Best hiking trails in Guyana

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Best hiking trails in Guyana
Where is Guyana? I can already imagine you asking this question the minute you saw the title of the topic. Indeed it is only natural to ask this question as the name reminds us of a country in Africa. You might even confuse it with Ghana or Guinea. In reality, however, it is a whole different country. Where is Guyana anyway? It is a country that is located in the northern part of South America. Now that you have an idea where the country is located. Now you might ask why travel to Guyana? It is a unique country with breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems—the landscape changes as you move north to south. Northern parts of the country are mainly comprised of coastal plains, while the rest of the country is vast rainforests and savannah plateaus in the southern Rupununi region. You will find many reasons to travel to Guyana as it is a land of wonders. Whatever your travel reason is to Guyana, you will have to abide by the regulations set by Guayana on entries to the country. You might even be asked to have a Guyana visa. In this case, you will need to start the application for a visa. You can do it by yourself. However, that might not be as easy as it sounds. Getting a visa to off-beaten countries have its difficulties. Sometimes it can frustrate applicants, and this is where Pickvisa can help you most. Pickvisa offers a visa service to get you a visa to avoid spending too much time and effort. Click on our services section to get further information on our visa services. Although the country is a South American country, it has a Caribbean vibe, mostly on its northern coasts. Apart from having diverse landscapes, culturally, it is mixed up the country as well. It is the only country in South America that is English speaking country. If you look at the population here, you will see people of different ethnicities and races. Most of the people have Chinese, Portugal, Indian, British descends. These people follow and practice different religions and beliefs. Around 65% of the population defines themselves as Christian. 25% of the people believe in Hinduism, while 7% are Muslim. Naturally, these people celebrate festivals of their religions. That is why Christmas and Easter are widely celebrated. Nevertheless, Diwali is the most colorful festival in the country. Apart from religious festivals and holidays, one festival that is one of the most waited throughout the year is Mashramani which is the celebration of the establishment of the Guayana republic. On 23 February, countrywide celebrations, colorful parades, dances take place. It is a great date to visit the country. Supposedly you want to visit Guayana, but not sure of what to do in the country. I highly recommend you to try hiking trails in Guyana. In fact, for this article, we will have a look at best hiking trails in Guayana. However, I would like to note that this list is only my conjecture, and therefore you might find other lists that contain different hiking trails. How to find hiking trails in Guayana? Well, we will find an answer to this question in the next paragraphs.

Hiking mount Roraima from Guyana side

group of tourists on mount roraima Mount Roraima is a mountain that is part of Guiana Highlands at an altitude of 2810 meters. It is located at the crossroad of three countries that are Guayana, Venezuela, and Brazil. The mountain is most interesting because it is a flat-topped mountain with many waterfalls spilling off Roraima. These areas are excellent for hiking. Hiking mount Roraima from Guyana side is possible. However, you should bear in mind that getting there will be one of the most challenging hiking experiences of your life. It includes climbing steep mountain slopes, which require good physical shape. Most people prefer hiking from the Venezuela side. It can be a good thing to choose the Guayana side as there is less foot traffic. If you overcome all the difficulties, you will see one of the most beautiful and panoramic views.

Kaieteur Falls trek

kaieteur falls Kaieteur National Park is one of the most beautiful natural sites in South America. It is also home to one of the best hiking trails in the country, and this 13 kilometers long hiking trail takes you to the middle of forested areas. Here you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the ecosystem. On the way, you will see diverse flora and fauna, endemic species. You will start at Tukiet at the climb up to the Kaieteur Falls. Elevation gain can be challenging since you will climb up around 700 meters. It will take a couple of hours to complete the trek. It will tire you out for sure. However, getting to Kaieteur Falls and seeing the view will take all your exhaustion away; nothing beats this view. It is truly a hidden gem of South America.

Main Street and Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown

aerial view of demerara river We have talked about Kaieteur and Roraima treks that are not for everyone, but this one is accessible for everyone as it has no challenges. It is also an excellent method to explore the capital city of Guyana. The architecture of the city reflects its colonial past. Dutch colonial and Victorian architecture prevail in most parts of the city. English is the main language in the city, and you can easily communicate with locals speaking English. Georgetown is most famously known for having the world's tallest wooden building named St. George's Cathedral. It is the landmark of the city with a height of 43 meters. Using this trail, you can explore St. George's Cathedral and many other landmarks of the city. Maybe it is not the best hiking trails in Guyana, but still quite interesting for tourists.

Surama Mountain trail

views around guyana rainforest It is a trail that will take you to the top of Surama Mountain, located at an altitude of 300 meters. However, do not let it give you a false impression as it has a moderate difficulty level. It takes a lot of effort to complete the trek. It will take you to the deep of a forest where it is lush green. The first half of the trek is relatively easier, but it gets more difficult to climb up as you progress. The trek is a relatively short one, and it only takes a few hours to complete it. However, it is rewarding. You will get to see a beautiful forested area from the top of the mountain. So what websites are best for hiking trails? Nowadays, advances in technology have gotten us to a new era, the digital era. The popularity of apps, websites has spread all over different fields. Hiking is no exception in this sense. Many websites having so many useful features are handy for hiking. You might ask, what websites are best for hiking trails?  For starters, I would suggest checking out It is one of the most user-friendly websites. You can use it to learn more about the trails. It has so many other useful features. If you do not know how to find hiking trails, you can use this platform to show most of the trails around the world. It has an immense hiking trail database. It has app versions as well. In fact, its app is an award-winning one. alltrails company is another website I would suggest you check out. It is more of a website that gives you advice on trip planning, lightweight backpacking techniques, and improving your wilderness skill set. You might have many questions starting with "how-to," and this website will address those questions. is a hiking website that creates catalogs for hiking trails. It has some nice indexes that will help you identify hiking trails that suit you best. It also has a blog that shares valuable information on hiking trails. The website is updated daily and covers many hiking trails worldwide. To wrap up today's topic, we can say that Guyana is an interesting option for traveling. It is overshadowed by the countries like Brazil in the region. However, it has some great places to visit. It is also the only English-speaking country in the region. Apart from that, it has some distinctive features that make it unique in the region. With its diverse landscape and ecosystems, it is a great country to hike. You will have so many opportunities to hike in the country. Whether you travel to Guyana for hiking or just get away from it all, you might need a Guyana visa to fulfill this purpose. On that, you can count on Pickvisa as our team provides the best service to get your visa. With a few clicks, you can get your visa on time.

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