The best countries for solo travelers

The best countries for solo travelers

Aytan Akhundova01 April 2021941 views10 min. read
The best countries for solo travelers

Hiking and solo travel go together like peas and carrots, like Forrest and Jenny. Why should we wait until our friends are ready to explore the world, when we can go on a journey alone, meet a bunch of incredible new people, and discover an inner independence and sense of freedom that we never knew existed? Every year, more and more solo travelers head to hostels to take advantage of the social zones and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Where are the best places to travel alone and where to travel solo?

Here are the top 10 top places for solo travelers, based on the highest number of solo bookings.

1. The USA

los angeles

The USA is one of the best places for such trips due to its variety of best cities for solo travel. In other words, the US really has something for everyone-from the sunny bays of California to the iconic skyscrapers of New York, surreal landscapes like the Grand Canyon, to music and foodie hotspots in the south. What's the best part? You are traveling alone, so the choice of adventure is up to you. The USA is a surprisingly affordable place for first-time solo travelers, with excellent infrastructure and high security. Add to that classic American friendliness and a touch of Southern hospitality, and it's no surprise that the US has the highest number of solo bookings for travelers!

By sharing shared dorms, you will not only increase your budget, but also meet many amazing people who will make your solo adventure anything but lonely. In the mountains of Colorado, Bivvi brings warm, family vibes that can melt through the snow. Here, travelers share a beer by the campfire and stop for cozy movie nights, spending their days in exciting group activities such as white water rafting and hiking!

2. England

thames river

So, guys, the second place in our list of the best places to travel alone is England, a great first step for those who do not know how to travel alone. London is consistently one of the best cities for solo travel and people who want an unforgettable British experience - red buses, black taxis and a trip to Buckingham Palace to say hello to Queen Liz. Not to mention local favorites like curry on Brick Lane, a pint in a traditional pub, and some of the best nightlife in Europe! Travel outside the capital to discover creative hubs like Liverpool and Bristol, historic gems like Cambridge or Bath, and Cornwall's amazingly beautiful beaches.

If you are looking for a hostel in London with an unsurpassed social atmosphere, try Hostel One Camden. Not only is the hostel located in the heart of one of the most famous areas of the city, which is a must-visit destination for music lovers, but it is also run by tourists who like nothing more than to show solo travelers a great time. Think of late-night free dinners, group bars, crawling, and drinking games in the basement.

3. Spain


Every region of Spain has its own distinctive, vibrant culture, which means you can spend months going on an epic Spanish adventure and never get bored. Even though each city has its own unique atmosphere, there are a couple of things that connect them all. First, the hospitality that makes travelers feel at home. Secondly, Spanish cuisine in this world is serious! Treat yourself to tapas and sangria until you've had enough sleep to slip into a siesta. So, what Spanish places should solo travelers visit? The big hitters of Barcelona and Madrid are so busy, plus so many other backpackers, that it's impossible to really feel alone. If you want to relax and unwind, then San Sebastian is a foodie's dream with incredible surf spots, and if you want to enjoy Andalusian traditions, then the flamenco show in Seville is a legendary sight.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel is a favorite destination for solo backpackers who love to participate in drinking games, live music, and art evenings on the beautiful rooftop. There is a family dinner every evening, and the staff will take you on a bike tour of the city to make you fall deeper in love with Seville.

4. Australia


Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the best places to travel on your own, Australia is practically a rite of passage for travelers. There are no equal backpacker tourists here: Hostels across the country are packed with partygoers and travelers looking to get a piece of the land underground. Most of them find it difficult to leave, and this is where the Australia Working Holiday comes in, allowing solo travelers to settle down for a while and build their own worldwide fame. And with the money they save at work, they can visit the most incredible places this country has to offer. We're talking about cosmopolitan Sydney, trendy Melbourne, the idyllic Whitsunday Islands, the vast Outback, the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef... Seriously, we could drive there all day. It's safe to say that Australia is one of the best places to travel alone!

Being single is impossible in Australian fun dorms. Parties at Gilligan's Backpacker Hotel & Resort Cairns are legendary, which is no surprise if you've seen their huge lagoon-style pool, open-air bar, massive sports screens, and on-site nightclub!

5. Italy

city in italy

How to travel alone? Go to Italy! Of course, we could tell you about the classic beauty of Roman architecture, the romance of Venetian waterways, the fabulous cliffs hugging the houses in Positano, or the fascinating history of Pompeii and Herculaneum, but we know what you're really looking for from a trip to Italy... food, great food. Widely considered the center of the carbohydrate universe, Italian food is world-famous, and you'll get the best quality right from the source. Avoid tourist traps and instead ask the hostel staff for insider tips on where the locals eat. And please go to Naples to try the pizza in the city where it appeared. The amazing train network in Italy makes this place dreamy for solo travelers, as it couldn't be easier to explore the country alone without stress. Why not extend your solo journey by taking an Interrail pass and traveling even further across Europe on a budget?

If you love hostels with clean, healthy, homely vibes, then look no further than Dom Giovanni in Naples. Giovanni gets to know every guest and makes solo travelers feel right at home with his famous hospitality, which includes making homemade pizza and providing the best local tips to help you stay away from tourist traps.

6. Thailand

grand palace

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best solo tourist destinations on Earth, as evidenced by the thousands of solo travelers who head there every year. The chaotic charm of Bangkok, the tranquil hippie vibes of Chiang Mai and Pai, and the tropical islands to the south are just some of the things that draw us in... and the crazy nightlife, incredible food, and world-class hostels don't hurt us either! You may feel like a million miles from home when you land in this unique country, but nothing brings solo travelers together like a few cocktail buckets on Haosan Road. P.S. The Koh Phangan Full Moon party is as wild as you might expect. You've been warned!

If your priority as a solo traveler is to find friends for a party, then Slumber Party Hostel Bangkok will make all your dreams come true. Expect crazy pubs, beer pong tournaments, and a huge number of shots to break the ice. If your liver can handle it, they have a few more hostels all over Thailand.

7. France

night view of paris

Paris may be known as the city of love, but that doesn't mean it can't be one of the best places to travel alone! Eating croissants with a view of the Eiffel Tower, sipping wine in chic bars, attending a show in the Moulin Rouge or walking around the Louvre-all this is equally fun without a romantic partner, and even better-with the new BFF hostel. That is why Paris remains one of the most popular cities for single travelers! However, there's a lot more to come to France, so if you're the type of traveler who prefers lesser-known places, we think you'll love Hossegor, one of our top backpacking tourist destinations for 2020. It's a surf hotspot with hippy vibes, amazing beaches, and lots of cute cafes where coffee doesn't sell at Parisian prices.

One of the favorite French hostels for single travelers is Paris ' Les Piaules, a completely renovated Art Deco building in the beautiful Belleville district. It's surrounded by cafes and bars that the locals love, but when you're not trying them out, you can hang out in the hostel's games room or on the chic rooftop terrace with your new roommates.

8. Germany

city in germany

Known for its beer, bratwurst, and the best (and most exclusive) nightclubs in the world, Germany is a terrific destination for solo travelers, perfect for meeting fellow backpackers. In summer, the capital city Berlin is essentially one of the biggest beer gardens, where locals and travelers share a steak of cold things. Its notorious nightlife is second to none in Europe, and bouncers are known to favor both individuals and small groups, so you won't have a hard time getting into it as a solo traveler. Munich's beer-infused Oktoberfest is a real event that every backpack should experience at least once, and if you arrive in Munich alone, you can guarantee to leave with a few new booze friends. But there's so much more to Germany than parties that you'll discover as you leave the cities and venture into the epic natural landscapes and fabulous castles of the countryside.

In Berlin, Circus Hostel has a bunch of social places for solo travelers, such as an on-site microbrewery and an Instagrammable cafe-restaurant. It's right in the middle of the city, so you'll never have to worry about being far away from the action when you want to go on a solo mission!

9. Japan

city in japan

Visiting a part of Japan is a journey into the future, with its crazy technology, huge modern cities, and space-inspired hostels. The bright lights of Tokyo are as exciting as they are stunning, and the street food is truly sensational, but it is also a country of untouched nature and centuries-old traditions. Visit the magnificent temples and sleep in traditional ryokans, watch the geishas gracefully walking the streets of Kyoto, and be inspired by the "Flawless Mount Fuji" postcard. The Japan Rail Pass allows solo travelers to easily navigate the country, thanks to a super-efficient high-speed service that takes you between cities in comfort for a prepaid price. Pod Hostels are also a godsend for solo travelers, offering privacy in their own room while maintaining the cheap prices and social benefits of living in a hostel.

Solo travelers can't go wrong when staying at Mosaic Hostel Kyoto. They claim to host more events and activities than any other hostel in Japan, with a weekly schedule that includes Japanese cuisine classes, calligraphy workshops, and sake tasting evenings. They have a shared living room with games, a rooftop terrace and a bar, which always has a lively atmosphere.

10. The Netherlands


The Netherlands is truly one of the best solo tourist destinations with some of the friendliest locals in the world. Home to gorgeous tulip fields, winding canals and, of course, legalized marijuana, the Netherlands will forever remain one of our favorite places to visit in Europe. Whether you're cycling around Amsterdam or admiring the unusual architecture of Rotterdam, you can be a little more relaxed than usual during your stay in the Netherlands, making this the perfect place to travel alone, meet new people, and discover new experiences.

The ultra-stylish King Kong Hostel Rotterdam is conveniently located in the coolest area of the city, so you won't have any trouble managing your inner hipster. There is a lively bar and cafe, as well as an open social space that comes alive in the summer. Local experts will help you explore Rotterdam on your own.

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