Cayman Islands visa requirements

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Cayman Islands visa requirements
travel to the Cayman Islands per year. Most of the tourists are from The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Such as in other island countries, tourism plays an important role in the economy of the country. The Cayman Islands offer unforgettable vacations to all guests. While swimming in crystal pure water and enjoying the charming view, you will feel like you are in heaven. You must get some general information about the Cayman Islands visa policy before travelling. • What are the Cayman Islands visa requirements? • How long does the visa validation last? • Who needs a visa to enter Cayman Islands? • How much does the visa cost? • What are Cayman Islands visa free countries? • What is the Cayman Islands digital nomad visa?

Cayman Islands Visa Policy

flag of cayman islands Depending on the purpose of the visit and the duration of your stay, you can apply for various visa types. Only the residents of visa-free countries do not need a visa to travel to the country. There are the following visa types: • Short-term visas. It is for temporary visits, such as Cayman Islands tourist visa, business, cultural, etc. The Cayman Islands tourist visa will let you stay in the country for a maximum of 180 days and participate in various tourist activities. • Long-term visas. Long-stay visas are for people who have a desire to settle in the Cayman Islands. Working can be the main reason for this kind of stay. • Transit visas. If you are from one of the Cayman Islands visa free countries, you dont need to get a visa to transit. • Cayman Islands visa on arrival; Eligible nationalities can get a Cayman Islands visa on arrival at the airport. • The Cayman Islands digital nomad visa; The tourism department of the country started a new project called Global Citizen Concierge Program (GCCP). It allows foreigners to stay in the country for a maximum of two years. You will need some documents for the application, such as evidence of employment (corporation outside the Cayman Islands), bank reference, police clearance, health insurance. In general, depending on the visa type, the duration of stay changes between 30-180 days. Of course, people who applied for a long-term visa can stay longer than the mentioned period.

How to apply for a visa?

writing You will undergo a standard visa application process. E-visa is not available for the country (if you are not eligible for visa-free travel or visa on arrival). Your application will begin with arranging an appointment. After that, you will need to collect the documents that we will mention in the following sections. The list of required documents may change related to the reason for the travel. The third and fourth steps are paying the fee and attending the interview. Finally, you will wait for the answer from the embassy or visa application centre.

Do I need a visa to visit?

visa application Who needs a visa to enter Cayman Islands? The United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Honduras, the Philippines, and most countries within the British Commonwealth are on the visa-waiver list. They can freely realize their trips without undergoing any Cayman Islands visa application process. However, there are some Cayman Islands visa requirements that visa-free nationalities should fit. • The United States; Applicant needs to prove that he (she) comes straight from that country, and he (she) makes the valid United States Alien Registration Card upon arrival, and he (she) has a return or round-trip ticket to the United States upon arrival. • Canada; Applicants must give evidence that they arrive directly from Canada or the United States and present proof on arrival that they are a permanent resident or landed immigrant of Canada. Also, they should present a return or round-trip ticket to Canada or the United States upon arrival. • The United Kingdom. You should provide proof of arriving straight from the United Kingdom and provide evidence on arrival that you are a permanent citizen or landed immigrant of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, applicants need to have a return or round-trip ticket to the United Kingdom upon arrival. • Jamaica and India; People who have valid United States of America, Canada, or the United Kingdom visa. Furthermore, Jamaican residents who are 14 or younger and 71 years of age or older.

Required Documents for Cayman Islands Visa Application

signing Regardless of the applied visa type, you need to answer some requirements for a visa for Cayman Islands. There can be some additional terms, but in general, you will provide the following documents during the application: • You should have a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining and 2-3 free visa pages. Also, you will need to provide a copy of some pages (you don't need to surrender the document). • Cayman Islands visa application form. You will fill, sign and date the Cayman Islands visa application form (there will be two forms). If you face some problems while filling it, check the official website for a sample. • You will need two passport-sized photos taken on a white background, with clear facial features (without a smile). Note: you will glue the photos (not stapled) to your application form. • Work letter • Bank reference • The birth certificate for children under 18: You may need some other documents for children. For example, if you divorce your spouse or if he (she) died. In both cases, you must present a relevant paper to prove it. • Evidence of attending school for students who are applying for a visitor visa • The fee in the form of a US Dollar bank draft (paid to the Cayman Islands Government) • Police Record (Applicants under 18 don't need to obtain a clearance certificate from the police). Having recent criminal activities will affect your application negatively. So, stand away from such kinds of issues. If the documents are not in English, you should get a translated version. You will present both the original and translated versions during the application. If there is such an opportunity, get the documents in English. Documentation is the step that requires full attention. If you don't have one of these mentioned papers, your application can fail. So, be sure to collect all needed documents. Create a checklist, write down the names somewhere, etc. Whatever is easy for you.

Banned Immigrants

immigration document To avoid possible problems and keep the people safe, The Government of Cayman Islands banned the entrance of some tourists. It can be people who have mental problems, illnesses that can spread to other people, etc. Also, you will need to present a negative COVID-19 test result. The Cayman Islands has one of the lowest pandemic statistics. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 669 cases and two deaths. Banned immigrants are fully defined in the Immigration Act. • Declared destitute, mentally disturbed, or earlier deported • Producing health hazards for the society • Those considered to be prostitutes or to be prostitutes • People who have been sentenced to a year in prison in another country • Declared to be undesirable for financial or moral purposes

The Visa Fee

dollar As a part of the application process, you will need to pay a visa fee. Depending on the type of visa, entry count (single or multiple), you will need to pay various fees. You can check the full list of charges from this Cayman Islands Immigration link. Firstly, you will pay the nonrefundable application fee. It is for covering visa processing. Also, you will need to pay some additional charges for a visa for Cayman Islands. For example, the payment for application for a visitor’s visa, student visa, or extension of a student visa is 112 USD. Additional fees are: • Re-entry permission or stamp: 24 USD • Copy of a document: 12 USD • The fee for an appeal to the board against a decision decided by an Immigration Officer: 12 USD • The application charge for registration as a recreational sportfishing vessel: 120 USD • The Application fee for the grant or extension of a foreigner work visa: 120 USD • Student extensions: 60-120 USD

The Visa Processing Time

calendar In general, it lasts for two weeks. The processing time of visa applications can last for up to a month. Plenty of reasons may cause such an extension, such as workload, national holidays, nationality, problems related to documents, and so on. If they face some issues related to your documents, they will get in touch with you. If they will not inform you after four weeks, get in touch with them. Moreover, give the valid address and contact details during the application (to make it possible for the embassy to contact you). In conclusion, The Cayman Islands are an excellent place to live, work and relax. Applicants who want to start a new life, getting experience, or people who want to spend an unforgettable vacation, must think about this location. You need to check the UK visa policy for more detailed information, as the Cayman Islands are British overseas territories.

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