Best hiking trails in Cyprus

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Best hiking trails in Cyprus
travel to Cyprus, whether it is vacation or professional reason, there are certain things you are obliged to follow, as a Cyprus visa. Do I need a visa to travel to Cyprus? You can check your visa status for Cyprus using our website. Go to the "Services" section and there choose Cyprus and your country of origin. It will open a page with all the detailed information for your country of origin. If you are from a visa-required country and need a Cyprus visa, you can handle it on our website. It only takes a few clicks to complete the procedure. In exchange, you get your visa within the shortest time. Cyprus is an ancient land. You almost come across a historical structure, tomb, etc., around every corner. Paphos, which is a city in Cyprus, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cyprus is also a multicultural country. The influence of the Ottomans, Greece, Egypt, England is still evident, and you can see its offsets in many aspects of life in Cyprus. Cyprus is a land of diverse landscapes. The island is blessed with beautiful coasts, magnificent sceneries, mesmerizing caves, waterfalls, etc. No wonder so many people spend their vacations in Cyprus. There are a variety of options of activities for tourists. Most popular is to dive into the pure water of the Mediterranean sea. People love to soak up the sunlight at the beaches and engage in scuba diving, snorkelling, playing beach games, etc. Aside from beaches, there are other areas where some people love to see. Hiking in Cyprus is an excellent way to explore the country. You get to see all the natural wonders while you have a healthy physical activity. It just can not get any better. With that kept in mind, we decided on talking about hiking in Cyprus for this article. Without further ado, let's have a look at some of the hiking trails in Cyprus.

Best hiking trails in Cyprus

group of tourists with large backpacks You might ask which hiking trails are open. Due to border uncertainties, some hiking trails are closed. In this section, we will look at which hiking trails are open. Aphrodite Loop is an easy one that is suitable for people of different ages. However, this hiking trail is proven to be one of the adventurous. As you can see from its name it is related to Aphrodite. It is said that once Aphrodite bathed in the natural poos that you will come across this loop. It extends for around 7.5 kilometres, and elevation gain does not create any discomfort. Only Mattis Sotiras has a noticeable height which is 370 meters. At there you will be impressed by the view. As you proceed, you will see different trees such as Turkish pines, juniper trees, etc. Your final destination will be the Queen's tower, an antique monastery that dates back to the 12th century. There is an Oak tree that is 500 years old. There you can relax, take a break and enjoy the history and view. Madari Circular Walk is one of the best hiking trails in the country. Because this one includes walking through pine trees and passing over the giant rocks. However, you should be aware that this route is not for everyone. It requires a good level of fitness, and completing it is challenging. It exceeds more than 12 kilometres, and it takes around 4 hours to complete it. It ends in Cyprus's own mount, Olympus. One of the best things about the loop is that it offers plenty of chances to capture the best photos. You might wonder about the best time to go hiking. Summer might add more challenges as it gets warmer in summer. You might think about autumn. Indeed autumn is a great choice. Is November a good time to visit Cyprus? Actually, November can be a great time to see Cyprus. It is neither too cold nor hot during this time of year. If you are into exploring nature, then Atalante Trail Loop will certainly interest you. It takes its name from the mythological Atalanta. This loop includes going through forests, orchards, vineyards, and rolling fields. Around the loop located the Troodos Mountains. These glorious mountains were formed 92 million years ago. The loop is 14 kilometres long, and it takes around 5-6 hours to complete it. You will face different challenges; therefore, you need to be fit enough to overcome them.

How to find hiking trails?

cyprus map There are many hiking trails in Cyprus. One might ask how to find hiking trails. There are various resources available to travellers to find hiking trails. Cyprus hiking trails map is a great tool in this context. It gives you geographical information about hiking trails. You can find the Cyprus hiking trails map on websites. Hiking websites contain more information aside from maps. Such websites are great companions of hikers, and it is highly suggested to look at them. We will talk about them specifically in the next paragraphs.

When is the best time to visit Cyprus?

limassol at sunset The island is generally warm year-round. Mostly it gets dryer in summer. In winter, it gets wetter. Therefore, autumn and spring are the best time for hiking in Cyprus. It is neither cold nor too hot and besides you avoid the tourist crowds in these seasons. Is November a good time to visit Cyprus? Indeed, visiting Cyprus in November can be interesting, especially if you are thinking about hiking. Temperature is around 18-20 C, and there are around fewer tourists, which mean decreasing costs for accommodation and services.

What websites are best for hiking trails?

online map As we mentioned earlier, the internet is the most useful resource these days. You can find almost everything on the internet, and it includes things related to hiking. They can be blogs that mostly share someone's experiences in most cases. Others offer a whole hiking package that includes maps, information, services, etc. Let's have a look at some of these websites. Spyglass is an outdoor navigation tool that helps you to navigate on the trails. It has interactive maps that show real-time object locations and overlays directions over images. Using this platform, you can turn your phone into GPS. The hiking project is an excellent platform for hikers all around the world. It has all the information regarding trials in the world. You can get images of trails, descriptions, blogs, etc. The great thing about the platform is that it is free to use. Contents on hiking trails are often updated. Alltrails is one of the most popular platforms among hikers. It is one of the richest resources for hiking. You can find information on almost any trail in the world using this platform. Not only that, you can read the reviews on the trails as well. It is free to use; however, it has a premium version that includes useful additional features like offline navigation, maps, etc. Cairn is a great tool for hiking. Imagine a website and app that allows you to share your real-time progress and location with family or friends, estimate how long it will take to complete the route, and learn which parts of the trail cell will be weakened. It has another useful feature that comes in handy when you are in danger. This feature allows you to notify the people on your emergency contact list that you are in danger. You can do all this using Cairn. You can download the app both for IOS and Android. Bear in mind that to take advantage of Cairn, you should pay a yearly fee of 26.99 dollars. To sum up, Cyprus is an interesting choice for hiking. It is not necessarily the best hiking destination, but it is a promising place. There are so many places in Cyprus to explore. After all, it is a great tourist destination. You can realize your travel by getting your visa to Cyprus using our services. It takes only a few clicks to take advantage of our services. For more information go to services section on the top of our website.

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