How to get a China business visa?

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How to get a China business visa?

There are many reasons you may want to travel to China. This is the best article you will see online if you are planning to go to China for a business purpose such as manufacturing or business expansion. You need to have a China business visa before you can carry out any business-related engagement in the country. It is not difficult to get a China business visa when you know all the necessary China business visa requirements. You will save lots of money, time and energy if you start to prepare for the visa now. Starting now to get the documents required will help you greatly. To save you time and reduce stress, you can consult expert travel companies like Pickvisa. You can visit them on to start your China business visa application.

In this article, you will know about the documents required for China business visa, China business visa processing time, China business visa fees and more.

Is a visa required before I travel to China for business purposes?


You might have seen different people ask this question online. The answer is simple and short. You need a China business visa to carry out any business activity in China. You will need a China business visa even if your business trip is a short one. There are a few expectations when it comes to China business visa requirements. People who are travelling to China from Hong Kong to Shenzhen and from Macau to Zhuhai are part of the expectation. However, the days are very limited. While the former is less than five days, the latter is less than three days. For other people in different countries, a China business visa is necessary. When your China business visa documents are complete, you can get a China business visa for a minimum of one month. This visa is just for a business trip purpose such as a business meeting or conference and to work. To work in China, you will need a visa work permit. Always visit to know how to get a business visa for China and a work permit.

What is the best time to apply for a China business visa?

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To prevent rushing, which is often accompanied by frustration and anxiety, you should apply for a China business visa on time. You need to identify when you want to travel for a business trip to China first so that your application for a China business visa won't be too early or too late. The China business visa fees might increase when you are rushing to get it. Other factors that can affect the China business visa cost include your country of residence and the duration of your stay.

What are the China business visa requirements?

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To obtain a China business visa, you need to provide different documents apart from the common international passport that everyone knows. Getting these documents is what many travellers often find difficult and confusing. In order not to miss any of the documents and to increase your chances of getting the China business visa on time, seek the guidance of This travel company will help you from the beginning of your China business visa application to the end. They know how to get a business visa for China easier and faster for their customers. You may only need to focus on other things while they do what they know best.

You need the following documents to get a China business visa:

Invitation letter

An invitation letter is needed for a China business visa. This is why you need to start on time to gather China business visa documents to be discussed. You need to ask for a China invitation letter from the company you are visiting in advance. For the invitation letter to be generally accepted, it should be properly scanned. The details of the company such as address and contact information must be well stated in the letter. Also, the letter should be written on the company's letterhead. The original or main invitation letter may be requested at the Chinese embassy. You may also be called upon for a personal interview.

The company invitation business letter can come from any of the following sources:

  • Chinese government agency
  • An organization or company in mainland China (Trade show or fair company)

If the invitation letter is from an organization or company in China, it must be printed on the company's letterhead as earlier stated. The address and contact details must be indicated too. There are eight necessary elements that your China business invitation letter must have. They include:

1. Your personal details, which include your name, passport number, the company's name you work for, your role or title, date of birth etc.

2. The major reason (kind of business) why you want to come to China for a business trip.

3. You should also indicate the city(s) you will visit when you arrive in China.

4. The date you will arrive and the date you will leave or depart. The dates of your first visit to China are only needed 

5. The relationship between the company or organization that you are coming from and the company or organization that is inviting you should be critically explained.

6. The letter must have the inviter’s signature and the company’s official seal

7. Proof of fund. Here, the letter should explain who will take care of your financial responsibility while in China. It should show the one or the company inviting you that will take responsibility for the accommodation cost.

8. The personal information of the inviter should be indicated in the letter. Some of the information needed includes the inviter's full name and job title or role, the inviter company's address, phone and fax number.

covid vaccination certificate


You should have your yellow fever vaccination certificate ready. It is one of the medical certificates that is asked for at the Chinese embassy. You might also need to have a Covid-19 certification. These certificates are asked for as means of preventing the spread of deadly diseases.


Your passport is one of the documents required for China business visa. It must meet certain criteria for it to be accepted. Your passport should:

  • Be up to date. That is, it should be valid for at least six months.
  • It should have up to two blank pages. These pages are for the visa stamp.
  • Make sure your passport is not torn, altered or separated in any way.


There is a particular photo size required when you are applying for a China business visa. Your China business visa photo must not be an old one. It must be taken in a white background and before six months of your business visa application to China. Make sure your face is well placed and shown. You don't need to have a smiling expression and don't need to wear eyeglasses or a cap. Your eyes and ears must be opened. There is no need for shadow or background light over your face as the picture is snapped. You don't need your visa photo affixed to your visa application, and there should not be a staple or adhesive tape evidence on it.

Visa Application Form

Filling China apllication form

You are required to have your China business visa application form completed. All the questions asked on the field should be correctly answered. You can consult to guide you through it. The form should be signed before submitting. You can easily have an application form today by going to the China visa application form section on It is easy and fast. The website has a user-friendly interface, and it is designed to be easily understood by all.

Final words

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It is not a big deal to get a China business visa when you have the right information. How to get a China business visa becomes easier if you start your application on time. From this article you have just read, you now know applying for a business visa for China can be stress-free, especially when you use the services of All you need to do is to consult them now. Provide your documents stated above, such as medical certificates, passport, photos and get your China business visa on time. While in China, keep the rules and regulations guiding the country or the city you will live in. When you do this, you will have a memorable business trip. Have a great business trip in China!

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