5 best boutique hotels in Kuwait

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5 best boutique hotels in Kuwait
charming cityscapes. Taking part in desert tours and discovering this marvelous land is a desire of millions of people. That is why while surfing on the internet, we can see plenty of questions about the country. One of the most asked questions is about the best Kuwait hotels. Considering this, we decided to mention the Kuwait hotels list. In this blog, you will learn: What are boutique hotels? What are the top hotels in Kuwait City? How to make Kuwait hotels booking? What are the Kuwait hotels prices?

Kuwait Visa

kuwait visa Who needs a Kuwait Visa? Besides these countries, all foreigners need a visa to travel to Kuwait: Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. People who are not eligible for visa-free travel can choose one of the visa types. Several categories depend on the purpose of the visit: ● E-visa. The Kuwait government gives a chance to obtain a visa without going to the embassy. Tourists can get their E-visa by filling the application form, paying the visa fee on the official website. You will pay just 10 USD, and after 2-5 days, you will receive your visa by email. You will print it out and give it to the Immigration Officers at the entry port. ● On Arrival Visa. Visa on arrival is a type of visa that you will get at the airport. Unfortunately, not all nationalities are eligible for visas on arrival. So, you should check your eligibility. The main disadvantage of this type is waiting in the queue. ● Short-term Visa. If your country's name is not on the list of E-visa countries, then you must apply for a short-stay visa. You can get it for various reasons, such as tourism, business, family visit, taking part in a cultural event, and so on. You will apply in visa application centers, embassies, or consulates. You will pay 10-340 USD as a visa fee and wait for 2-10 days for processing. ● Transit Visa. Foreigners who will stay more than 24 hours in the territory of Kuwait must get a transit visa. This visa is valid for a week. In some cases, people such as truck drivers need to enter the country several times. So, there is a multiple-entry transit visa for them. ● Long-term. Regardless of nationality, everyone who wants to stay in Kuwait for a long period must have a visa. Studying, working and family reunions are the main reasons to apply for a long-term stay. The application charge for the long-stay change is between 35-665 USD depending on the purpose of stay and nationality. Processing time can last almost two months. So, consider it before making your application. If you want to get more detailed information about the visa for Kuwait, you can check the services section on our website.

What are boutique hotels?

view of kuwait towers As you know, there are various types of acclamation that we can stay during the trip. Depending on preferences or budget, people choose one of these places, and boutique hotels are their favorite. People prefer boutique hotels because they provide a personal touch to each guest and are located in the main streets of the cities. Moreover, these hotels are not part of any hotel chain and have less than 100 rooms.

Swiss-Belboutique Bneid Al Gar Kuwait

swimming pool Another example of the top hotels in Kuwait city is Swiss-Belboutique Bneid Al Gar Kuwait. The four-star hotel has a fitness club, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, garden, and comfortable rooms. It has several types of rooms, such as superior king room, deluxe twin room, junior suite, premium suite, etc. These suites have an air conditioner, flat-screen tv, en suite bathroom, tea maker, telephone, hairdryer, electric kettle, and so on. How much does it cost to stay here? In general, prices change between 160-816 USD. As an example, I can mention: ● Deluxe twin room- two single beds, breakfast for 17 USD, and 178 USD per night ● Junior suite ● Superior king room-an an extra-large double bed, breakfast for 17 USD, 158 USD for a night- an extra-large double bed, breakfast is included, 192 USD per night. The most expensive room is the Swiss Super Suite with two bedrooms (breakfast is included). Furthermore, you will find plenty of attractions near the hotel. Yes, the price is high, but it is worth the money to stay in one of the Kuwait luxury hotels.

Ibis Kuwait Salmiya

ibis hotel Copyright: @al.fa9ly In general, Kuwait hotels prices are high in comparison with other countries. So, finding a good hotel at an affordable price can be challenging. What are the cheap hotels in Kuwait Salmiya? Salmiya is one of the most popular cities in the country. That is why finding cheap hotels in Kuwait Salmiya is a hot topic. One of the hotels that offer affordable prices and a good standard is Ibis Kuwait Salmiya. The hotel is located in the entertainment center of the city. So, you will be close to cafes, shopping centers, and other tourist attractions. The hotel has several types of rooms, and all of them are equipped with a flat-screen tv, air conditioner, refrigerator, and private bathroom. How much does it cost to stay? The price may vary depending on the booking date. In general, it starts from 80-100 USD. I advise you to do Kuwait hotels booking at least several weeks before the planned trip.

The Lofts Kuwait Fintas

hotel bedroom Kuwait is one of the countries which has the same name for the country and the capital city. Architectural wonder Kuwait city is located on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Thanks to its location, the city has high tourism potential. Also, it is the place where you will find some of the best hotels in Kuwait on the beach. Unfortunately, such as in other cities of the country, finding cheap hotels in Kuwait city is not easy. One of the few cheap hotels in Kuwait city is the Lofts Kuwait Fintas. Prices start from 60 USD, and they offer a good level of standard. Of course, the price may vary depending on the travel date. Thanks to an outdoor swimming pool, lounge, garden, and free WiFi, vacation in the Lofts Kuwait Fintas, will be an unforgettable experience for you. The hotel offers several types of rooms, and the most favorite one is a deluxe double room. You can book that room for 57 USD for now. Moreover, you have the chance to cancel your reservation 2-3 days before.

Spice Boutique Hotel

Do you want to travel to Kuwait and stay in a room that has a sea view? Then you can add Spice Boutique Hotel to your list. Although the general point of the hotel is not very high, couples love this hotel. Probably, the main reasons are location, view, and service quality. We can say that it is one of the best hotels in Kuwait on the beach. You will be just 100 meters away from the beach and can enjoy the charming view 7/24 from your terrace. Also, the hotel has well-decorated rooms that mix modern and traditional ornaments. Besides the design, hotel rooms have everything to make you feel comfortable. After a night in the soft bed, you will get up as a newborn child. How far is it from the airport? It is just 10-20 minutes away from the Kuwait International Airport. Tourist attractions such as the Aquarium Scientific Center, Marina Mall, and Olympia Mall are just several minutes away.

Four Points By Sheraton Kuwait

hotel bedroom Copyright: @fourpointskuwait It is the last place on our Kuwait hotels list. The hotel is located at Fahd Al Salem Street in Kuwait city. You will find the hotel effortlessly because there are free shuttles from the airport to the hotel. This hotel is one of the best Kuwait luxury hotels with a charming interior and exterior design. Besides the gorgeous decoration, the hotel has various facilities, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, etc. So, you will not be looking for these in another place. Generally, we can describe this hotel as a small world. There is everything for an unforgettable and comfortable holiday. That is why it is one of the best Kuwait hotels. There are several types of rooms, and all of them are equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, coffee maker, private bathroom, and soft beds. ● Classic 1 Queen room- large double bed, 32 square meters area, breakfast for additional 27 USD, 256 USD per night ● Classic twin room- two single beds, 34 square meters area, breakfast for additional 27 USD, 260-290 USD per night ● Deluxe non-smoking room- large double bed, 36 square meters area, breakfast for additional 27 USD, 292-315 USD per night ● Superior room- large double bed, 64 square meters area, breakfast for additional 27 USD, 364-455 USD per night ● Junior suite- large double bed, 60 square meters area, breakfast for additional 27 USD, 455-506 USD per night

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