Books that create the love to travel

Joshgun Karimov20 August 20191676 views4 min. read
Books that create the love to travel

"There is no frigate like a book." - Emily Dickinson. The book's place in our lives is undeniable. At the same time, the idea of "how is it to travel on the frigate" doesn't leave you. To compare, you should definitely check both.

"Show the books you read, and I'll tell you where you will go."

But are there any books for people who love travel or books that create love to travel? In this article, I want to talk about three books that create and strengthen my love for travel.

Best Travel Books

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The discoveries of my childhood are related to Jack London and his works. It would be interesting to measure the impact of his real name John Chaney on his career if the author kept it. We can say that his pen name has been put in a very successful way for him. I saw a strange detail, like the surname London, while writing this.

London's stories take you to cold places like Alaska, as well as the promising towns like San Francisco. While leafing through, you can feel cold and hear the sound of wolves. You can hear the storms, the sound of the sailors, and the ocean. One of London's works is more valuable than all his other works. It was after this work that I started to think seriously about traveling. We are talking about one of the best books about traveling - The Valley of the Moon.

The Valley of the Moon

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The book talks about the love of two young people and their desire to live in California. Billy and Saxon think their lives will change after a trip to the eastern United States. Like Billy and Saxon, I had such an unforgettable experience years later when traveling the Pacific coast. It was not as native as my home. Nevertheless, it was a good reason to travel miles away from home. Eventually, I saw the magic of this place and the inviting beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. When you step onto a boat surrounded by large whales, and while seeing all the grandeur, you understand that the boats are designed for taking you to the required place, not to the distance. So do books. The Valley of the Moon and the works of Jack London are my first love. One of the reasons that make San Francisco sacred is that the writer's office is located in this city. Auckland is a must-see destination for those who love to read and write.

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert is in search of herself. In the next years, she spends time traveling in order to live in peace with her inner world. Throughout this woman's journey, a special sympathy occurs to countries such as Italy, India, and Indonesia. Italy is a land of food. India is the home to pray. Indonesia is a place where a person who thinks will never love again re-energizes. With Elizabeth's help, we also begin to seek answers to our internal questions. We also get acquainted with the guru Ketut. Also, after reading one of the best books about traveling - Eat Pray Love book watch a movie starring Julia Roberts. You will want to visit the places you see. You will also love Bali. With its energy, your heart will be restored.

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho has become a writer with more readers than Shakespeare. The reason for this was his work called The Alchemist. Why does the world read The Alchemist book so enthusiastically?

A young shepherd named Santiago is looking for ways to make his life a success. It seems to him that his hometown does not show these ways. Santiago starts his journey looking for a "more valuable answer than gold." He meets a merchant who wants to visit Mecca. This part of The Alchemist book is very interesting. The merchant does not dare to go to Mecca even if he wants to. He thinks that if he visits Mecca, he will have no dreams anymore. The meaning of life will be lost. Santiago has many troubles and adventures on his way. His purpose is to find the treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. When he reached the pyramids, he found out that the treasure was in his home. The Alchemist is definitely on the list for the best travel books.

Do not forget to leaf through Thor Heyerdahl's notes on his Kon-tiki adventure. The traveler who does not know how to swim will share with you the 101-day dancing on the ocean waters and his joy of stepping to the shore. 

It's great to read a book. It is even better to sit and read on board.

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