How to get a freelance visa in Germany?

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How to get a freelance visa in Germany?

The longing of becoming independent has made freelance a growing means of self-employment. Freelance gives higher independence than other conventional types of businesses. You become your own boss when you work as a freelancer. Also, choosing projects and clients that you want is within your power. You do not need to have a land-based office to start every type of freelancing job. There are different advantages of freelancing that have made many people ask, "how to apply for freelance visa Germany?".

With a German freelance visa, you can comfortably live in Germany and work as a freelancer. You can trade it for a freelance residence permit after entering Germany, as the duration is short. From this article, you will get to know the difference between a freelancer and a self-employed person in Germany and Germany freelance visa requirements if you want to travel to Germany.

Self-employment and freelancing in Germany

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"How to get a freelance visa in Germany" starts by knowing the difference between a freelancer and a self-employed individual. In different countries, one can easily become self-employed as a freelancer by taking up a job from a client, get paid after issuing your invoice and rendering your services and paying taxes. But there is a difference between a freelancer and a self-employed person in Germany. To be considered a freelancer in Germany, there are requirements to meet.

You need to have experience or education or a university degree that is recognized and be practising a liberal profession such as writer, advisory people, dentist, architect, tax consultant, auditor, commercial chemist, patent attorney, image reporter, translator, interpreter and etc. With these requirements, your taxes will not be as high as that of a self-employed.

On the other hand, you are considered self-employed if you don't meet the aforementioned requirements. This might include the selling of physical products and other things that intellectual practice may not be used on.

Who are the people that need a German freelance visa?

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You will need a work visa to be eligible to live and work in Germany unless you are a citizen of an EEA and EU (European Union) country. These visas are generally given for a particular duration of time, using between six months to three years. You also need to renew the visas regularly. It is of paramount importance to know that your profession has a lot to do with your visa. You can't apply for a freelance artist visa and travel to Germany to work as a web developer. Your visa must be tied to the job you want to do in Germany.

Germany freelance visa requirements

Visa application for Germany

There are different Germany freelance visa requirements to meet before you are issued a freelance visa at the embassy. It is at the German embassy in your country of residence that you will submit your Germany freelance work visa application. The steps involved in applying for any type of German visa is the same when you want to apply for freelance visa Germany. It is advisable to complete your application for a freelance visa in Germany before three months of the travelling date. Applying for it might be confusing and time-consuming if you are doing it for the first time. So, consult to guide you on this.

When you are done with the Germany freelance visa application, send the documents as originals. Also, have copies of each document.

The documents you need to provide and submit at the Germany embassy or consulate in order to obtain a freelance visa in Germany include:

• A valid international passport

For your passport to be valid, it must not be more than six months old, counting from the date you are leaving for Germany. The passport should have at least two pages that are blank for the visa stamp. Also, the national passport should not be sprayed, torn or separated. If your passport does not meet any of these aforementioned requirements, consult now for assistance.

• Visa application form that is fully completed and signed

There are empty fields that you must fill up with answers. Take your time and duly complete the fields; sign before you submit.

• Two recent white background photographs

Your passport photo should capture your face clearer. Your eyes and ears must be visible. Apart from any religious reasons, don't wear any head cover such as a cap. Don't wear eyeglass too. The photo should not be more than six months from the time you are applying for Germany freelance visa. Must be 32-26mm.

• Travel insurance

• Payment of the visa application fees. "How much does German visa cost" is a frequently asked question online. Depending on the embassy and other factors like express visa or rush hour, the German visa cost can change.

• Resume or curriculum vitae

This will show the profession you are in or going for a freelance visa in Germany.
• Letters of recommendation from past employers

A letter of recommendation from your previous employers shows you are good in your field. It increases your opportunity to get more work and a freelance visa. Get as many recommendation letters as possible.

• You also need to provide a portfolio of your past works.

That is printed samples of your past freelance work in the same profession you are applying for the visa for. As stated above, the Germany freelance work visa you are applying for should go in line or be tied to your job or profession. You will not be allowed to apply for a Germany freelance artist visa only to travel to Germany to work as a dentist.

• Professional authorization

Apart from letters of recommendation from your previous employers, you need to present at the German embassy other authorization or license to show your experience or expertise towards the profession you intend to pursue when you arrive in Germany. This is needed most in a professional area that requires past experience or expertise, such as law and medicine.

• Certificates of previous education

With certificates, you are assumed to have undergone training. So, present all the certificates of your earlier education you can lay hands on.

• Proof of accommodation

The German government will want to know if you have a place to stay in Germany when you arrive. You need to show the proof of your apartment with the address and contact details.

• Evidence of a freelance Plan

• Letters of commitments from future customers/employers

You need to present at least two commitment letters at the Germany embassy you are applying to. These letters should obviously show their intention to hire you when you come here.

• Means of subsistence

This is also known as proof of funds. It is used as evidence that you have sufficient money to take care of your needs and freelancing costs. Your means of subsistence include:

Profit and loss statement – this statement shows your monthly profit and loss forecasts from the freelance activity you intend to do in Germany.

Blocked bank account – you can easily open a blocked account in Germany is through Fintiba and Sutor Bank. Every German consulate or embassy in the world accepts the block account Fintiba provides.

Latest bank statements – this statement has to be from the bank in your home country. It shows the available funds you have. With the statement, you would be told if you qualify for a freelance visa in Germany or not.

Proof of adequate pension plan – this one is for individuals who are more than 45 years old.

• Medical insurance

Every country is careful when it comes to health. You should get your yellow fever vaccination certificate ready as you would be asked to submit it at the embassy.

How much does German visa cost?

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You need only 60 Euros to apply for German freelance visa. To apply for a residence permit in Germany, you need at least 140 Euros and 260 Euros for a settlement permit.

Qualities to succeed as a freelancer in Germany

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After submitting your documents to get a German freelance visa and arriving in Germany, you need to display the following qualities to succeed:

• Innovative thinking

• Sense of self-motivation

• Particular education

• Responsiveness

• Sense of self-responsibility

• Sense of technical individuality

• Time consciousness

Final thoughts

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The requirements needed to get a Germany freelance visa can be used as a measure to know the total amount you will spend to get such a visa. You don't need to have all the money with you before you start. You can start gathering or getting one requirement or document one after the other. When you have gotten all the documents stated above ready and met the requirements, proceed to the German embassy and apply for a freelance visa. Pay the visa fee and go home. You will be contacted when the German freelance visa process is over to come and pick your freelance visa. Happy working experience in Germany!

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