How to get investor visa for Ireland?

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How to get investor visa for Ireland?
Ireland investor visa? The island of Ireland is one of the northern European countries with the greatest incentives to make investments by foreigners, opening markets that are mixed within the construction and technology sectors. The country has an Investment Immigration Program that was created to give foreign citizens the opportunity to invest and obtain a business investor visa Ireland together with relatives and the right to reside, study, or work within the island. The most common ways to obtain this visa are: • Invest 1,000,000 EUR in government bonds. • Invest 500,000 EUR in an Irish Company. • Invest 2,000,000 EUR in an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust. • Owning a property in Ireland worth EUR 450,000 combined with an investment. If you are interested in knowing more about how to get an investor visa to Ireland, then keep reading.

What is Ireland investor visa?

apply for ireland visa The Ireland investor visa is a special visa dedicated to foreigners interested in starting a new life in Ireland. It involves people who want to invest in the country. The Irish government promoted this program to allow citizens who are not residing in any European Union country and who can invest in this beautiful country to generate employment for the Irish themselves and help the country's economy. Those in charge of evaluating your situation as an investors are the Irish Immigration and Naturalization Service (INIS) and the Evaluation Committee.

Advantages of obtaining an Ireland investor visa

business team meeting The program offered by Ireland is an excellent option for people who are interested in obtaining an investment visa, also known as golden investor visa Ireland and consequently a second passport, so you will have numerous advantages which are: • It is a beautiful country with a high quality of life and an open economy. • Ireland has a business friendly tax system. • Family members can be included in residence permit applications. • The permanent residence gives access to the Irish health care and education system. • Residents can apply for the European health insurance card, covering certain medical expenses for injuries or illnesses. • After five years of continuous residence, the applicant can opt for citizenship, likewise the family members. • Ireland is a member of the EU. Therefore, citizens have the freedom to live, work, study and do business in any member state of this community or in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland. • An Irish passport gives you the freedom to travel to 156 countries worldwide, visa-free and hassle-free. • Ireland recognizes dual citizenship. If your country of origin allows it, you can keep your previous nationality. • The golden investor visa Ireland does not require linguistic knowledge. • You will be able to apply for citizenship in a short time. • There is no officially restricted nationality. • It does not require an Interview. • Safe and modern country.

Can your family members be included on this type of visa?

signature Definitely, yes. On your Ireland Golden Visa application, you can include: • Your spouse/partner. • Your kids are under 18 years old. • Children over 18 years old can be included in this application if they depend economically on you (if they are single and are still studding).

What are the requirements for Ireland visa?

photo of euro To apply for the investment visa, you must meet the following Ireland investor visa requirements: • Have a total income of not less than 2,000,000 EUR. • Original certificate of a criminal record. • Experience in business or investment management (proof of it). • Evidence of the availability of funds, i. e., to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to make the required investment, in addition to their legal origin. • Have an investment plan. • Certified copy of passport. • Investment confirmation (escrow agreement). • Personal reference letter. • Certified copy of the identity document.

Investment options for the Ireland investor visa

investor holding laptop How to get an investor visa to Ireland? To qualify for an investment visa in Ireland, you must make any of the following investments and gather the necessary documentation for then proceed with the Ireland investor visa application: • Invest EUR 1,000,000 in government bonds for five years. • Make an investment of EUR 500,000 in an Irish Company for three years. • Deed to a property in Ireland worth EUR 450,000 combined with EUR 500,000 in the Immigrant Investor Bond over five years (total investment of EUR 950,000). Ireland investor visa requirements for any of the investment options: • Recent photograph, passport size. • Passport. • Identification document. • Birth certificate. • Marriage certificate (in case of being married). • A bank statement confirming that he owns at least 2,000,000 EUR. • Documents that confirm the legal provenance of the resources. • Documents confirming professional and / or business activity (such as a job certificate, employment history). • Letters from the bank confirming the existence of funds for a given investment (may be bank statements not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland). • Business and financial plan and Irish company accounts, or certificate confirming number of holdings in Irish Real Estate Investment Trust, or deeds of ownership in Ireland. • Original criminal record certificate. • Receipt of fees payment.

The process to apply for the business investor visa Ireland

man filling application form The Ireland investor visa application process is: 1. Prepare and legalize all the necessary documents. 2. Translate all documents into English if you do not come from an English-speaking country. 3. Send the request to the Irish Evaluation Committee. 4. Complete the online Ireland investor visa application form. 5. The Irish Evaluation Committee will provide you with approval for the selected investment. 6. You must finance the selected investment. 7. Irish immigrant visa approval, allowing travel to Ireland. 8. When you are in Ireland, the residence permit will be issued, valid for two years and renewable for an additional three years. If your application is approved, you will receive a pre-approval letter, which will allow you to make your investment. You must invest within 90 days after the letter is issued.

What is the Ireland investor visa cost?

euro The Ireland investor visa cost is €1,500. You should pay by electronic funds transfer and mail receipt together with a completed and signed application form to INIS Immigrant Investor Unit in Ireland.

How to prepare to apply for the golden investor visa Ireland?

rubber and open passport Before starting the visa process, you must gather the necessary documents. Therefore these have to be notarized and apostilled. It means they must be validated before a notary and translated into English. In addition to complying with all the requirements that Ireland requires to successfully obtain the Golden Visa.

What are the requirements for Ireland visa renewal?

calendar With the investment program, you will follow a five-year route to your settlement in Ireland. In this, you will be granted an initial investor visa for a period of 2 years, after which you can renew the visa for another 3 years. Once you have achieved residency for a minimum of five years, and have met the necessary naturalization requirements and your family, you will be able to opt for Irish citizenship.

Buying a house or apartment in Ireland for investment

apartment in ireland Buying a house or apartment in Ireland is a dream and a great investment since in addition to the benefits of having an investment visa, you will get a property in a beautiful, welcoming country, with friendly people, attractive towns and cities and a unique natural landscape. For this and many more; Ireland is an excellent option to make an investment in a property and be the Irish visa owner.

Property Investment Residence Act in Ireland

estate auction bid property sale judgment The residency law for real estate investment in Ireland dictates that foreign citizens who invest by acquiring a property in the country will obtain the investment visa. They meet all the Ireland investor visa requirements. For this, you must have sufficient financial resources, be over 18 years of age, have no criminal record and comply with the payment requirements imposed by the government.

Characteristics of the property market in Ireland

stamping document Although the real estate market in Ireland is not that extensive and has a housing deficit, you can still find everything from picturesque country houses on the prairie to modern apartments in the most popular cities such as the capital Dublin, Cork or Galway where communities are also found of expatriates.  The real estate price depends on the city the apartment or house is in. Finally, it is important to highlight that after applying for the Immigrant Investor Program and your application has been approved, it does not mean you will get Irish citizenship immediately. You have to reside in the country and follow Irish laws.

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