How to apply for Oman tourist visa online?

How to apply for Oman tourist visa online?

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How to apply for Oman tourist visa online?
tourist visa online application process is much more straightforward and less time-consuming. In this century, you can easily apply for a visa by just providing some basic information, while the other information will be gathered from you while relaxed at home. Applying for the Oman visa can be done entirely online; it only takes a few minutes.  Oman has a travel policy that states, visitors who are traveling to that country must obtain an Oman tourist visa; as for the members of Oman, they may travel freely without visa limits. Oman government introduced a tourist visa for Oman in 2018. Oman tourist visa is a travel authorization that allows citizens of other countries to stay in Oman for touristic purposes. Here are a few tips that will help you with the Oman tourist visa online application.

How to get Oman tourist visa online?

waving oman flag Are you wondering how to get Oman tourist visa online? To apply for the Oman tourist visa online, you will have to visit the Oman e-visa platform. You need to select your citizenship country and your living country. You will see the choices given on your screen, then select register as a visitor, submit. Once you have logged in, you will have to select the visa as per your travel and confirm whether the ticket is required. Choose the choice of applying, then select Oman visa since you want to tour Oman country. Before selecting the type of visa, you must read the instructions clearly; after understanding the ticket you need, fill in the application form. Provide your personal information, Travel information, and address in the application form. If you only wish to submit a single application, then submit and proceed to the next question and confirm your number of applied applicants. If you register more than one applicant, you can remove some applicants as you wish.

Pay for your visa online

man typing Once you are done applying for the Oman tourist visa, the payments are also made online. In paying for your visa, you will come across different payment methods; by any chance the technique fails, you are free to choose other methods since there are multiple payment methods. However, the Oman tourist visa price also depends on the number of applicants applied.  Also, the type of visa you choose will determine the amount you will pay. Oman tourist visa for 30 days for single entry is USD 82.00. USD 160.00 is the visa for 1 year. The visa application form is easy to complete, and the processing time takes few days to be approved and issued out. Super rush processing is the fastest option available for Oman tourist visas, it only takes one business day to be issued, and you will be charged 220 U.S dollars inclusive of the service fee. The processing time depends on how you want it and the amount of money you pay for the visas. Payment can be made through credit, debit card, or sent via bank. Also, children must pay for the visa fee for which the visa must be paid for whether it is issued or not. As an applicant, payment of the visa does not grant you access to the Oman tourist visa unless you comply with their laws. According to Oman’s policy, only six countries are free to visit Oman without visas; Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. notary public stamping Once you are done with the Oman tourist visa online application, you will receive an email in PDF form. You are always required to print out the visa copies and present them once you arrive in Oman. You are advised to print more than one of the exact copies during the printing process and insert them in different bags if you misplace your luggage. Once the government approves your tourist visa, you will be informed via your email.

Visa processing time

canadian passport After completing your application and submitting it with the complete information, your Oman visa will be processed within six working days. Your Oman tourist visa is valid for up to 1 month, of which it cannot be extended, but your staycation will vary depending on the days you applied.

Oman tourist visa requirements

passports To apply for a tourist visa online, it is important to meet the following Oman tourist visa requirements. You must have a copy of the passport information page, digital photograph of the traveler's passport style. Credit or debit card to pay the Oman tourist visa cost. You need to have a passport from an eligible country valid for six months from the intended arrival date in Oman. Other Oman tourist visa requirements include submitting a current email address to which a copy of the approved visa application and receipt will be sent. Applicants from other countries are supposed to supply a copy of a valid visa or residence permit. In Oman, there are different types of visas, and they all have an additional cost. Oman is the perfect place for tourism, and the country has beautiful places to visit and explore. Tourist visa; the authority grants people to visit Oman by identifying their detail; with a pass, you can stay for thirty days. Employment visa; it’s given when any resident of Oman sponsors a foreign person for employment. Family residence visa; granted to wife and children below 21 years of a foreigner staying in Oman. Student resident visa; any student arriving in Oman for study purposes should apply for this Oman visa. Official visa; this type of visa is given to foreigners who the government is hosting. Artist visa: this visa is given to artists sponsored by the Oman government to perform entertainment shows. Express visa; a resident of Oman sponsors it to the foreigner on his business responsibility, and the foreigner is only allowed to stay for three weeks in Oman. So before applying for your visa, read the instructions carefully and decide what type of visa you require.

Track your visa application

checking documents You can only track your visa if you submitted your application at the Oman visa application center and have received an acknowledgment receipt and a tracking number. You can opt to track your application via online web chat or helpline. To track your application online, you will have to enter the tracking number available on the receipt from the visa application center and your date of birth. The online application tracking system will update you when your passport is ready.  An applicant can opt for a joint visa for Oman and Qatar or Oman to Dubai.

Check your visa status

holding passport You can check your visa status online while your application is still in progress. Just visit the official visa website of the country of visit and find the option of visa application status. You can do this with the help of the application reference number and passport of Oman. Once everything is processed, you are free to travel to the country.

Reasons why visa gets rejected

rejected sign Here are a few reasons why your visas can undergo rejection. If you don’t submit all the required documents, your visa will not be processed. A person with criminal records will not be issued a visa. A person who was denied entrance into the country before can not be given a passport. If you apply for the wrong type of visa, it will be rejected. So if your visa undergoes rejection, you can try to re-apply it again. No refunds in case of visa rejection, as stated in the application center.


muscat Most people these days aspire to visit Oman to explore and spend their holidays in Oman, and they prefer Oman due to its Muscat and Salalah harbors. It has been a country that has been receiving tourists for many decades, and it is profitable to Oman. However, it is an entire country and minimal expensive tourism infrastructure, and the country is becoming a popular destination for experts and foreigners. Due to the covid pandemic, Oman is not accessible for everyone, just for the exceptional countries. For tourists from the allowed countries can access Oman if they present their travel health documents. Oman tourism visa process is not complicated; as long as you provide the required information, you will get your visa.

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