Expensive part of New Zealand

Rasim Aghazada03 October 20181843 views2 min. read
Expensive part of New Zealand

Why travel to New Zealand? As I know, there aren't many articles about the southern part of the south-east land – New Zealand. From my point of view, this country has the most magnificent nature in the world. You can come across different landscapes and climates in every step of your New Zealand travel. Daily expenses? Let's turn to the start point. According to the plan for the beginning of February in 2018, my travel route was Baku - Doha - Kuala Lumpur - Gold Coast - Auckland. When I was traveling, it did not seem to me as long, but I cannot say the same about writing those countries in the line.

New Zealand travel

new zeaand view from sea

How expensive is New Zealand? Well, regarding the plan, we hired the campervan and started to move to the south. By the way, for me, Auckland was the most boring place in New Zealand, where I traveled. In brief, after giving 100$ for 40L petrol in the gas station, I decided that traveling by plane is more reasonable. Products are very expensive in New Zealand, but it is due to a high level of life. This is the only city that I would prefer to travel to numerous times. You could consider dozens of camps for the best places to visit in New Zealand. We mainly used free camps. (Wiki camps New Zealand for everybody). There are free toilets and shower rooms (costly as well) in all camps for travelers. The only problem in the campervan was the steering wheel. It is located on the right. Generally, we did not use public transport (only from home to the airport). Before traveling, I did research on this topic and found out that it is possible to buy Mercedes in Germany with the money you spend on transport in New Zealand. Our trip ended on Great Coast Road.

long coast road

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