Airbnb has been around here for quite some time, and it saved many peoples' travels. For many, using Airbnb is much more convenient and cheaper. What Airbnb does is essentially connect people renting their homes with people planning to rent a home. Millions of people have been using it. It is not only one of the best apps for travel but also a popular one. You can check homeowners' profiles and reviews about houses. You can get this app from the play store if your device is an android or from the app store if you are using an IOS device.



Timeshifter offers quite different services that can be considered unusual. Everyone hates jet lag. It is a frustrating experience that confuses most scenarios. Especially it causes time-related problems. You might wonder about ways to avoid jet lag. There is a way that might be helpful. Timeshifter is a software application that helps people get used to time shifts well ahead of flight taking off. It uses techniques developed by professional neuroscientists. It takes your age. Gender, other features into consideration and then give you the best instructions to handle the problem. It is one of the best travel apps for flights. You can enjoy this app free of charge for the first time. But for further use, you will be asked to pay a fee of 10 USD.


calm app

Calm is a bit unusual but one of the best travel apps for android and IOS. Flying can make you feel exhausted. As an app, Calm lets you relax by playing soothing sounds that will help you fall into a deep sleep.


mobile phone

AtYourGate is an app that will supply you with some goods while you are waiting at the airport. If you forget to bring something, you can order a new one by using this app. If you are asking yourself, what are the best travel apps for iPhone? AtYourGate might be a useful app for your travel.


ipad tablet

This one is for people who want to simplify their travel plans. It will automatically build builds an organized itinerary once you enter information regarding your travel.



This app will be helpful when you are driving. It will provide the cheapest gas stations wherever you are.


woman using mobile phone

Do you want to know the culture of your destination? Then TripLingo can be beneficial to you. You will download the culture pack before your travel and learn the essentials.


Tipping in some places is an important issue. You might need to know how much you should tip. This is where GlobeTips can be useful. It will calculate how much you need to tip.

To sum up, travelling apps are so useful these days. In this article, we tried to answer what are the best travel apps? I hope some of these apps will interest you. If you need any help regarding visa, you are more than welcome to check our website.

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