Everything you need to know about Turkey Study Visa

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Everything you need to know about Turkey Study Visa

You have embarked on an exciting journey. Your mind is set to start studying in Turkey, promising a fascinating few years ahead. A world of knowledge, new perspectives, and, most probably, new friends. And let me tell you one thing - studying abroad is just so much more exciting than in your homeland, and there are a myriad of reasons for this. It entitles you to moving to a new place and very likely getting to know a new culture. However, this is no short tourism trip, which is why you have to take care of a bunch of formalities before jumping on that plane. For what it matters, all of your pretty plans about student life would not be possible if you don’t apply for a visa for Turkey for study purposes and successfully obtain etc. Hopefully, this all will help you to get this important document in no time, and that will lead to the most unforgettable memories! This is why I suggest not delaying it any longer, and getting on with all you need to know Turkey study visa.

What are the main parameters for a Turkey study visa?

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Let’s start with the length of the stay that this visa will permit. Generally speaking, there are two options for you. If you are going for a temporary study program (a course, educational training, etc.), you will need to apply for a short-term study visa. On the other hand, if you have been admitted to a state college or state university in Turkey, you should apply for a long-term study visa. The former option will allow you to stay for either 30 or 90 days, but the latter one depends on the length of your study program. Assuming that there are no complications, you shall be allowed to reside in Turkey for the whole duration of your program.

This visa type does not differ much from the other ones besides the fact that to prove your eligibility you should be able to provide proof of being accepted to an educational program in Turkey. You will hear more about the necessary documents in a moment. Other eligibility requirements (like your nationality) will stay similar to other travel purposes.

What are Turkey visa requirements for aspiring students?

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Besides all the requirements regarding admission to the university, you will need to have a few documents ready to be able to apply. Below I will describe shortly the generally required ones, but please check the exact requirements that apply to your case as these might differ slightly.

First and foremost, you will need to fill out, sign, and submit a Turkey visa application form. Additionally, to a passport that is valid at least 2 months beyond your stay in Turkey, you will need to provide photocopies of the main page and previous visas from it. Two recent photos in a formal 3x4 format will also be required to include in your visa. To confirm the details of your stay, the officials will want to see your travel itinerary. It means the flight reservation and booking or information about your accommodation (which can also be indicated in the invitation letter from the educational institution). The most important formality is the proof from where you will study in Turkey - the original letter of acceptance by the education institution, including details of the course, duration, and fees with proof of payment. To ensure that you have sufficient financial means to support your stay in Turkey you will have to hand in documents that prove your financial income, savings, or proof (letter and documents) from your sponsor. On the other hand, if you have been granted a scholarship, you will need a letter from the relevant institution/fund stating this fact.

These are the primary papers you will need to present to the officers (or submit online) but don’t get surprised if you get asked for additional information or documents. It is obvious that the officers just want to be sure about the legitimacy of the information in your application. After all, their job is to ensure who they let in their country.

How to apply Turkey student visa?

In this paragraph, I will tell you a bit more about the study application process, because getting a visa is just one small part. First, you will decide on the university and the program of your studies and get to know their scholarship options or required financing. After preparing the necessary documents for admission and checking the examination requirements, you will do the necessary actions to apply. And only after receiving a positive answer from the university can the Turkey visa application take place. It means that the officers will want to see some proof that you have been accepted to a particular program, and that will be the basis for a successful outcome.

Now a bit more on the process itself. It is quite a standard procedure. If you are eligible for an e-Visa, you will do the whole application online - fill out the form, add the necessary documents, and pay the Turkey visa fees. Suppose you are not eligible for this option. In that case, you will get the required documents ready, and apply through an embassy or other diplomatic mission that caters to visa applicants in your country. You might get called in for an interview, but that is quite a usual thing, and mostly serves the purpose of specifying some information and ensuring that you are a legitimate applicant. To be aware of the necessary steps, and make it easier on everyone, I suggest contacting the application point or doing small research online on the official website to find out how exactly the process will look in your case. As you can imagine, it might differ depending on your nationality and the place where you apply.

If you are unsure and maybe even a bit nervous about the whole process, it is wise to read the experiences of other students who have gone through the process before you. Alternatively, you might ask the international student office of the educational institution to give you information, or even contact other students for a quick chat about these matters.

What is the cost of student visa for Turkey?

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Both for the short and long-term study visas you will have to pay somewhere from 25 to 80 USD. The amount of these Turkey visa fees depends on several factors like your nationality, place of application, and the length of validity of your desired visa. However, to make sure the exact amount that you will have to pay, please consult with the closest embassy as they will be the most competent about the latest information regarding this aspect.

How long does it take to get a student visa to Turkey?


As you can imagine, arranging a short-term study visa will be a quicker process. It will take you from 3-20 working days, but for the long-term one 5-30 days. Assuming that deciding on studying in a new country is rarely an instantaneous possibility, and requires some planning ahead, the above-mentioned processing times are rather quick.

Additionally, if you want to ensure a quick and smooth process then make sure to be ready with all the necessary documents and formalities before submitting your application. This way you will save the need for the officers to contact you for additional information, and the decision can be made much easier and speedier. Just be informed and hand in everything they want before they need to spend their time reaching out to you.

Let’s wrap this up. I hope that now you are well informed about the general Turkey visa requirements that apply to aspiring students. Even if you didn’t get all the information to the detail, you have an impression of what’s ahead of you in terms of procedures and necessary formalities. If going to study in Turkey is a thing you expect to happen relatively soon then I wish you the speediest and smoothest application process! Just because I have been in your shoes and the hardest part is deciding on the studies. The rest is just a formality, and if you legitimately apply for a visa for Turkey to obtain some education then the likelihood of getting it is quite high. After all, a country should be motivated to welcome young and motivated aspiring specialists because it increases their chances of staying for good in this wonderful place. Whatever your long-term motivation is, and the chosen career path - let all the plans and ideas lead to the greatest of success. Good luck!

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