Hamburg and its tourist sites

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Hamburg and its tourist sites
Europe with its excellent tourist sites. Where is Hamburg? If you are new to traveling, you might not have heard about Hamburg and ask where Hamburg is. Hamburg is the second-biggest city in Germany and is located in the north of the country on the Elbe River banks. What to do in Hamburg? During your travel to Hamburg, the nice Hamburg weather will allow you to visit Hamburg tourist attractions. Besides the tourist sites in Hamburg, you will find too much to do in this city when you travel to Germany. In this post, we will take a tour of the best tourist sites of Hamburg. Also, after reading, you will find answers to your questions about travel to travel to Hamburg, such as where is Hamburg, what to do in Hamburg, why to travel to Hamburg, how is the Hamburg weather, what are the must-see Hamburg tourist attractions, etc. Let's start.


hamburg One of the coolest tourist sites in Hamburg is the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli district. Around the Reeperbahn and the Grosse Freiheit, there are bars, clubs, pubs, theaters, discos, etc. It is not for nothing that it bears the title of "Germany's most sinful square." The "Kiez" was previously notorious for crime and prostitution, but today it is more of an amusement street that even seems surprisingly quiet and cozy during the day. You can sit in one of the cafés and watch the Reeperbahn get ready for the night if you like. The best-known evening establishments around the Reeperbahn include "Zur Ritze" (boxing even takes place in the lower area, including the boxing ring), the "Safari," the "Dollhouse," the "Molotow" and "Susis Show Bar." Well-known theaters such as the "Schmidts Tivoli" or the Operettenhaus are at home here. For example, musicals such as "Cats," "Mamma Mia," or "I've never been to New York" were played in the Operettenhaus. The most famous police station in Germany, the Davidwache, is also located on the Reeperbahn. In the evening, the "Kiez" is a must among the sights in Hamburg for young people and older people during travel to Germany. In the 1960s, music history was written on the Grosse Freiheit. The Beatles had their first appearances in Germany here. Even today, Beatles Square is reminiscent of the mushroom heads in the form of a record.

Schanze and Karo quarters

cafe in hamburg In addition to the Reeperbahn, Schanzenviertel is one of the Hamburg tourist attractions for young people. In contrast to the Reeperbahn, it is not so overcrowded and is a more trendy, left-wing alternative. Its center is the left-wing, former Rote Flora theater, which today mainly hosts political and cultural events. On the "shoulder blade" and in the small streets around it, there are various small cafes, bars, and restaurants that are worth a visit both during the day and in the evening. The "b" is also popular for its record shops and fashion boutiques. If you want to relax a little from the hustle and bustle, you will find some peace in the nearby Schanzenpark. There is a large playground here, especially for children. From the Schanzenviertel, you stumble straight into the Karoviertel. The former "poor people's quarter" has developed into a trendy neighborhood with numerous cafés, boutiques, restaurants, and general stores in recent years and makes the Schanze more and more competitive. Not least because gentrification has not progressed that far, and you can still meet real people from Hamburg. If you do not know what to do in Hamburg, especially in summer, you can stroll, shop, have a relaxed coffee, and watch real life here. You are guaranteed to find something very special in many small shops.

Pauli Piers

elbe river During your travel to Germany Hamburg, the first thing you will notice is the large terminal building, St. Pauli Piers, Landungsbruecken. The 205-meter-long hall with its striking domes and towers was built between 1907 and 1909 and was listed as a historical monument in 2003. The actual landing stages are the connected pontoons in front of the terminal. St. Pauli Piers is a large water station and landing stage for ships and, above all, the starting point for numerous steamers and boats that start from here for a harbor tour. Also, the steamers of the HVV run from here to the other bank of the Elbe and bring Hamburgers and tourists to the Stage Theater, for example, where musicals like "The Lion King" are played. The Landungsbruecken is also known for the Old Elbe Tunnel, which has existed since 1911.


speicherstadt The Hamburg warehouse district, Speicherstadt, is the 40th world cultural heritage site in Germany and rightly one of Hamburg's most visited sights. With more than 26 hectares, the Hamburg warehouse district is the world's largest contiguous warehouse complex. Built into the Elbe water between 1883 and 1920 on thousands of oak piles, small canals, the so-called canals, cross the area. They are even passable at high tide and make the city within the city a little Venice. As the name suggests, the many buildings used to be used as warehouses or stores for spices, coffee, cocoa, tea, and other specialties from overseas. Today the Speicherstadt is better known as a destination for excursions and the address of Hamburg's most popular attractions. Although the Hamburg weather is rainy, it is better to visit Speicherstadt on a sunny day.

Miniature Wonderland

hamburg With the world on a scale of 1:87, the Miniature Wonderland in the Speicherstadt is probably the most popular Hamburg tourist attractions. With almost 1,500 square meters of model area, 263,000 figures, 9,250 cars, 1,040 trains, 389,000 LEDs, 4,340 buildings, and a total of 795,000 construction hours, the Miniature Wonderland is a unique reason to travel to Hamburg. The mini-world has been growing steadily since 2000. In addition to the Mini-Hamburg and the fantasy place "Knuffingen," the Wonderland now houses miniatures from Central Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the USA, and Italy.

Fish market

fish market The barkers are undoubtedly the highlight at the Hamburg fish market. Between fruit, vegetables, flowers, or plump souvenir items, they vie loudly for buyers. The fish market is the ideal place to go, both for early risers who are just starting their Hamburg sightseeing tour and for night owls to recharge the batteries with something tasty. Here you will find fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, sausage, bread and of course fish. For Hamburg people, the fish market is primarily the meeting point on Sundays to have a little chat over coffee and fish rolls and then do the weekly shopping.


hamburg night Above all, the Jungfernstieg is known beyond Hamburg's borders as one of the most beautiful and oldest splendid promenades. Located directly on the Inner Alster, you can shop here in a unique atmosphere, stroll around, or drink a coffee and look at the Alster's water. The Alsterhaus is a special house right on the Jungfernstieg. The department store, which opened in 1912, can easily compete with the KaDeWe in Berlin - after all, it is just as luxurious. The Niveahaus invites you to relax and have some smaller wellness moments. The oldest shopping arcade - the Hamburger Hof - is also right on the Jungfernstieg. Polar bears, sharks, and penguins also feel at home in the facilities, particularly deep pools. If you like, you can even feed the giraffes and elephants or watch the animals being fed.

Hagenbeck Zoo

hagenbeck zoo The Hagenbeck Zoo has existed for over 100 years and is now in the seventh generation of the same name. It is one of the oldest zoos in Germany and the first without lattice enclosures and cages. Over 1,800 animals and over 200 species are shown in near-natural enclosures and listed sites on around 19 hectares. Above all, the tiger cubs born in 2017, one of the largest elephant herds in Europe, orangutans, the petting zoo, and free-range ring-tailed lemurs make the Hagenbeck Zoo one of Hamburg's best attractions.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery

ohlsdorfer cemetery In the north of Hamburg, there is the world's largest park cemetery in the Ohlsdorf cemetery. Even if it may seem horrible at first to recommend a cemetery for tourists, there is a reason for this: The Parkfriedhof Ohlsdorf is the largest park cemetery in the world, not have to shy away from comparison with other world-famous cemeteries such as Pere Lachaise in Paris. With a total area of 389 hectares, 17 kilometers of the road network including bus lines, around 235,000 gravesites, 1.4 million burials since opening in 1877, and over 1.2 million visitors annually, it is a real excellent among Hamburg's sights. It is not for nothing that the Ohlsdorf cemetery in Hamburg's largest green space. With 30,000 trees, a rose garden, several ponds, more than 800 sculptures, and its special garden architecture, it is always worth a trip. Get your Germany visa now to explore marvelous Hamburg!

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