How to get business visa for Indonesia?

How to get business visa for Indonesia?

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How to get business visa for Indonesia?
visit Indonesia every year. You can find too many articles, explaining why people fall in love with this country. And why should not you? Indonesia has everything for everyone’s tastes. Due to Indonesia’s geographical position which the equator crosses, the country takes advantage of year-long sunny days and the country is full of islands. These island paradises draw much attention who seek peaceful resting and get away from the crowded cities and busy lifestyle. The white beaches of Bali promise the vacation most people need. You will be amazed by its majestic scenery and beautiful beaches. One of the great things about Indonesia is its incredible Indonesian cuisine. You will enjoy Indonesia’s rich, spicy and delicious local cuisine. We should outline species as the variety of them is astonishing. One of the travelers’ favorite meals is Bakso. It is worth mentioning the beautiful nature of the islands. The animal life in the forests of Indonesia is bustling with activities. Indonesia is a developing country and its economy is growing as well. The pandemic that started last year has taken its toll on the economy. However, with the fastening vaccination, countries hope to go back to normal. As things getting better, Indonesia expects more businessmen to visit the country to engage in business activities. Many reports have been pointing out the improving business environment in Indonesia. It is no surprise that there is growing attention regarding doing business in Indonesia since the country is full of resources and possibilities. Aware of this we decided to talk about Indonesia business visa. In this article we will cover Indonesia business visa requirements, Indonesia business visa fees. Furthermore, we will try to answer questions like do I need a business visa for Indonesia? If so how to get business visa for Indonesia? To learn these, we first have to know a little bit about visa policy of Indonesia.

Visa Policy of Indonesia

indonesian flag The Visa policy of Indonesia is regulated according to mutual relations Indonesia have with other countries. Nationals of some countries are not bothered to apply for a visa to visit Indonesia. Therefore we can divide the countries into two groups and they visa-free and visa-required countries. If you are asking yourself “do I need a business visa for Indonesia?”, then look at the list below. Visa required countries are: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Colombia, Congo Republic, DR Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Liberia, Micronesia, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea (DPRK), Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen. Countries that are not on the list are visa-free countries. Note that nationals of Libya can apply for a visa on arrival. One might wonder about visa types. What visa types are there for Indonesia? Simply we can put them into three groups and they are short-stay visas, long-stay visas, and airport transit visas. Short-stay visas as you can see from the name are designed for short-term travels for up to 90 days while long-stay visas are for long-term travels. Short-term visas are Tourist Visa, Family/Friends Visit Visa, Business Visa, Journalist Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Cultural Visa, and Research Visa. Long–stay visas are on the other hand study (Long-stay) Visa, work (Long-stay) Visa, Family Reunion Visa, Retirement Visa. Conditions and requirements for each visa type vary.

Indonesia Business Visa

indonesia visa Indonesia business visa is designed for people who intend to visit Indonesia and engage in business activities for a period of a maximum of 60 days. However, many people get confused when they come across the term "business activities." They misinterpret it as a visa that allows you to open up a business or work. Business activities include business-related meetings, conferences, training, conducting internal audits, installing equipment, etc. To get the right to work in Indonesia, one should apply for a work visa depending on the length of the work. If you wish to take up employment in Indonesia for a long period, you need to apply for a work visa. Bear in mind to get granted this visa, you should be highly skillful. You might be asking “What are Indonesia business visa requirements?” Here you can find the required documents for the Indonesia business visa application: • Passport. The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after leaving Indonesia. In the passport, there should be two pages that haven't been used. • Indonesia business visa application form. Must be completed by the applicant. • Two photos are in passport format. The background for the photo preffered to be white. It should include the face clearly. Photos should be colored other than white and black. The eye line should be leveled to the camera. Applicant should show no facial expression. Colors matching with the background should be avoided. • If the country the applicant resides in and his or her country of citizenship are different, a residence permit or the visa should be presented. • Ticket bookings. It should be a round trip meaning that the applicant should also present his return ticket. • A document that shows the professional status of the applicant. One of the following documents is enough. Employment letter, pension card, student ID card, etc. • Document proving applicant has enough financial meaning. Applicant should be able to provide himself/herself during the days of travel. Followings are acceptable: cash, a personal bank statement, credit card, Travelers’ cheques, proof of salary a document proving employment, etc. Bank statement can reflect his or her financial activities for the last three months. If the applicant has sponsorship, then proof of sufficien funds alongside sponsorship indicating the nature of the visit and undertaking all financial expenses of the applicant. • Documents proving accommodation in Indonesia. It can be a hotel reservation or it can be an invitation letter pointing out where the applicant will accommodate in Indonesia. • Documents proving the nature of the travel. It includes an invitation letter written by a company, organization, or institution in Indonesia. In the letter, the duration of the activities and their nature should be indicated. Aside from an invitation letter, a reference letter provided by a local company is a prerequisite as well. • Medical insurance that will cover medical expenses for the days of travel. It must remain valid during the travel. You might be wondering about Indonesia's business visa processing time. The average Indonesia business visa processing time for applications varies from 3 to 15 days. The processing time is heavily affected by several factors such as the number of people applying or the country of application, etc. As for Indonesia business visa fees, they can vary depending on some factors. If it is an Indonesia business visa multiple entry, then visa fee is 100 USD. If it is single-entry the fee amount is 50 USD. To take advantage of Indonesia business visa multiple entry, you have to re-enter Indonesia. You might have heard Indonesia business visa on arrival. Although it is a much easier and convenient way to apply visa for business activities, it has some major drawbacks. First of all, Indonesia business visa on arrival is only for nationals of a limited number of countries. Chances are you might not get a visa on arrival. The second is that it is tricky. If you forget to bring one of the essential documents upon your arrival in Indonesia, well we have bad news for you. You will have to go back to your country. Think of the time and money you will lose. You might wanna think and check twice before deciding on applying for the visa on arrival. How to get business visa for Indonesia? It is probably the most essential question regarding Indonesia business visa. First, locate the local embassy or consulate of Indonesia. If there is none in your country, find the nearest embassy toyour country. Once you identified the embassy, make an appointment. Attend theembassy at the scheduled time and present the required documents and pay the fees. To conclude, Indonesia is a visa-friendly country and welcomes millions of visitors, therefore your application is most likely to be accepted unless there is a problem with your application. Always, make sure you got the required documents and check them on embassies or official websites. Contact the local embassy to get the latest information and updates about the application since we live in an unstable world. And do not forget to explore Indonesia. If you find the process too overwhelming, you can contact “pickvisa” and leave the work to professionals.

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