15 destinations to visit in Kosovo

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15 destinations to visit in Kosovo
Kosovo before. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia On 17 February 2008, and since that day, 98 UN member countries recognized them as independent state. Kosovo has a 10,887 square km area and nearly 1,9 million population. Kosovo has two official languages: Albanian and Serbian.  Every year thousands of visitors travel to Kosovo, and in recent years there has been an increase in the number of tourists. Considering this, we decided to give you 15 places to go in Kosovo. In this blog, you will learn where is Kosovo, is it safe to travel to Kosovo, where to visit in Kosovo, what are the top places to visit in Kosovo, and more.

1. Pristina

kosovo Before starting to talk about the first example of top places to visit in Kosovo, we should answer that where is Kosovo. Located in the Balkans Kosovo have borders with Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania. The capital and the largest city of the country is Pristina. Pristina hosts hundreds of the most touristic places in Kosovo. In comparison with other capital cities, Pristina is small but rich with historical and cultural destinations. Is it safe to travel to Kosovo, Pristina? Crime rates are low in the capital, and without any problem, you can walk peacefully at night and day in the streets. Shortly, if you have such a question (is it safe to travel to Kosovo), then the answer is yes.

2. Bjeshket E Nemuna

bjeshket e nemuna Bjeshket E Nemuna is a national park in the west part of Kosovo and covers approximately 630 square km. Magnificent mountains and rich flora and fauna make the national park one of the best places to visit in Kosovo. Also, the word Bjeshket E Nemuna means 'Cursed Mountains'. The park offers plenty of activities, such as fishing, hiking, climbing, boating, and more. The highest peak of the country, Gjeravica (2656 m), is here, so be ready for a charming view. 

3. Gazivoda Lake

gazivoda lake Another destination that you should see during your travel to Kosovo is Gazivoda Lake. Gazivoda belongs to two countries Serbia and Kosovo, but the largest part (9 square km) is inside of Kosovo borders. Thanks to biodiversity and the hypnotizing view the Gazivoda Lake is one of the most popular places in Kosovo. Besides rich and beautiful nature, Gazivoda Lake is the site of many archaeological findings. Hundreds of artefacts that remain from medieval times were found in the lake. Where is Kosovo, Gazivoda Lake? The largest lake in the country is in Banje. 

4. Rugova

lake of kosovo mountains Where to visit in Kosovo in winter? One of the best places to visit in Kosovo in winter is Rugova. Rugova is known as an example of the popular places in Kosovo for skiing and snowboarding. It made fame worldwide, too. According to the Ski Federation, it is the 4th best location for skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore, there are 13 villages in the area, and you can go to explore them. Besides the settlements, Rugova has caves, lakes, cliffs, glaciers to explore and enjoy. The wide range of available activities makes this spot one of the best places to go in Kosovo.

5. Kosovo Museum

kosovo museum building Where to visit in Kosovo to learn local history and culture? The best example of informative Kosovo places of interest is the Kosovo Museum. Museum opened its gates to visitors in 1949, since, that day, the museum enlarged its diversity of artefacts. Ethnography, archaeology, and natural science are the three main fields of expertise of the museum. Also, in recent years, they begin to add data about the liberation war. If the history and culture of Kosovans are exciting for you, then we can assure you that the Kosovo Museum is one of the best places to visit in Kosovo

6. Germia Park

butterfly Germia is the national park in the northern part of the capital and covers 62 square km. Germia Park is an example of excellent places to go in Kosovo for nature lovers. While hiking in the park, you can observe more than 60 fauna species and 600 flora kinds. Also, the park is one of the best places in Kosovo to ride a bicycle. Other attractions that the park offers are a rock-climbing wall, swimming pool, basketball pitch, and more. Furthermore, around the park, you can find plenty of restaurants that have delicious and rich menus.

7. National Library in Pristina

national library in pristina Besides the wide range of book variety, the library will mesmerize you with architecture. It was designed by a Croatian architect. For a group of people, it is the most beautiful library. The last data shows that there are 382,806 books, 281,591 magazines, 984,022 newspapers, and more in the library. In 2013 the total collection of the library reached 2 million. It is an impressive number, is not it? Can everyone use the library? Yes, it is a public library, and everyone can enter, but there is one rule that we should mention. If you want to read old materials, you should be 18 years old

8. Prizren

prizren city Prizren is the second-most populous city in the country and hosts plenty of places in Kosovo to see. Traditionally designed houses and mosques are the sources of the city's fame. Some of those mosques are the Bajrakli Mosque, the Sinan Pasha Mosque, and Mustafa Pasha Mosque. Besides mosques, the Kalaja Fortress and the Church of Our Lady of Ljevis (UNESCO Heritage Site) are other most visited historical destinations. Another reason that makes people travel to Kosovo, Prizren, is the Dokufest film festival.

9. Pec (Peja)

peja The municipality has just a 602 square kilometres area, but each of those meters is full of history and activities for tourists. The city has 95 villages, and if you are interested in the rural Kosovo lifestyle, you can visit them. Besides, there are plenty of historical spots, such as the Ethnological Museum, the Zenel Beg Tower, the Patriarchal Monastery of Pec, etc. Among these, the Patriarchal Monastery is on the Unesco World Heritage List. The city is under the mountains, and it creates excellent opportunities for activities. Also, don't forget to taste local cheese during your travel. Pec cheese makes the city one of the most popular places in Kosovo.

10. The Marble Cave

marble cave Kosovo has countless unexplored caves, but there is one spectacular cave that is open for tourists. The Marble Cave covers 56 ha and has 1260 m in length. The cave belongs to the Mesozoic era and occurred as a result of tectonic erosions. Such as many caves, it was found by chance. Ahmet Asllani (villager) found the cavern while working in the garden in 1996. Where is it? It is not so far from the capital. After travelling for 20-40 minutes, you can reach the destination. 

11. Traditional Bazaars

traditional bazaar Of course, one of the Kosovo places of interest is bazaars. You can find such kind of marketplace almost in all parts of Kosovo. Travellers go to such sort of markets to buy local dresses, souvenirs, and other traditional items. Besides, they have affordable prices, which is why locals mostly do their shopping in bazaars. Furthermore, don't forget to bargain. It is evident that in all parts of the world, sellers like to sell their goods for much more valuable prices to tourists.

12. Mirusha Falls

mirusha falls Mirusha Falls is in Mirusha National Park and consists of 13 waterfalls. The highest among them is 22 meters. Mirusha National Park has many surprises for nature lovers. Here you will have a chance to see some of the rare birds. Also, there are plenty of caves and canyons to explore in the park area. Visit the Mirusha Waterfalls, lie on the ground, close your eyes, and listen to the relaxing sound of the waterfall. 

13. Mosques

view of the sinan pasha mosque As Kosovo was a part of the Ottomans in the past, such as other Balkan countries, you can see a superb influence of Turkish culture in the country. The majority of the Kosovo population is Muslim, and there are nearly 500 mosques in the country. Most of them date back to the Ottoman period. They have marvellous internal and external architecture. It is crucial to note that women should cover their hair before entering the mosques. So keep in mind to take a scarf with you. 

14. Gjakova

tailor bridge Gjakova is an excellent spot to visit while travelling between Prizren and Pec. The city has many attractions, but the main one that makes Gjakova one of the Kosovo places of interest is the Old Bazaar. The city has the longest bazaar in the whole of the country. Moreover, you will have a chance to see many Turkish-style houses, Turkish tombs, and Ottoman mosques. Other touristic destinations are Saint Paul and Saint Peter church and the Ethnological Museum of Gjakova. 

15. Sharr Mountains National Park

sharr mountains Sharr Mountains National Park is in the southern part of Kosovo, next to Prizren. The national park is 70 km in length and 30 km in width. Sharr is one of the longest mountain parks in the country and one of the highest parks in the Balkans. Also, this is a dream spot for nature lovers. Here you will see about 1500 plants, 200 birds, and 140 butterflies species. Hiking and exploring the area will be an unforgettable experience for you. 

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