How to get Egypt long-term visa?

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    How to get Egypt long-term visa?
    Egypt has always been at the top spot on the list of countries to visit among international travelers. Egypt is a Mediterranean country bordered on the northeast by the Gaza Strip, which can also be referred to as Palestine and Israel, while on the east by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, on the south by Sudan, and on the west by Libya. Also, let us not forget that the country has sea borders with multiple countries too! With Jordan, it is across the Gulf of Aqaba; with Saudi Arabia, the border is settled over the Red Sea, while with Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, Egypt has borders across the Mediterranean Sea. But as we have mentioned above, all the countries in the second group have a physical boundary with in-land Egypt. But what is the reason behind the country's tremendous success in tourism? Well, first of all, let us start by saying that ancient Egypt is one of the world's most fascinating and oldest civilizations. If you did not know it yet: the majority of Ancient Egyptian pyramids were erected as tombs for pharaohs, which meant Egyptian rulers and their families. In Egypt, more than 130 pyramids have been uncovered to date. However, I believe it is also very important to point out the fact that the country is not only rich with beautiful temples and tombs that awe visitors, but it is also full of historical treasures and tourist sites which play a vital role in attracting visitors. For example, the Red Sea is, without a doubt, Egypt's greatest diving location. It has vivid corals and colorful, unique species, as well as a variety of places for a memorable experience. cairo city Even though we could talk about Egypt and its endless beauty that attracts tourists from all around the world yearly, as you can see from the title today, our main topic is Egypt long-term visa. So, in this article, we will try to answer questions such as "do you need a visa for Egypt?”, “how to get a Egypt visa in general?” go through Egypt visa policy and the whole Egypt visa application process. So, most importantly, do you need a visa for Egypt? In order to answer this question in the simplest way possible, we can easily separate all the countries around the world besides Egypt into four groups. The first group consists of the nationals who are required to obtain a visa for Egypt prior to their visit to the country. Some of these countries include Turkey, Israel, and so on. Meanwhile, nationals holding a travel passport of any country from the second list are eligible for an Egypt e-visa. Citizens of the United States of America and any member country of the European Union belong to this group, for example. The luckiest travelers are the ones from the third group, which consists of Egypt visa free countries. Countries such as Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates are considered as Egypt visa free countries. And last but not least, the fourth group is the visa on arrival, which is only available for visitors from Taiwan. Even though we have mentioned only the names of a couple of countries, in order to be completely sure whether you need a visa for Egypt or not, do not forget to check the visa policy section on our website. flag of egypt By acquiring an Egypt visa, you may complete your planned trip to Egypt. What Egypt visa types can you apply for? For visiting the country for a short period of time, foreign citizens can apply for short-term visas in Egypt such as tourist visas and e-visas with purposes of tourism, business, cultural, and other short-term travel reasons. But you may also apply for Egypt long-term visas if you wish to stay in Egypt for a longer amount of time for any reason, such as school or work. Even though visitors from your country are free from visa obligations, if you want to stay in Egypt for an extended period of time, you must first apply for a long-stay visa in your home country. Long-term visas are not processed by Egypt's embassies and consulates in some countries; instead, visa applicants can apply for a short-term tourist visa to travel to Egypt and then apply for residence permits once they have already arrived in Egypt. But of course, it is worth mentioning the fact that this method may differ based on your place of residence, nationality, and the visa policies of the embassy to which you apply. Basically, the long-term visa allows you to enter Egypt with the intention of applying for a resident permit. It allows you to enter Egypt as a possible resident and stay while completing your residence application. One of the most popular long-term Egypt visa types is a long-term employment visa for Egypt. This visa is for individuals who wish to work within the legal framework of employment after obtaining an employment permit and a work permit from competent regional authorities following the prescribed procedure. It may be tough to obtain work in Egypt and relocate your life to a different continent at first, but once there, you will find it to be quite inexpensive and intriguing. egyptian visa stamp While also, a rising number of young people are interested in studying in Egypt, which shows its footprints on the number of applicants for the Egypt long-term visa. Higher education is a priority for Egypt's government, and it is adopting a number of measures to make Egyptian institutions more internationally competitive. There are presently 20 public universities in Egypt. This visa is designed to allow foreign people to get a long-term visa that will allow them to stay in Egypt for an extended length of time. This visa is for individuals who have been accepted to an Egyptian state college or university. But how to get a Egypt visa? According to Egypt visa policy, the applicant must complete the Egypt visa application form in English also sign and date it. Besides Egypt visa application form, you will also need a passport that is signed by the bearer and has a minimum validity of six months beyond the date of your departure from Egypt. Also, bear it in your mind that the passport must be no more than ten years old and also must have at least one or two free "visa pages." Two photos, with a frontal view of the face-covering 70-80 percent of the shot. Copy of the ID card with a minimum validity of two months after your departure date from Egypt and photocopy of your passport's front page. Most importantly, if you are applying for an employment visa, then you will be asked to showcase an original letter of employment from the Egyptian employer. The official corporate paper should have a stamp and signature, date, and clearly stating: the full address and contact information of the company, the name, and status of the countersigning officer, as well as information on the applicant's employment. But do not forget that additional documents can be required by the embassy, too. egyptian visa stamp If you are traveling to Egypt with purposes of studying, there then you might be required to submit some very specific documents additionally. For example, a higher secondary certificate is required if the candidate files for a visa based on a university certificate at the time of admission to the first year of study. But it is very important that the higher secondary certificate is confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to enrol in a preparatory course. The cost of living must be stated. And document verifying the availability of acceptable lodging in Egypt for the desired duration of stay is also required. The expenses for a complete term or monthly payment must be indicated, as well. And you might also be asked to showcase a language proficiency in cases of confirmed university admission and confirmed admission to a university preparation course. Between 3 and 20 calendar days - is the typical Egypt visa processing time for an Egypt long-term visa. However, remember that Egypt visa processing time is dependent on the country from which you are applying for a visa. The Egypt visa cost for a long-term visa is 60 United States Dollars. But as it was with the processing time, the Egypt visa fees can vary solely depending on your country and nationality. As well as depending on the nationality and location of your papers' submission, you may also be required to pay other administrative costs such as the Visa Application Centre charge, courier service price, and so on. You will apply for an Egypt long-term visa at one of the Egypt visa application centers, embassies, or consulates in your country of residency, whichever accepts visa applications. But if unfortunately, none of the above-mentioned institutions exists in your country of residence, you must apply to the embassy or consulate that is closest to your location, which in most cases is located in one of the neighboring countries.

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