How to get investor visa to Brazil?

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How to get investor visa to Brazil?
visa scheme to attract development to their countries nowadays. People moving abroad alongside their families and their financial assets is probably one of the smartest ways to attract resources for economic growth, and Brazil has cracked the code too. Traveling to Brazil is a real treat on its own. But what about a chance to move and become a resident there? The breathtaking beauty of nature, the abundance of resources, as well as a splendid location for running a business that focuses on clients in South America or the US. And don’t forget about the vibrant culture and the beautiful people that will surely make daily living more pleasant. These are just a few of Brazil investor visa benefits that lure in thousands and thousands of people every year. But that’s not all - just the fact that Brazil investor visa experience is so easy compared to many other countries is a reason why many opt for going there. With that said, if you too are curious to find out what is Brazil investor visa you have stumbled upon the right article. I am here to help you understand everything about the necessary Brazil investor visa documents, and why the country is so popular among foreign investors. And even more so - through a ton of useful information I will offer some insights into technical details and the application process. But let’s not stall the interesting part and get on with everything there is to know.

What is Brazil investor visa?

investors Investor visa schemes are more and more accessible in the whole world. In Brazil it is called VIPER - visto permanente investidor estrangeiro. Or, in translation, Brazil permanent resident investor visa. Just to make sure this abbreviation is used also for other permanent residency applicants (like, the ones that get married to a Brazilian, etc.). Sometimes it is called the golden visa, but it is rather a term used in non-official online sources.

What are Brazil investor visa benefits?

passport with visa I mentioned a few of those in the introduction of this article. Getting this visa will definitely offer a tremendous contribution to making your life nicer through beautiful vistas and appealing culture. The real benefits of a Brazil permanent resident investor visa are connected to the freedoms or permits it gives you within this country. First and foremost, you won’t need to renew your visa status as long as your investment remains long-term. Barrier-free travel to and from Brazil! That also means you will be able to become a Brazilian citizen (dual citizenship possible, too) and use all the perks offered by their government. For example, being eligible for the national healthcare and public sector jobs that are generally better remunerated than the ones in the private sector. This citizenship will give you access to easier travel over the world because a Brazilian passport gives you the freedom to enter the majority of the world's countries visa-free. And that includes the Schengen area, too.

How to invest in Brazil?

investment planning Surely, this is not a question I will write a long and elaborate answer to. Because, surely, the topic of the article is investor visa. But taking into consideration that to obtain this visa you will need to make a considerable investment, I will explain the process of how to invest in Brazil briefly. Rather, how to invest in a way that will qualify you for the desired visa. Let’s start off with the investor visa requirements. These will give an impression about the necessary financial commitment. With that said, before applying for an investor visa you will need to make an investment of about 500,000 R$ (close to 100 000 USD) or 600 000 R$ (115 000 USD) is made through a Brazilian legal entity. Investments in technology or research areas have a lower threshold because it is the national priority. So how do you do this? There are several options. First - you can buy property or stocks. These will qualify as an individual investment. Another option is - you can set up a business and open a bank account in Brazil. Transferring the money to this account and ensuring you have a legitimate business plan will be another way to put your foot in the door to obtaining a Brazilian residency. Surely, there can be other options, but these would be the most popular ones.

How to get a visa to Brazil for investors?

brazil flag If you have arranged the investment and the investment plan, you will need to authorize it with the Ministry of Labour in Brazil first. Technically you will have to submit your Brazil investor visa application online in the service provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After submitting the required information, you will be asked to send additional Brazil investor visa documents in person or by post to a Brazilian embassy that will process the application. You will hear more about those in the next paragraph. Nonetheless, to make sure of the exact steps it is always best to contact the embassy for a consultation directly. In some countries, their operational logistics differ, and it is in your best interest to know details before attempting an incorrect procedure.

What are the required Brazil investor visa documents?

investors Surely, the authorities will want to see a bunch of papers about you and your investment before they say their verdict on granting you a visa. Even though each case is slightly different, here is the list of the basic information you are expected to present together with your filled and stamped Brazil investor visa application form. • If you start a new business then a business or investment plan along with authorization from the Ministry of Labor and Employment will be needed. You will get it after contacting them. Also a document from the bank that received your payment proving the legitimacy of your investment claims should be included. • If you invest in an existing company then you will have to have a paper on the income tax paid by the entity in the previous year. Additionally, you will need to have confirmation papers from a bank to prove your investment in this company. • A criminal record that proves that you have not broken the law in your current country of residence. • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months and has at least one empty page. And a passport-size color photograph (you will be able to take an image with your camera if making the application online). All documents from your country have to be notarized not only by a local authority but also by the Brazilian consulate. Afterward, they should be translated by a sworn Brazilian translator in Brazil. Keep in mind that these procedures will take some additional time.

What are the fees for a Brazil investor visa?

round coins All the fees related to the application process for a Brazilian Golden visa depend on the country where you apply and other variables. Please check the exact amount to be paid either with the consulate or in the online application portal where you submit your Brazil investor visa application.

What is the processing time for a Brazil investor visa?

investor Unfortunately, I can not tell you the exact number of days you will have to wait to get your visa. But generally, it is expected to be somewhere around 15 business days. Be mindful that if you are asked for additional information or documents then it will take longer. This is why, as I mentioned before, you want to know the necessary papers beforehand and have them in the best shape when you submit the application. Let’s wrap this up. I am not sure about your motivation for moving and experience with arranging visas, but I hope this article has given at least a few ideas on how to get a visa to Brazil. Nowadays it is not just limited to getting married to a Brazilian (even though it is quite a fast option, too). Additionally, there are many good reasons for choosing this particular country. One of the most prominent ones is the Brazil investor visa experience during the application process. Compared to some other countries it is fast, relatively uncomplicated, and not as pricey, too. All in all, the world is your oyster and why not top it with cool Caipirinhas and spectacular landscapes while still managing your business, right? Whatever your further action plan is, I wish you a smooth application process and even smoother moving to your dream destination. Even if it is not Brazil - good luck! * Please take into consideration that some procedures might currently have different processing times or practicalities, too. Due to Covid-19, the institutions might change their working methods, as well as the requirements to immigration applicants. This article reveals the standard procedures and times, which is why to be completely sure you should check the official website or contact the closest Brazilian embassy to clarify all the latest details about the process.

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