How does coronavirus affect travel?

Nargiz Shiraliyeva27 February 2020651 views3 min. read
How does coronavirus affect travel?

Are you wondering how does coronavirus affect travel? or how will coronavirus affect travel? Well, Should you consider the impact of this coronavirus in your travel plans, your flights in Georgia?.The current range of the virus is extensive. You can see the number of people who have fallen under the virus and died online from this source: It is easy to say that no other global event has hit tourism so hard lately. It is an undeniable fact that China is the number one country that gives the world the largest number of tourists. On the other hand, the top five countries that receive the most tourists from all over the world have included China and Italy in the last few years.

How many people are infected with coronavirus?

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Take a look at the country facts from the above source. In Singapore to date, 93 people have been coronavirus infected, and 62 of them have been cured. Not a single person has died. In China itself, 45% of those coronavirus infected have been healed or cured. But on the other hand, in Iran, where we praise medicine, 26 out of 270 people have already died from the virus. It is true that the ignorance of people in this matter should also be taken into account; perhaps most of the dead have never been hospitalised or have concealed information about their illness. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan - 6 countries. Not a single virus has been detected yet. A person wants just to say bravo, but is it possible to believe it?. Let's not be naive. How should you take coronavirus into account in your travels?. If you have not yet chosen your travel country, it would be better if you took into account the map above. In Europe, there are countries such as the Czech Republic, Iceland (where the probability of coronavirus infection is minimal), Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine and Turkey. And in the global world, there are countries in Latin America, South America and Africa. Snow, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and others are now officially free of viruses. I have a flight from Georgia; what should I do? According to the information available to me, our border crossing points with Georgia are still open.

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The possibility of closure may also arise at a time when one of the parties will strictly share information on coronavirus infection spread based on official data. In the current situation, if our land border with Iran is definitively closed and the probability of Novruz before the holiday begins is very low. And after Novruz, there is a high probability that the coronavirus will weaken by summer. The most decisive decision that the government will make at this time is to close the border with Iran. Whatever this decision does to Novruz tourism, the more it will cost. Does the virus have an impact on obtaining visas?. According to our observations from, not yet, but the total number of tourists is partly decreasing. In my opinion, once the coronavirus has weakened, the global tourism giants will make the Schengen visa process much more comfortable and increase visa quotas. This will be a labyrinth for tourism recovery. In travelling next to a passport, a mask and alcohol is already a new travel trio. Travel to hot countries for as long as possible. Have a nice trip!

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