Cape Verde Visa on Arrival process

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Cape Verde Visa on Arrival process
visit Cape Verde. Delicious cuisine, a warm tropical climate, and crystal clear water will charm you. Almost a million people visit Cape Verde per year. In 2019, most of the tourists were from the United Kingdom. Generally, Cape Verde is a popular destination for European tourists. When we look at the list of tourists' origin, we can see ten European countries in the top 10. If you desire to travel to Cape Verde and get visa information, you are in the right place. You will get answers to these and more: How to get a visa? What is the Cape Verde visa policy? How much is Cape Verde visa on arrival? How long is the processing time? What are the Cape Verde visa requirements?

General information about the country

laginha beach Cape Verde is a popular location among tourism lovers. I think that not all our readers have heard about this heaven. So, let's get some general information about this mesmerizing land. The official name of the country is the Republic of Cape Verde. It is an island country in the central Atlantic Ocean and consists of ten volcanic isles. The total area is 4033 square kilometres, and the total population is almost 560000. Most citizens originated from Africa and Europe. Europeans came here during the colonization. As it is the former colony of Portugals, the official language is Portuguese. The second official language is Cape Verdean Creole. All indigenous residents use Cape Verdean Creole as a second language. Cape Verdean Creole is a Portuguese-based language, and it is also known as a Kriolu or Kriol. The capital and the largest city is Praia. The name of the city fully symbolizes Cape Verde. Praia means beach in Portuguese. What else could be the capital of the country that is famous for beaches? If it was not Praja, it could be a Paraíso, which means heaven in Portuguese.

Cape Verde visa policy

flag of cape verde Who needs a visa to visit Cape Verde? Except the visa-free nationalities should have a visa to realize their travel. Depending on the purpose of the trip and nationality, they can choose one of these categories: • Cape Verde Visa on Arrival • Cape Verde Short-term Visa via Embassy. It is for temporary visits such as tourism. Validation of visa changes depending on the application. There are three types of visas valid for a month, valid for four days, and temporary visas for 3-6 months. Depending on the purpose of the visit, you will need to provide some additional documents. • Cape Verde Long-term Visa. Long term visa is for people who want to stay for a long period. There can be various reasons for that. Firstly, you can get a short-term visa and, after that, apply for a resistance permit. Which countries can travel to Cape Verde without a visa? Today, 55 countries are on the visa-waiver list. On the list, we can see the domination of European and African countries. We shared the full list on our website. You can check the list if you are not sure. Some of them: • Angola • Austria • Belgium • Burkina Faso • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) • Croatia • Cyprus • Guinea-Bissau • Hong Kong • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • San Marino • Togo • United Kingdom • Holy See (Vatican)

Cape Verde Visa on Arrival

airport Probably, it is one of the easiest ways of getting a visa. You will not need to wait for processing time and will need just several documents during the Cape Verde visa on arrival application process. The only negative side is waiting in a queue. It is nothing in comparison with 30 days of processing time. Which are the Cape Verde visa on arrival countries? All countries except Morocco are on the Cape Verde visa on arrival countries list. How long is validity? Your visa will be valid for 30-90 days. During this period, you can enjoy all the beauties of the country, taste local cuisine, take part in various tourist activities, travel between different parts of the country, and so on. Maybe, after spending several months in Cape Verde, you will decide to live there. In that case, you can apply for a resistance permit. Where can I get a visa? It is possible at four airports in the country. Applicants can receive their visas at the following airports: • Sal (SID) • Santiago/Praia (RAI) • Boa Vista (BVC) • Sao Vicente/Mindelo (VXE)

Required Documents

businessman holding cardboard box Cape Verde visa on arrival application doesn't have long and annoying application steps. Still, there are some terms that you should fit. You will provide several documents to prove your Cape Verde visa requirements eligibility. • Passport. Of course, you need a valid passport (minimum validation six months beyond your arrival date) to visit Cape Verde. Other requirements for a passport are: being not older than ten years, signed by the bearer, at least two blank (free) pages, and pictures securely affixed to the passport. • Ticket reservation. You will provide a return ticket reservation during the Cape Verde visa on arrival application. • Accommodation details. All applicants must have a place to stay before entering the country. It can be a hotel, hostel, rental house/apartment, or friend's house. Regardless of place, you need to present contact and address details. • Invitation letter. If the purpose of the travel is business or private visit • Applicants may need some other supportive documents

Cape Verde Visa on Arrival Cost

euro Another requirement is paying the visa on arrival charge. All applicants must pay some amount of money to enter the country. How much is Cape Verde visa on arrival? Cape Verde visa on arrival cost is 25 EURO per person. It is the fee for a 30-day single entry visa. As you will pay this amount at airports of the country, it is the same for all foreigners. Fees for short-term and long-term visas may vary depending on the country of submission. If you want to extend your stay, you will be obliged to pay the extra charge. As you see, the amount is not so high, and it is worth giving 25 euro to enjoy charming Cape Verde.

Crucial Details to Pay Attention

passport on backpack It is evident that Visa on Arrival makes the voyage more accessible and easy for foreigners. Actually, it is the main goal of Visa on Arrival. But, it doesn't mean that you should not make any plans before the trip. • Vacation plans. First of all, you should decide on your vacation budget. Secondly, you should check the prices in the country and find proper accommodation for you. The next step is preparing baggage. As Cape Verde is a hot and dry place, take comfortable dresses, suncream, sunglasses, and so on. • Documents. Yes, the list of required documents is short, but still, be sure that you have all of them. Also, validation of the documents is another crucial issue. Be sure that the validation of your passport and other documents is not finished yet. • Illegal activities. Stand away from criminal activities. Such kinds of activities may decrease your visa chance. • Visa-free nationalities. Visa-waiver countries can visit Cape Verde freely, but they need to register themselves at EASE before travel. Furthermore, they will pay the Airport Security Tax (if they travel by air). How much is it? The Airport Security Tax is 41 USD.

Where to go?

santa maria beach Let's imagine that you received your Visa on Arrival and are looking for places to go and activities to join. Both of these are pieces of cake here. You can start your journey on the island of Sal. It is the sunniest island in the country and one of the most favourite locations for tourists. Although 20000 people live here, the climate of the island is dry and hot. Here, you will find a tropical paradise of sandy beaches. Tourists who want to relax and forget all their problems will fall in love with the island of Sal. Also, newly married couples can spend an unforgettable honeymoon here. Some other worth-visit destinations are: • Santa Maria. Lively and developed city on the island of Sal. Here you will find plenty of high-standard hotels and restaurants. • Praia. Differ from most of the other parts of Cape Verde, the main focus of Praia is not tourism. It is the economic and political home of Cape Verde. But, you will find many historical buildings and official buildings. • Sal Rei. If you want to buy presents and souvenirs for family members or friends, you must visit Sal Rei. The best souvenirs are found in Sal Rei. • Mindelo. It is the land of nightclubs and bars. Life is lively for 24 hours in Mindelo. Also, it is known as a land that mixes various cultures. • Ribeira Grande. Here you will find an old church, colourful markets, and more. • Porto Novo. It is home to the museum, colonial buildings, royal palace, and more. • Ribeira Brava. It is a small city on the coastline surrounded by high mountains.

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