How to apply for China visa extension?

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In general, once a China visa has been issued, it cannot be renewed, extended like a China humanitarian visa extension, or changed into a different type. However, if you want to stay longer, need a multiple-entry visa, or need a different type of visa, you can apply from within China in many cases for a China 30 day visa extension. The standard period for regular tourist visa extension China appears to be one month at the moment. The total length of your extended stay, however, cannot exceed the duration of your original visa.

How to extend visa in China

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The procedure - China visa extension form is very similar to applying through a Chinese embassy outside of China, but you must go to a PSB Exit and Entry Administration office at the county level or higher. Smaller centers may not have good English speakers, so bringing a Chinese friend with you is a good idea. If you don't know where the PSB Exit and Entry Administration office is, ask at an international hotel.

When to apply for work visa extension China

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You must apply for a business visa extension China at least 7 days before your visa expires, according to the rules. When the PSB officers accept your application, they will give you a receipt and make a final decision within 7 days. If you apply too late for one month visa extension at end of contract China, you risk overstaying your visa, incurring a fine and possibly being deported.

The new visa begins on the date of issuance (a small difference from visas issued outside of China, which do not begin until entry), and the old one is cancelled at the same time. As a result, you cannot hold two visas at the same time.

What is the best way for one-month visa extension at end of contract China?

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Your passport, a recent passport-style photo, a registration form of temporary residence, and proof of reasons for, let’s say, China student visa extension are all required documents. For example, if you apply for a tourist visa extension China, you must submit a travel itinerary.

In most cases, the applicant must submit the China visa extension form in person at the PSB Exit and Entry Administration office. Fill out a visa application form and attach your photo when you arrive. Then you must submit your application.

The applicant can have others or an agency submit the application in the following circumstances:

1. The applicant is under the age of 16 or over the age of 60 or has mobility issues.

2. The applicant is not a first-time visitor to China and has a track record of successful stays in the country in the past.

3. The applicant's visit is being sponsored by an inviting entity or individual.

How do I obtain a temporary residence registration form for visitors from other countries?

The requirement that all foreigners register their accommodation details within 24 hours of entering China is the source of the residency registration.

A hotel accommodation registration slip can be obtained if you are staying in a hotel that is certified to accommodate foreigners. If not, you must obtain a printout of your accommodation registration from the police station in the area where you live and where you should have already registered. If you are staying in a non-accredited hotel, with friends, or in an apartment and have not yet registered, you must either register or stay in an accredited hotel for one night to receive the slip.

What is the cost of China humanitarian visa extension?


The fee is CNY 160 for nationals of most countries for a China 30 day visa extension. The fee for some countries may be different. An extension costs CNY 760 for US citizens and CNY 469 for UK citizens.

China s2 visa extension

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Object of the Application - Families include spouses, parents, spouse's parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and children's spouses who pay a short-term visit to their foreign family members residing in Beijing due to work or study, or foreigners who need to reside in Beijing due to other private business apply for China s2 visa extension.

Materials for the Application

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1. Passport or other international travel documents must be valid.

2. Valid Temporary Accommodation Registration Form from a Beijing police station or a hotel.

3. A recent half-length, white background, bareheaded, full-faced 2-inch color photo with a completed VISA/STAY PERMIT/RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION FORM. Please use black ink or a sign pen to complete the application form.

4. The family visitor must present the person being visited's residence permit. A marriage certificate, a birth certificate, or an adoption certificate issued by the relevant national authorities, a kinship certificate issued by the relevant sub-district office, the local police station, the department of human resources of a government unit, or the Embassy in China of thei should be submitted by those who entered with an S2 visa. (Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the relevant country must authenticate any of the above certificates issued by foreign authorities or notary offices.) Non-S2 visa holders applying for a China S2 visa extension must also submit a guarantee from the person being visited of their living expenses and compliance with Chinese laws during their stay in China (if the person being visited is under the age of 18, the applicant must provide a guarantee himself/herself).

5. Applicants with other private businesses should submit proof of their businesses or causes for business visa extension China. Foreigners seeking medical assistance or services in Beijing must present proof of hospitalization or receipt of medical services from a medical institution. The accompanying persons (no more than two people) must be the applicant's family members and must submit a kinship certificate (the above certificates issued by foreign authorities or notary offices must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the relevant country) as well as proof of accompanying issued by the above medical organ.

6. Other certification documents that the Department of Exit-entry Administration deems necessary to submit.

Application Process Timeline

1. Applicants who are visiting relatives can apply for a 180-day extension of their S2 visa, while the rest of the population can apply for a 90-day extension including China student visa extension. Exit-entry Administration Department will examine and determine the specific timeline for approval based on the circumstances of different applicants.

2. Applicants can apply for a visa with an entry validity of no more than 3 months, duration of stay of no more than 180 days, and zero or single entry for the renewal of an S2 visa (including the application of a reentry visa for S2 visa holders). The Division of Exit-Entry Administration will examine and approve the actual validity period based on the applicant's conditions. The renewed visa's cumulative term of validity cannot exceed one year from the date of the current entry.

Attention-getting points for how to extend visa in China

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1. A face-to-face interview will be required of all applicants. The person who will be visited can apply on behalf of those who are under the age of 16 or over the age of 60, or who are unable to walk due to diseases or other factors. If the Division of Exit-Entry Administration requires it, the applicant must attend an in-person interview.

2. The S2 visa extension for a longer period of time is only valid for the referred entry and has no bearing on the original visa's entry times or validity period. The total length of extensions must not exceed the visa's original stay period. The original visa became invalid while a new S2 visa was issued.

3. The original documents for the above-mentioned materials must be verified, and the copies must be submitted on A4 paper.

4. Foreign-language application materials (other than English) should be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company before being submitted.

5. Applicants who do not want to cancel their household registration in China should apply after it has been cancelled. If the Exit-entry Administration Department deems it necessary, the relevant cancellation certificate issued by the police station will be submitted.

6. Foreigners under the age of eighteen who apply for a visa extension or renewal for the first time in China must submit their birth certificates, parent's passports, and proof of overseas residence.

Warm Regulations Prompt

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1. When to apply for work visa extension China? If the visa holder needs to extend his or her stay, he or she must submit an application seven days before the visa's expiration date.

2. Applicants can reside legally in China by right of receipt during the application process when the applicant's passport or other international travel certificates are received and kept by the Exit-entry Administration Bureau.

3. The fidelity of the contents of written invitations is the responsibility of the entities or individuals who issue them.

4. Interviews, telephone inquiries, and investigations may be used by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau's Exit-entry Administration Bureau to verify the authenticity of the applicants' purpose. Applicants and the inviting units responsible for issuing invitation letters and certificate materials must work together.

5. The exit-entry administration of the public security organ's decisions on rejecting visa extension or reissuance applications, as well as not issuing foreigners' stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence, are final.

6. The visa-issuing authorities are not required to provide any explanations for their refusal to issue a visa.

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