Bangladesh business visa Guidelines, Requirements & Fees

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Bangladesh business visa Guidelines, Requirements & Fees

It is possible that Bangladesh is not on the top of your and most people's lists of tourism or business objective, but this lush country has its beauties and business benefits. Although this South Asian country has one of the less developed economies in the world, it has rich nature and historic towns and architecture. If you are interested in Bangladesh business visa requirements for citizens of your country, firstly to say that most nationals of the globe will need to fill the Bangladesh business visa application form to have the Bangladesh business visa multiple entry then to visit Bangladesh. There are, however, certain nations whose citizens can visit Bangladesh visa-free, and some others who can obtain the Bangladesh business visa on arrival. In this post, I will go through types of visa for Bangladesh, their application procedure, Bangladesh business visa processing time, visa costs, and other frequently asked topics.

Types of visa for Bangladesh

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There are several types of visa for Bangladesh. They are grouped based on the purpose of the visa, such as tourist, business, student, employment, diplomatic, investor, journalist, NGO, etc. Let us look through all these visa types one by one:

Tourist visa

It is given to foreigners who enter Bangladesh only for tourism. You will need the following documents for this visa: a completed application form, two passport-sized photos with proper background, the original of your passport and a copy of the first page, your national ID or Resident Permit, a copy of previously issued visas, a travel itinerary, proof of visa fee payment, the purpose of your trip, and proof of financial means.

Visa for business

This visa is given to foreigners who are visiting the country for business purposes. In Bangladesh, an invitation letter from a firm, often known as a letter from your employer, is typically necessary. A letter from your boss.

Visa for Journalists

It is granted to international journalists who are temporarily on assignment in the United States. To get this visa, you must complete the FF-1 and FF-2 application forms and provide a list of the equipment you will bring with you to the nation.

Visa for Work

This visa is issued to foreign nationals who have found work in the country. To apply for an employment visa, you will need a letter from your employer as well as a letter of reference from BEPZA/BOIL.

Diplomatic visa

It is provided to officials traveling on diplomatic or governmental business. Diplomats must provide a Letter Verbale to apply for this sort of visa.

Student visa

It is given to international students who want to study at a Bangladeshi educational institution. To obtain this visa, applicants must have a letter of enrolment from the university as well as proof of financial funds in the form of a bank statement.

How to get a visa for Bangladesh?

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It is recommended that travelers get a visa before their journey from the nearest consulate of Bangladesh in their home or neighboring country. Some visas are usually valid for several entries, depending on the purpose of your trip. Depending on your citizenship, you can also acquire a visa on your entrance to the country at the airport. The issue of this on-entry visa, however, is a benefit, not an absolute, and is entirely at the judgment of the immigration representative. A picture is not required for a visa on entry. The visa on entry is only valid for 15 days to one month. A longer duration will necessitate the submission of an extension application, which can be time-intensive and is not sure you will get it. As a result, it is strongly advised that tourists get visas from their local consulate or embassy well in advance of their visits. Tourist visas on arrival are also offered for certain purposes through land ports. Some citizens of foreign nations of Bangladeshi descent may be eligible for a visa-free entry stamp in their passports.

Bangladesh business visa application form

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To begin the process of applying for a Bangladesh visa, you must first fill out an online application form. There are various components to the online application. The first section includes personal information, nationality, residence, accommodation, passport information, sex, and occupation. You must also provide a photo of yourself with the necessary qualifications. The next sections discuss the sort of visa application you are submitting. Select a new visa application if you are applying for a new visa. When you click save and next, you will be sent to a new page where you will be given your password and log-on application ID. Then, input your passport information as well as information from prior visas indicating whether you have already visited Bangladesh. In the most recent sections, you will find information on visa fee payment as well as information regarding the purpose of your trip to Bangladesh and the length of your stay. Next, select the embassy or consulate where you want your visa to be issued. At the conclusion, there will be a document checklist on which you must tick and enter the papers that you have completed. You can print the Bangladesh business visa application form after finishing the online application. After everything, you can compile and submit the relevant papers. If you are unable to complete the application in one sitting, you may store it and return it later. Your unfinished visa application will be kept on the server for a week. All stored data will be lost after one week, and you will have to start anew. You will receive the location of the embassy where you may send your completed application at the end of the online application. You will also be provided with the embassy's address and contact information, which you may use to enquire about particular submission guidelines. Some embassies may enable you to apply by mail, but you must arrange an appointment if you want to apply in person. Whether there is no diplomatic post in your area, check to see if there is a visa application facility that handles Bangladesh visa applications. If there isn't one, you may have to apply for a Bangladesh visa upon arrival.

Bangladesh business visa processing time

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The processing period for the visa is determined by the embassy. A normal tourist visa is usually approved within 14 days; however, it might take up to a month depending on how to get a visa for Bangladesh. If you apply by mail, consider the time it will take for your papers to be delivered and subsequently returned to you. As a result, you should begin applying for a Bangladesh visa at least 1-2 months before your travel.

Bangladesh business visa on arrival

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Bangladesh at entry visa (VOA - Bangladesh business visa on arrival) is a form of visa that can only be obtained following you have arrived in the country. However, just because you are qualified for this type of visa does not guarantee that you will be permitted to visit Bangladesh. It is up to the border workers at the port of entry to permit whether or not you may enter Bangladesh once they have examined your documentation. Many candidates have been turned away as they are considered ineligible to get a visa. If approved, the Bangladesh VOA is only valid for one month. If you meet one of the following conditions, you may be eligible for a Bangladesh VOA:

- There is no embassy or consulate of Bangladesh in your home country.

- You are a business person or investor with an invitation letter from a Bangladeshi organization. The Investment Board must certify to the letter.

- You are visiting Bangladesh to attend a government-organized event.

- You must get permission from the appropriate authorities or ministry.

- You are a representative of a foreign diplomatic mission, the United Nations, or its connected organizations, and you hold the necessary appointment.

- You are from a particular country and are in Bangladesh for tourism, business, or official duty.

Some examples of these countries are European Union and EEZ countries, the USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zeeland, Arab Peninsula countries, etc.

Bangladesh business visa multiple entry


A business visa allows holders to visit Bangladesh and stay in this country for the maximum amount of duration authorized by the visa's validity time. It allows the holder to attend business-related events such as investment meetings, conferences, training, conducting training and audits, installing appliances and equipment, performing short-term services for a client, local business affiliate, or branch of the main business. The cost of a business visa to Bangladesh ranges from $15 and $170 USD. The charge may differ based on your nationality or the country in which you submit your application. A recommendation letter is one of the Bangladesh business visa requirements. It might be from an individual or a company. Bangladesh business visa processing time might take up to seven working days. As a result, you can apply for your visa at the nearest embassy. Above all, it is suggested that you book your flights after receiving your visa in order to prevent needless expenditures if your visa application is denied.

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