Everything you need to know about Thailand Transit Visa

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Everything you need to know about Thailand Transit Visa

A Transit visa is one of the visa types that are valid for a very short time. Depending on your citizenship and the country you are going to, a transit visa is needed to move from one foreign country to another. There are two types of transit visas: short-term and airport. With an airport transit visa, you can reach another country by passing through the international region without entering the territory of a country. However, it may vary based on your nationality. For this, you can get precise information by contacting the embassy. A short-term transit visa is required for a non-Schengen citizen to travel back to another non-Schengen country by using the route of the Schengen member country. This type of transit visa is valid for one or more transits. Transit visas are sometimes a problem for tourists. For this, we recommend that you get more information about this issue before you travel or ask for help by contacting the embassy.

Who needs a transit visa for Thailand? / How to get a visa for Thailand?

thailand national

Many foreign citizens can go to different countries to study, travel or work as tourists. There are too many states to take advantage of these opportunities. One of them is Thailand. You can make your desires come true in this mysterious country on the Asian continent. First of all, there is a question that makes us think: "does Thailand require a transit visa?". The answer to this question is "yes". One of the essential questions is "who needs a transit visa for Thailand?". You can go to another country not only by staying in this country for a long time but also by transiting and adjusting your plans accordingly. Yanabers obtain a temporary transit visa to Thailand, especially for touristic purposes. If your goal is not just to visit these places as a tourist, you can get a residence permit in Thailand by getting a long-term visa. You may ask a reasonable question "how to get a visa for Thailand”. You need to apply to the embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. As a result, if someone have a question of "does Thailand require a transit visa?”, you can give him vast information.

Apply for Thailand transit visa / Thailand visa requirements

visa application form

The issue that makes us rethink before coming to this country is applying for Thailand transit visa. By obtaining a Thailanda Transit Visa, you can stay here for different purposes. There are some preconditions for this. If you are going to stay in Thailand for more than 12 hours, a transit visa is required. If you are going to participate in sports competitions, activities, and other such events in Thailand, you still have to get a transit visa. However, if you are staying in Thailand for less than 12 hours, you do not need a transit visa. If you do not leave the transit area when you arrive in Thailand, you do not need a transit visa. If you are going to leave the transit area, you must have a transit visa. Moreover, if your flight ticket is on the same reservation, a transit visa is not required. The validity period of a Thailand transit visa may be different. The most common period is known as 3 months or 30 days. This period can be determined according to the purpose of your trip.

Another critical issue is Thailand visa requirements. Because without knowing these, we can't get a visa. To obtain a transit visa to Thailand, we must get the necessary documents and submit them to the competent authority. For this purpose, we first need to complete the application form, which is all in English. We must have a passport with a validity of at least six months. At least one or two pages of this passport should be free. The passport must contain two newly taken photographs (4x6 size). At least 70 percent of the photo should be your face. You must be in uniform when taking the photo, and the background must be white. There must be an ID Card Copy with a validity minimum of 6 months. You must also show a residence permit. One of the most important issues is to report your finances. Proof of Financial Means is one of the most important conditions for getting a visa. If you want to get a transit visa to Thailand, you must declare your financial situation. Following your submission of all the documents, you should state why you are making a transit visa to Thailand. After declaring the purpose of your trip, you can complete your transit visa application.

How much is Thailand visa? / Thailand transit visa fee

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We must calculate our financial situation before the trip. Because we will have to spend our money for different reasons. One of them is the money to be spent on the Thailand transit visa fee. So, how much is Thailand visa? First of all, it is worthy to note that Thailand's transit visa processing time is approximately 1-10 workdays. It is possible to do this directly at the embassy or consulate. This process may differ from country to country. Depending on your citizenship, the Thailand transit visa fee may vary. But in general, this fee is about 25-60 dollars. If you apply at the application centers, you may be charged more. You can visit our official website for more information.

Thailand transit visa online

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Thailand transit visa online system is available for some countries. This system is especially useful for faraway countries. Nevertheless, this does not apply to all countries seeking a transit visa to Thailand. The possibility of obtaining a visa to Thailand online is for very few countries. Only China, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, and Malta can take advantage of this opportunity.

Thailand places to visit

If you are going to travel to Thailand, you should go to the places to visit here. If you have obtained a transit visa to this country, it is useful to visit its beautiful places without wasting any time. In this blog, we talk about information about Thailand Transit Visa. And you can also take a short sightseeing tour after getting a visa. We provide a short Thailand sightseeing tour information for you on the blog. Check out the places shown below for that:

The River Kwai cruise

kwai yai river

The River Kwai cruise is on a raft with trips along the way to coconut plantations, teak furniture factories, hot springs and waterfalls, and village elephants. And for extreme travelers, this sightseeing tour offers the opportunity to raft with special equipment on a fast section of the river.

Khao Kheow Zoo

khao kheow open zoo

The most popular sightseeing tour for tourists with children is to visit the world’s largest zoo called Khao Kheow. This zoo is characterized by the fact that the animals in it are very close to where they used to live. They can also be fed by approaching the long and wide cage directly. The area of the zoo is so vast that you can wander around in just a few hours. And for the convenience of tourists, there are golf carts, small trams, and carriages. There is also the Tiger Zoo, whose visit is included in the excursion program. Here you can even hold a cute little tiger cub in your arms.

Orchid Village

orchid village

Here, tourists are mesmerized by the abundance of exotic plants, including orchids, cacti, and more. In addition, the trip includes a visit to Thailand and cockfighting and elephant shows that you will not see anywhere else on the planet. Many tourists, who love outdoor activities and enjoy exotic natural beauties, want to visit this place.

Kepulauan Phi Phi Islands

phi phi island

The next favorite and popular excursion among tourists is the islands located near the resort of Phuket. A truly idyllic place with beautiful exotic nature. This one-day excursion will not only allow you to enjoy the exotic natural beauty of this place but also will introduce tourists to the famous Viking caves and provide an opportunity to see the local underwater world filled with tropical fish and fascinating corals.

Hin Ta-Hin Yai

panorama of hin ta hin ya

Another trip to Koh Samui is a rock called Hin Ta-Hin Yai, which means “Grandparents”. This unique creation was created by nature itself without human intervention. The sculptures have an unusual appearance, reminiscent of the male and female genitalia. In addition, these piles of stones are positioned close to each other.

Snake Farm

snake farm

You can make a trip to the Snake Farm on Koh Samui. Here the most adventurous tourists will be able to see the snakes living on the island up close. You can also watch the show with their participation, the crown number of which is the famous “kiss with the cobra”. By the way, it is on these farms that truly unique medicinal preparations are made, which are famous all over the world for their action, and the basis of which is processed snake venom.

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