How to get study visa for Canada?

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    How to get study visa for Canada?
    educational destinations among students, Canada's educational reputation is also rising, with more and more students preferring Canadian universities for their future study life. Before you pack your luggage and your books and move to Canada, let us look through some of the most interesting facts about the country. Canada is the world's second-largest country, and it shares the world's longest border with the United States. Canada's population is slightly over 35 million people, a tiny number considering the country's size. Very interesting, the official languages of Canada are English and French. Moreover, half of Canadians hold a college or university degree, making Canada the world's most educated country. Coursework in French and English is an important element of Canada's educational system, enriching the country's cultural and social life. Canadian college and university degrees are internationally recognized, and the country also offers a diverse range of opportunities and a lively cultural life to its residents and all visitors. Cross-disciplinary study and the development of transferrable skills are encouraged in the Canadian educational system, employing cutting-edge technology and digital media. We can all agree that Canada is a unique country that can fascinate all the incoming students, for sure! However, how to apply for study visa in Canada? You will be required to obtain a visa before your visit. However, exceptions, of course, exist. If your course or program's period is shorter than 6 months, you can study or attend any school in Canada without a study permit. Pay close attention to the fact that you should not be enrolled in a lengthier program. You may apply for a study permit in Canada either online or on paper, which you can get through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Please consider that paper applications generally take twice as long to process compared to the online application to Canada study visa. It is always a good idea to double-check processing timeframes ahead of time. You will need a credit card and the capacity to make electronic copies of your Canada study visa requirements to apply online. approved sign Foreign citizens can study at designated learning institutes in Canada with a Canada Study Permit, which visa-issuing institutions issue. Bear that in your mind that a study permit is not the same as a visa. A study permit generally lasts for the duration of your program plus an additional 90 days. You have 90 days to prepare to depart Canada or to obtain study visa extension Canada. If you want to continue your studies or if your program has been extended, you can renew or extend your study permit. Keep in mind that the study visa is not the same as a standard visa that enables you to enter or leave Canada. You will need a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization for that. First things first you are required to apply for a university programme and get accepted. In any case, you have to know exactly which university you are planning to study at, as one of the most important Canada study visa requirements is an acceptance letter from the university. For your consideration, it worth mentioning that Toronto University and The University of British Columbia are two of the best universities in Canada. If you want to go to a college or university in Quebec, you must follow existing provincial laws, which stipulate, that international students can only attend a recognized learning institution approved by the Quebec government. To study in Quebec, you'll also need a study allowance from the Canadian government. After receiving your acceptance letter from the university, you can officially start applying for a Canada student visa. During visa application, you should be able to demonstrate that you have adequate money to cover your tuition and living expenses. Are in excellent health and, if necessary, get a medical examination. And also, you might need to prove to an officer that when your study permission expires, you will exit Canada. According to new visa requirements, if you have a family member working or seeking a work permit in Canada, your study permit application will be processed in two weeks. One of another Canada study visa requirements is the original passport that must be signed by the bearer and has a minimum validity of six months beyond the date of your arrival. The passport must be less than ten years old and have at least two free "visa pages." Two recent photos that are no more than six months old is also one of the documents required for Canada study visa. A frontal picture of the face that covers 70-80 percent, to be exact, 32-26 mm of the white backdrop shot. The photo should accurately portray clear facial features and eyes. signing It is also necessary to show proof of financial support which basically means demonstrating that you earn between 10,000 and 11,000 Canadian dollars per year to live in the nation. If you have moved money to Canada, you can confirm your finances with proof of a Canadian bank account in your name or proof of a student or education loan from a bank. If you are travelling to Canada for educational reasons, then you will specifically need a letter of explanation that outlines why you wish to study in Canada and that you are aware of your student obligations. It is crucial to note that if you decide to apply for a study permit, even if you do not need one for your program, you should attach this letter. We have already mentioned above that Canada is a bilingual country, which means there are two official state languages, French, and English, to be precise. So, if you are moving to Canada to study in a study program taught in English just like the majority of the students too, you will need to prove your language skills. And for that, you will have to undergo one of the accredited language tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. What does IELTS even mean? IELTS stands for Worldwide English Language Testing System, and it is a standardized international exam of English language competence for non-native English speakers. The British Council and the British Council jointly administer it. However, of course, you can get a Canada study visa without IELTS as it is not one of the documents required for Canada study visa but specifically a requirement from Canadian universities, but of course, there are some exceptions in that case too as students incoming from English-speaking countries can get Canada study visa without IELTS. Usually, the band requirement for a Canada study visa is a minimum of 5.5 in each IELTS band and an overall IELTS score of 6.0. However worth mentioning that the IELTS band requirement for Canada study visa for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Canadian institutions differ. For example, for postgraduate studies, a minimum IELTS band requirement for Canada study visa is 6 in each of the four parts is required, with a cumulative score of 6.5 bands for the student visa. canadian dollar Now that we have detailed information about all the requirements and the whole Canada study visa, now there is only one question left "How to apply for study visa in Canada". A Canada Study Permit typically takes 20-80 calendar days to process. However, bear that the processing time might vary slightly in your mind, and the period you need to wait is solely dependent on the nation from which you are applying for a visa. Unlike the processing time, the Canada study visa fee is the same for every nationality around the world as all nationalities must pay a price of 150 CAD as a Canada study visa fee for a study permit. If your biometric data is taken while applying for a visa, you may be charged an extra fee at the visa application facility. Depending on your nation, the typical Visa Application Centre charge for taking biometric data is between 80 and120 Canadian dollars. After completing your online application for a Canada Study visa, you should pick a facility to give your biometrics data to, which in most cases is Canada Visa Application Centre located in your homeland. Some nations are exempt from the biometrics requirement, which means their residents will not be required to attend an application centre. You may also be contacted for an interview, depending on your specific case. For employing their services, local visa application centres will charge a modest cost.

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