Best hotels for animal lovers

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Best hotels for animal lovers
hiking lovers choose destinations and places that are excellent places for nature. For example, many hiking trails are going through rugged mountains, thick forests, and ornamental lakes. In this article, I am going to inform you about the best hotels for animal lovers. These are places where animal lovers will not think twice, calling a paradise. I will also touch upon animal laws for human hotels and a question – what are the best jobs for animal lovers? The 15 best hotels for animal lovers that I want to highlight are as follows.

Giraffe Manor

Being located in Nairobi, Kenya, this 5-star hotel offers an experience that cannot be found easily anywhere around the globe. Suppose you are sharing breakfast with an exotic animal, a giraffe. Is that even possible? Yes! Thanks to Giraffe Manor Hotel. Its restaurant has large windows allowing giraffes to greet guests. You will get a chance to offer them a treat from your hand while enjoying your delicious food. If you get lucky enough to book the right room, you will see a giraffe's head popping up through your room window to say hi. In Kenya's countryside, this not-so-big hotel offers luxurious rooms and facilities, high-quality service, and an unforgettable experience for visitors. Thanks to the spread of amazing posts on social media, this hotel is getting more popular day by day. So, don't wait too long, and book yourself a room in there to get one of the best experiences of your life.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort East Village

I am sure most of you have seen incredibly beautiful pictures of glass igloos before. Yes, they are a type of accommodation offered by Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. This amazing hotel is in Saariselka, Finland. It is offering an experience that you can never forget. Pictures you will take from this place will decorate your social media accounts. Apart from beauty-seekers, animal lovers will also enjoy many outdoor activities here. For example, husky safaris or reindeer safaris are opportunities that will allow you to enjoy animals, nature, and Finnish culture.

Royal Malewane

This fascinating luxury safari lodge is located in South Africa's great Kruger National Park, one of Africa's largest reserves. This place is a combination of opulence, nature, and culture. With its extremely comfortable accommodation options, you will relax while immersing yourself in exotic nature. There are Africa's most qualified guides around to help you to track wild animals. Expert guides and rangers will enable you to get close to the Big Five animals and take thrilling photographs for your unforgettable memories.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

a zebra Imagine getting onto a balcony and seeing giraffes and zebras chilling around. The design of the lodge is very much African style, aiming to bring the savanna atmosphere. The place is immaculate, with high-quality service by the friendly staff. This amazing place with more than 200 hoofed animals and various birds will let you experience an African safari without having to go to an African country.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge is one of Rwanda's best offerings for tourists. While being at the heart of wildlife and surrounded by various animals, you will still get the luxury of your accommodation and world-class service from the staff. It is an amazing place to observe different primates, especially gorillas, and beautiful birds. While relaxing in your private and cosy hut, you will enjoy the panoramic view of Rwanda's volcano mountains.

Farm Sanctuary B&B

This amazing Farm Sanctuary is situated in the Finger Lakes region of New York. With over 260 acres of territory, this beautiful place is home to more than 500 domestic animals. It is worth noting that most of them are rescued. In there, you will be offered a typical farm-like accommodation, where you will wake up with domestic animals at your door. They also offer tours for visitors to explore the area and how these animals live.

Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Ladies and Gentlemen, here you will see a place endorsed by National Geographic as the world's one of the best hotels for animal lovers. Located in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, Lapa Rios Lodge will allow you to live in a rainforest. Despite being right in the middle of the wilderness, it offers amazing facilities like a wellness spa, as well as a restaurant offering delicious food choices. There is a myriad of things to do for animal lovers, such as rainforest tours, dolphin watching, etc.

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is definitely not a hotel or lodge, but rather it is a place for animal lovers to volunteer. This fascinating place is in Malawi. It is a very adventurous trip to be there and volunteer with other people from all over the world. You can share rooms with other volunteers and make good friends in the process. The area is over 180 hectares, and it features more than 200 rescued animals, as well as bird species.

Sanctuary Makanyane Luxury Safari Lodge

This unbelievable resort is located in South Africa. It is a place for the ones who cannot give up their luxurious lifestyle while enjoying the wildlife. This almost 5-star resort offers comfortable rooms, amazing food, cocktails, and so on. You can see wild animals sometimes out of your window during the day or night.

Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives

Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives is one of the best hotels. It offers luxurious accommodation, restaurants, bars, a wellness spa, and many more amazing relaxing opportunities. For those who love animals, there are many water activities to view amazing sea creatures and reefs.

The Manta Resort - Pemba Island

This is an experience that you will never forget for a lifetime. It is located in Tanzania, where they offer a private located offshore. It is an incredible opportunity to dive with a 360-degree view of the ocean, without actually even diving. It is a place you will be surrounded by sea creatures all day long.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco

Located in Portland, this 5-star Kimpton Hotel Monaco is one of the friendliest hotels in the world for animals. They have very favourable animal laws for human hotels. Their staff will treat your furry friends no different than you. There are many amenities for your pets, free of charge services for your pets, and even a resident dog in the lobby to meet you and your furry companions.

Tortuga Lodge & Gardens

Located in Costa Rica, it is a dream place for animal lovers. As the name suggests, this hotel is renowned for the turtle population. You can see mother turtles lay eggs and baby turtles hatch. Apart from that, you can also take guided tours into the rainforest in search of watching wild animals.

The Red Mountain Resort

If you are a fan of old Western movies, then the Red Mountain Resort is the place for you. With picturesque canyons around, this place offers amazing outdoor activities. It is "Where Heart Meets Horse," meaning you can go horseback riding to explore the area.

Atlantis Paradise Island

This resort does not fail to prove its name, a paradise. You will find gorgeous beaches, a waterpark, a casino, and other luxurious amenities on this amazing island. For animal lovers, there are excellent aquariums, in which you will find sharks, turtles, and many other unique sea animals.

What are the best jobs for animal lovers?

zoo Are you an animal lover and wonder: what are the best jobs for animal lovers? Well, there are many jobs if you are qualified, of course. The most rewarding one would be working in a zoo or an aquarium, where you feed and take care of animals. Being a veterinary assistant is another job for people who are very fond of animals. There are times that we have to go on a long vacation or business trip. How do we make sure that our furry friends will be safe and healthy until we return? Of course, by hiring, say, a dog sitter. It is such an amazing job where you got to feed, pet, and play with someone else's dog in return for money. Other incredible jobs include pet groomer, dog walker, pet trainer, and so on. Regarding animal laws for human hotels, there are no clear regulations or guidelines. Every hotel has its own regulations. But it is commonplace that most hotels are welcoming for tourists with pets. We know that there are even some contests among dogs, and these dogs receive special treatment during their stay in the hotel.

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