15 Essential travel tips for Israel trip

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15 Essential travel tips for Israel trip

Let's travel to the Middle East and discover Israel. Besides being the only jew country in the world, Israel has many exceptional and interesting features. Data shows that more than four million people travel to Israel per year. Historical places and unique traditions are some of the reasons that attract people.

Before visiting, it can be beneficial to get some tips. What are the best tips for Israel? If you want some Israel travel tips, then you are in the right place.

Israel visa policy

apply for israel visa

How to visit Israel? The first thing that you should know before visiting any country is the visa policy. Who needs a visa? Except for visa-free nationalities, everyone must obtain a visa to visit the country. Today, there are 99 countries on that list, and most of them are European countries. All other nationalities can apply for a visa matching the purpose of the visit. Israel has seven types of visas:

  • Immigration Visa
  • Temporary Resident Visa (A/1)
  • Student Visa (A/2)
  • Clergy Visa (A/3 )
  • Visa for Spouses and Children (A/4)
  • Work Visa (B/1)
  • Visitor's Visa (B/2)

Each of these Israel visa types has some requirements, and all applicants must answer these to visit Israel. Differences are related to the application process, documentation, application charge, stay duration, and so on. Where can I apply? People who want to obtain a visa must go to the application centers, embassies, or consulates. You should figure out which of these departments is responsible for visa applications in your country. How much is the fee? The visa charge varies depending on the visa type and changes between 24-47 USD. Of course, there can be some differences related to the country, and you may need to pay some additional fees. Which documents should I present? Some of the documents that you will need are:

  • Application form
  • Passport
  • Previous visas and passport
  • Photo
  • Some documents of children (birth certificate, etc)
  • Booking of flight ticket
  • The documents that show your civil status
  • Evidence of financial means (you must have enough money to cover your expenses)
  • Medical insurance

After giving these documents, you will wait for processing. It lasts 5-25 working days. If you want to get more thorough information, you can check the services section of our website.

Get a plug converter

two pin plug accessories

The first example in our list of the top travel tips is a plug converter. During your vacation, you will need fully charged electrical devices. However, in Israel, you may face some problems because the most used plugs in Israel are C, H, and M. C plug is widely used in many parts of the world, but it can be hard to find M or C. Of course, you can buy it in Israel, too. It would be better to handle it beforehand.

Kosher food

traditional homemade hummus

What is the meaning of Kosher food? It is about religion. Kosher means foods that are allowed to eat for Jews. You can hear this word while visiting some restaurants. So, do not be a surprise when you hear it. Also, Jews people do not eat meat and milk together. It is also non Kosher. Of course, you are a foreigner, and it will not be a great problem for you. However, still, knowing the local religion is one of the top travel tips.

What should you not wear in Israel?

israel people

The way of dressing is very important for people who want to travel to Israel. What should you not wear in Israel? As you know, there are plenty of religious places in Israel, and you must have proper dresses to visit such kinds of places. Avoiding seethrough or very short dresses will be better. Don't worry if you don't have such dresses on you. You can get them in all cities. Also, it would be good memory from your visit.

Be relax during an interview

work interview

Israel has strict rules for letting people visit Israel. So, before letting you enter, they will ask you several questions. Some people feel so nervous during this procedure, and it may create suspicious feelings about you. So, be relax while answering questions. Do not worry, the questions are simple and standard. They will ask your purpose of the visit, your job, etc. The interview may last a little bit longer.

Keep your eyes on the paper visa

israel visa entry stamp

As you know, when you enter and leave any country, they put a stamp on your passport. It is a little bit different in Israel. They will not put a stamp on your passport when you enter the country. It is to avoid possible future problems for guests. Instead of it, they put a stamp on the paper visa. You will need to show this document in certain checking points. So, do not lose it.

Do not miss the nightlife

fashionable young

There are plenty of exciting things in Israel, and the nightlife is one of the best. Especially, Tel Aviv is well-known for its colorful and live Israel nightlife. All the bars, restaurants, shortly the whole city come alive during the night. You can make a bar tour, or you can choose one and spend a wonderful moment. Do not miss this chance and add this activity to your list.

Shabbat hours

panoramic sunrise jerusalem

Another crucial heading in our list of Israel travel tips is about Shabbat hours. It is the time between the Friday sunset and Saturday night. Public transportation is not available during the weekend. If you want to go to religious places, then you should visit before 4-5 PM. After that time, they will be closed and will open after Saturday evening. So, take this into account while planning your trip.

Travel budget tips

aerial sunset at mediterranean sea coast

One of the most important parts of traveling is planning the travel funds. You must have enough money to cover all of your expenses. So, there are some travel budget tips for you. First of all, you can book accommodation or a flight earlier. It will be cheaper. Also, you can get general information about the market, hostel, and transport prices via the internet and plan a budget.

Cheap travel tips (inside the country)

service taxi parking

In general, we can say that traveling in Israel is cheaper than in most western countries. However, still, it is always beneficial to use more economical transport types. One of them is Monit Sherut. They are something like shared taxis, and a maximum of 10 people can use them at the same time. It will be much more useful if you travel with companions.

Seeing soldiers is normal

heavily armed israeli security forces

Israel's government takes safety very seriously. So, while walking in the street, you will see a lot of soldiers. Do not worry, it is just part of daily life. After spending several days in Israel, it will seem more usual for you.

Avoid summer

view to the old city of jerusalem

Summer (June, July, August) is the high season in Israel. So, accommodation and other prices are higher during this period. Instead of it, you can travel between April-May (or in November). How to visit Israel? You can easily find a flight for Israel from various parts of the world. Also, I would give one of the cheap travel tips. While buying a ticket, use the website to compare the prices and buy your ticket at least several weeks before.

What to eat?

falafel food

One of the most exciting things about the vacation is tasting new flavors. If you are from a completely different cultural background, then Middle Eastern traditions of cooking will mesmerize you. There are plenty of tasty meals that all guests must try. Of course, Falafel is the most popular among them, but there are many others: Sfenj, Couscous, Burekas, etc.

There are more than Tel-Aviv

landing of an airplane

Yes, Tel-Aviv is the city that all people who visit Israel must-see, but there are more than this city in the country. The architectural beauty, historical background of these locations will charm you. Some of the must-visit places are Nazareth, Jaffa, the Dead Sea, Timna Park, Sea of Galilee, Masada, Mar Saba Monastery, and so on.

Prefer hostels

modern hostel building

Maybe the transport is cheaper in Israel, but accommodation can be expensive than in some countries. So, we advise you to find a proper hostel instead of hotels. Instead of giving that money to the hotel, you can use it for visiting more locations or buying something. Examples of high-standard hostels are Cinema Hostel, Tiberias Hostel, Hayarkon Hostel, Isla Tel Aviv, etc. All of these hostels got at least 4 points out of 5 from visitors. Moreover, their prices change between 35-80 USD.

Packing tips for travel

traveler picking up suitcase

I would like to conclude the topic with packing tips for travel. Packing is a kind of travel art. Some people can effortlessly put 20 kg in one baggage, but other people can't even put 10. The best ways of avoiding this problem are taking just needed items and using luggage organizers. If you want to visit Israel during the summer, take t-shirts, suncream, a hat, and other things because it is really hot in Israel during summer.

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