5 best boutique hotels in Bulgaria

5 best boutique hotels in Bulgaria

Ieva Miltina27 November 20211392 views8 min. read
5 best boutique hotels in Bulgaria

How much do you know about Bulgaria? Besides the fact that it has a rich cultural background and that for many top hotels in Bulgaria sunny beach is just a daily feature? There is much more to this country. World-renowned music and folklore traditions come from the oldest European country that hasn't changed its name since its first establishment in 681 AD. It also happens to be the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet and one of the most popular beach destinations for people living in the surrounding countries.

So what motivated you to look into options for boutique hotels in Bulgaria? Is it something I mentioned or a different reason? Whatever that may be, I am sure you are just researching to look through the best hotels in Bulgaria to find one according to your liking. You are in the right place because dry descriptions on booking pages will not transfer much of the unique essence, will they? So let's look through some options, but before - a short introduction to the topic we are now discussing.

What are boutique hotels?

hotel in plovdiv

Not everyone is an expert in the hospitality industry, and it takes time to understand the intricate details between various accommodation types. How do you even distinguish a boutique hotel and why should you opt for that instead of, for example, luxury hotels in Bulgaria?

The good news is that you are not the only one that has such questions. Typology of boutique hotels appeared just recently, and there is no unified definition for the features it should have. Nonetheless, there are a few common characteristics, and I will try to explain them in short.

First, boutique hotels are generally smaller. The sources mention that their size should not exceed 100 rooms, but in my opinion, a real boutique experience is possible only in much smaller establishments. Why do I say this? Because it is all about the atmosphere. With smaller premises, the staff can provide a more personal and intimate atmosphere, one of the features boutique hotel lovers enjoy most.

Second, keep an eye for the design and the artistic elements. Even though boutique hotels can be very simple and even basic, the visual appeal is maybe the most prominent of their features in the interior and exterior. It might as well be connected to the modern-day Instagram trends, and the hoteliers have caught guests' interest to make stunning images for their social media with little or no effort.

The third is probably the local culture. Boutique hotels are often located in city centers or other significant locations that give access to a unique perspective on the lifestyle and other aspects of life in the particular place.

Lastly, do you know what a boutique hotel is not? It doesn't have to be a luxury hotel or necessarily an expensive hotel. Actually, with the number of cheap hotels in Bulgaria, it is not surprising that some of them are also in the category with the features mentioned above. So stay with me to see some of the selected boutique hotels in Bulgaria. I selected ones from different places, so there is something to look up for all the types of travelers!

The list of 5 best boutique hotels in Bulgaria

1. Hebros Hotel

Location: Plovdiv

It is not a hotel you would immediately associate with modern boutique hotels usually filled with this modern art and internationally liked interior items, but it is way better. Most of the rooms in this hotel will give off this royal vibe, and to be honest - it feels like it could be one of the most luxury hotels in Bulgaria! Besides making you feel royal, the hotel will also offer a great selection of local and international foods because the restaurant has received an award for its great level of service and flavors. Did I mention that the hotel is located right in the heart of Plovdiv Old Town? If you happen to be around, don't miss the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of Hebros hotel!

2. City Art Boutique Hotel

woman chambermaid making bad

Location: Ruse

It is one of the boutique hotels that will be very light on your pocket. I mean, it is among the cheap hotels in Bulgaria, but it still registers and looks like a proper boutique gem. Housed in a historic building (manifested as a monument of culture), it gives off a mix of modern and classic vibes. Try visiting this place if you are looking for an appealing design combined within budget prices. So you have more finances to spend on the local entertainment!

3. Blu Bay Hotel

Location: Sozopol

They promote themselves as the "seaside paradise," and it is obvious why. Sozopol is one of the major seaside resorts of the country, and the hotel is built to emphasize the closeness to the sea. How do they do it? Floor-to-ceiling windows with the most spectacular views of the sea are just one of the things travelers appreciate there. Modern but cozy interior design helps to relax after a relaxing day on the beach, and the on-site restaurant serves the most precious seafood from the nearby waters. A high-level service packed in high-grade premises - a great way to underline your beach holiday!

4. Hotel Casa Art

hotel casa art

Copyright: @grabobg

Location: Oreshak

It might not give off the same first impression that one considers what are boutique hotels like, but it does pack a great deal of charm. You see, a family manages the house and the hotel, and their love for hospitality can be felt throughout. Besides being a cozy and homelike escape for travelers, this hotel is also a place where art pieces of Casa Art Furniture (made by the same family) are displayed on every corner. Artsy, unique, and heartfelt! And to portray the concept more vividly, let me share a quote of theirs. The hotel is "inspired by the fundamental forces of the universe - Sea, Earth, Sun, Moon, Air, Wind and Love". Isn't that unique experience something a traveler yearns for?

5. Amira Boutique Hotel

amira boutique hotel

Copyright: @hotel.amira

Location: Bansko

From sea to mountains in a matter of a few hours - it is one of the benefits of traveling to Bulgaria. This hotel offers rooms and apartments in style but predominantly targets winter tourists going to the region for skiing facilities. Modern design and the most professional service are just a few of the highlights. They also have various saunas, massage rooms, and even an indoor swimming pool to relax the bones after a cold day outdoors. How about food? It is deemed to be amazing! And you can enjoy a nourishing dinner in the restaurant area, on the cozy terrace, or have a drink in the bar.

Is it easy to travel to Bulgaria?

embankment with fortress

If reading through all of this has made you eager to visit this country, you will probably want to know if it is easy to go there. And the good news is - the land is easily accessible! Get a plane from most major EU capitals, or a bus from Greece to reach one of the desired hotels and a lifetime vacation!

And another important aspect to consider regarding your travel is the Bulgaria visa. About half of the world's countries will not need a visa to enter this country. If you have an EU passport or Schengen visa, then there is no need to apply for a Bulgaria visa for short-term travels!

Let's wrap this up. I think it is obvious to you that this might be one of the cheapest destinations for anyone willing to experience luxury provided by boutique hotels in Bulgaria. And you can decide yourself - if you will opt for a city mansion or a forest cabin. Or maybe one of the top hotels in Bulgaria sunny beach? Whatever is your preference, enjoy the treats offered by their hospitality and have a great time! Bulgaria is an underappreciated gem and should be noticed by more and more international travelers.

* Let me give you a tip that might save you some nerves and money, too. If you are traveling nowadays, please be vary that the travel industry is still experiencing disruptions due to health concerns posed by Covid. Since there can be sudden changes in restrictions, your trip might experience an unfavorable change of plans or even a complete travel ban. It is why I suggest booking accommodation and flights only with an option to cancel without any extra fees. It will cost you a bit more for now, but being flexible and having the ability to reschedule will pay off later on. Better safe than sorry, right? If you travel to Bulgaria, just book a refundable hotel offer, so you don't lose money when someone decides to change your plans.

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