Best hiking trails in Andorra

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Best hiking trails in Andorra
Where is Andorra? It is one of the questions people ask when they hear about Andorra. Then follow the questions like “is Andorra an independent country?” For those who do not know where is Andorra, it is one of the smallest European countries located between France and Spain. This small country can be seen as insignificant. However, indeed it is a nice tourist destination. Interestingly, Andorra has no international airport. Travellers who want to go to Andorra can fly to nearby airports in Spain, such as one in the Spanish comarca of Alt Urgell, 12 kilometres away from Andorra. However, there is a catch. Will I need an Andorra visa? The answer to this question depends on your nationality. You are either from visa-required countries or visa-free countries. How can I know it? Well, it is easy. You can check your visa procedure right now on our website. Click that and then choose Andorra among other countries. It will open up a page that contains a list of visa-free and visa-required countries. There you can identify whether you need an Andorra visa or not. Our services are not restricted to that only. You can even get your visa via Pickvisa. It is easier and quicker to get a visa using our services; to do that, go to our “Services” section. Since we learned how to travel to Andorra, we can now look at what Andorra is famous for. Andorra is most famous for its tourism. Its landscape is mostly comprised of rugged mountains. These mountains are an extension of the Alp, and they house some of the world’s best ski resorts. It is a top winter destination, and every year millions of people visit Andorra for that. As you can see, the country only shares borders with France and Spain. These two bigger countries have played a great role in the shaping of the culture of Andorra. You might ask, “is Andorra culturally closer to Spain or France?”. Although you can find things related to both countries in Andorra, you will also see that Spanish influence is more predominant. The majority of the population speaks Spanish. Catalan is the only official language in the country. Andorra has these beautiful, breathtaking landscapes. Alongside these mountains, it has lakes, rivers and it is rich in forests. These forests and mountains contain some of the best hiking trails. We are aware that too many people consider hikes in Andorra. Therefore, for this article, we will mainly look at the best hiking trails in Andorra.

What are the best hiking trails near me in Andorra?

andorra mountain landscape If you come to this microstate and want to hike, then you also try to find an answer to the question of “what are the best hiking trails near me?”. We will start with looking at the capital city, La Vella, and hiking opportunities. If you are looking for an opportunity for hiking in Andorra la Vella, Kirche Esglesia de Sant Esteve is one of the routes you can choose. It is arguably the best route for hiking in Andorra la Vella. This route contains the old town, some of the city’s landmarks, and a view of the old town. Esglesia de Sant Esteve church will be the most interesting structure in this loop. This church dates back to the 12th century and is located in a magnificent setting. It is in a picturesque old town and is one of the most sacred places in the country. This loop is around 15 kilometres long, and it is relatively easier to complete, thereby making it suitable for elderlies. la Margineda loop is one of the best hikes in Andorra La Vella. Different from the first one, it is an intermediate trial that requires a good level of fitness. There will be many ups and downs on your way, and you might need to put in the extra effort. It is relatively short, with a distance of around 8 kilometres. It will take less time to complete this route. The loop of the parish of Canillo is a bit difficult. It requires good shape and strength. It is one of the hiking trails in Andorra that is located on high altitudes. It can go as high as 2000 meters, and the total distance is 30 kilometres on your way located beautiful villages of the parish of Canillo. Ransol to lakes trail is one of the best hiking trails in Andorra. However, it is not easy to complete this route. Elevation can range significantly. You do not face too much hardship at the start, but the elevation rises as high as 2500 meters as you progress. It is better to check the first Andorra hiking trails map to anticipate where it will get harder. Bony de la Pica from Margineda is a route that offers the best views of Andorra. Keep in mind that this route ascends and descent greatly. The total distance is around 25 kilometres. On the route, you will pass some of the iconic bridges. Due to slope elevations, it is not advised to take this route for not in good shape people.

What websites are best for hiking trails?

woman using phone It is only fair for you to ask what websites are best for hiking trails since many hiking trails are in Andorra. Most of these apps are useful to find these hiking trails. Furthermore, most of them have Andorra hiking trails map, which makes them more useful. is a helpful website for both hikers and backpackers. The best side of this webpage is that it is a useful resource to get information on hiking. You can learn about hiking techniques, tips for hiking downhill and uphill, hiking in hot weather and cold weather, etc. It is easy to use. The structure of the website reminds us of blogs. Indeed it contains blogs regarding hiking. All essential things are right there when you enter the website, which makes it easier to use. is an excellent hiking website. It has a huge resource of hiking trail maps. You can find almost all popular hiking trails using this website. It shows you hiking maps and reviews of other people who have already been there. It gives a short description of trails along with photos of them. I found it so useful and easy to use. It reminds me of Google Maps, but for only hiking trails. is the best friend of hikers. It is popular among hikers and heavily used by them. It has app versions that are available on both android and ios. It has a map, route finder, route planner, and travel guide sections that gather related information on those topics. I found “Route finder” most useful. You can find all the hiking routes wherever you are interested. Supposedly you are in Andorra and wonder about nearby hiking trails. You go to the website, use the route finder and then get routes. You will find descriptions, reviews, and information on pieces of equipment, etc.

Andorra hiking trails requirements

andorra la vella evening As we mentioned, Andorra is a mountainous country. Naturally, it is harder to hike in ranging elevation than flatlands. Sometimes it takes more than good physical strength to complete these hiking trails. You might ask, what are the Andorra hiking trails requirements? It depends on what kind of hiking route you have chosen. If it is an extreme type, then you will need some types of equipment. Some items can be useful in all types of trials. What are they? What should I pack before I go hiking? A hiking backpack is an essential item. You should wear according to the weather and bring some extra clothes in any case. Hiking boots or shoes can be useful. Food and water are must bring. Although smartphones are equipped with maps and compasses, you can not fully rely on your smartphone. There can be no signal, and it will render your smartphone unuseful. Therefore it is advised to bring a map and compass: knife and first aid kit. You never know when an accident happens. You might not be able to call an ambulance. The first kit can save lives in dare situations. Knife or multi-tool is most useful when you are in nature. Using them, you can craft primitive tools. With all these kept in mind, we can conclude that Andorra is an excellent place for hiking. If you want to travel to Andorra, hiking should be on your to-do list. Pickvisa can help you to realize your travel to Andorra. It will make sure that you get your visa on time.

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