How can I get Mauritius residence permit?

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How can I get Mauritius residence permit?

There are many reasons why someone might desire to have a Mauritius residence permit. Many people leave their countries of origin to come to Mauritius, which is known for its beautiful beaches, reefs and lagoons. While some travel to the country to see these aforementioned beautiful natures, museums and experience its rich culture, others come for business reasons. On visiting, staying, and enjoying the tourist and business opportunities for days and months, they can decide to stay in the country longer or forever. This will make them desire to get a Mauritius residence permit.

Depending on the reason, you will need to first have a visa if your country is not one of the Mauritius visa free countries. To know more about Mauritius visa requirements and how to apply for Mauritius visa, visit and start applying for your visa on the Mauritius visa application form.

Mauritius Residence Permits

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As earlier stated, you can apply for a residence permit in Mauritius if you want to stay more in the country. There are reasons that might make you desire to stay more. It could be for study purposes, employment, or you want to start up a business after seeing the favorable business conditions in the country. There are different types of residence permits in Mauritius and they include:

Mauritius Employment Residence Permit

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You can get your work permit when you visit the office of the Ministry of Labor and Residence Permit of Mauritius at the immigration department if you want to engage in employment or paid job opportunities. There is a restriction from entering the country if you don't have this permit when your goal for traveling is employment-based.

Documents needed for obtaining an Employment Residence Permit in Mauritius:

1. Application Form

This is the form that shows you want to come to the country. The application form must be fully completed. If you are the one applying or you have someone representing you, make sure you fill every space meant for applicants. Have the application form signed after completing the form.

2. Photos

Just like in Mauritius visa requirements where two photos are needed, you are also required to provide two photos. If any dependent is accompanying you, provide his/her two photos too.

3. Passport

You need to have a valid passport to qualify for an employment residence permit in Mauritius. The validity should extend more than the time duration you will stay in the country. Make sure no part of the passport is torn or separated. If you have a dependent accompanying you, provide the passport too.

4. Invitation/Sponsor Letter

This is also known as a sponsor letter. This letter will be asked for when you are applying for a Mauritius employment residence permit. It is the responsibility of the company that you are working for in Mauritius to provide. If it is not from a Mauritius company, it should come from a local counterpart.

5. Documents that show you have applied for Mauritius Work Permit

Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations, and Employment in Mauritius is responsible for issuing a work permit.

6. If a family member is accompanying you

You need to provide different documents as evidence that you and the person that accompanied you ate related. Documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates are essential.

7. Children over 18 years

Once your children are more than 18 years, both you and them must separately apply for a Mauritius residence permit. The sponsor letter must be included in the residence permit application. This shows that the parents can financially support their children as they work or look for a job in the country.

Mauritius Student Residence Permit

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This is another type of residence permit in Mauritius. It is the responsibility of the institution that wants to sponsor a foreigner to study in their school to perform this application. This application is made on the student's (foreign) behalf when he shows interest in obtaining a Mauritius residence permit. Internship programs, practical industrial, and training are some of the purposes of student residence permit. It is essential to know this permit has a short duration – 6 months. The foreigner is first given one month's permission to enter the country before he/she applies for a residence permit within the two weeks of stay or arrival.

Documents needed for obtaining a student Residence Permit in Mauritius:

1. Application Form

An application form shows your desire to stay or enter into the country. It must be completed fully and signed by you or the individual representing you.

2. Photos

You are to provide two passport-sized photos of yourself when you are submitting your application for a residence permit at the Mauritius Embassy or consulate. If you are going with someone who is dependent on you, provide the person's two photos two. The photos must be of high quality and should be taken within six months of your application. This will give those in charge of issuing a residence permit your current look. It is not advisable for you to put on eyeglasses. Also, the pictures must all be on a white background.

3. Passport

You are required to have a valid passport for a student residence permit to be issued to you in Mauritius. The validity of your international passport of the country you are traveling from should extend beyond the time duration you wish to be in the country. No part of your passport should be frayed, separated or torn.

4. Proof of funds

Whether you are traveling to Mauritius on a full or part-time scholarship or not, you are expected to provide proof of fund documents. This will show your financial needs while in the country would be taken care of without any issue. You need to provide your current bank statement for the past three months.

If it is based on sponsorship, the following are required: name, phone number, and address of the sponsor. You also need to state the profession or job of the sponsor and the relationship that exist between you and the sponsor. You can read up the article on how to apply for Mauritius visa for residence permit on

5. Medical Certificate

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The reason why you are asked to provide your medical certificate is to check how medically fit you are to travel. It is also used to know if you are free from any infectious ailments. You are meant to submit the results of diseases such as hepatitis B, yellow fever, HIV, and Chest X-ray to the Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius. These tests must be carried out within one month of your arrival in Mauritius. You will be asked to leave the country if the test results are positive within two weeks. Thus, take good care of your health and avoid any environment or situations that can affect your health.

6. Proof of Purpose of the Visit

There is always a reason for applying for a student residence permit. You are to provide the admission proof. It could be proof of admission for industrial training, placement, or internship in an organization that is known. You should state the duration of the admission. The duration must not be more than six months. Every piece of information about the internship, education, and training towards the enhancement of your skills should be stated and provided.

Mauritius Spouse Residence Permit

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If you want to stay in Mauritius with your husband or wife, who is a resident or citizen of the country, you can apply for a Mauritius Spouse Residence Permit.

Documents needed for obtaining a spouse Residence Permit in Mauritius:

1. Application Form

You need to provide an application form that shows your interest in remaining or entering the country. It must be completed fully and signed by you or the individual representing you.

2. Photos

You need to provide two photos which must be in a white background and of good quality.

3. Passport

Your passport should be valid and have one empty page. Every part of the passport must be in order.

4. Birth Certificate

You need to provide a birth certificate that an essential authority legalized.

5. Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate between you and your spouse is required. A competent authority must have legalized the marriage.

6. Past Marriage Certificate

You're also meant to provide the marriage certificate of your former marriage with your ex-wife or ex-husband. If the previous marriage ended because of the death of a partner, you are expected to provide the death certificate of the dead and ex-spouse.

7. Police Clearance Certificate

To receive a spouse residence permit, you must come clean from the police. You need to submit a police clearance certificate from your country and residence country to show you have no bad record before.

8. Letter from your spouse in Mauritian

The letter should confirm that you are married. It will support your application for a spouse residence permit.

9. Birth Certificates of Children

If the union has led to a child, the birth certificate of the child or children is needed.

10. Proof of funds

To show you can support the financial responsibility of your spouse, you need to provide your bank statement. It should not exceed the last three months.

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