How to get Togo Visa?

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How to get Togo Visa?

There are many choices among countries where you can travel on the African continent. One of them is Togo. You can travel to Togo for different purposes. You have the opportunity to travel to this country as a tourist, as a student, or for other purposes. If you are planning to travel to Togo, you have to apply for a visa. If you are visa-exempt for Togo, you do not need a visa. To obtain any type of visa to Togo, you must apply at the Togo embassy or consulate in your country. If there is none of them, you can apply to the nearest embassy. There something we should consider before traveling there: Togo visa policy. So, what do I need to get a visa to Togo? You should learn a lot about visa to Togo and collect the necessary documents. In this blog, we advise you about some information you need to do for a visa to Togo.

Togo visa application / Togo visa application form

visa application

You can stay in Togo for the long term according to different purposes. Among these reasons, there are many issues such as getting an education, working, and so on. You can obtain a Togo residence permit for more than 90 days by getting a long-term visa. But getting a visa to Togo is not an easy task. For this purpose, it is recommended for you to get extensive information about the Togo visa procedure. When you stay in Togo, you can extend the validity of your visa while your visa is about to expire. Thus, you should inform Togo's Foreigners and Passport Service by applying.

A Togo visa application is the major step for getting a Togo visa. Therefore, you must first complete the Togo visa application form and submit it to the authorities. Each country may submit an application form according to its standards. In general, the application forms comply with national or international standards. In this application form, you will be asked for important information. The basic information you have specified should be included here. For example, the application form includes topics like name, surname, date of birth, address information, travel purposes, and general information. In the application form, all the information requested from your side should be presented. Otherwise, your application may be rejected.

Togo visa on arrival / Togo visa requirements

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There are different ways to get a visa. You can obtain a visa to travel to Togo in different ways. One of them is a Togo visa on arrival. Compared to some countries, Africa’s remote location makes it considerable to obtain a visa in this way. To obtain a visa this way, we have to know about Togo visa requirements.

Foreign citizens coming to Togo from all over the world can obtain a visa upon arrival in this country. Foreigners who get a visa on arrival in Togo can stay here for seven days. However, foreigners who want to extend the visa validity period can increase this period by up to 90 days. Foreigners have the opportunity to obtain a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Depending on the type of visa, the validity period can be 30 days or 90 days. When you arrive in Togo, you can get a visa at the airport.

You need the necessary documents to obtain a Togo residence permit. The most important of these documents is the passport. You need a passport with a validity of not more than ten years. One or two pages of the passport should be free. All you need after getting the passport done is the photo. A recent 4x6 cm photo is required. Your face should be fully visible when you take the photo. Furthermore, you must prove your flight ticket. In particular, you have to show your return ticket from Togo. One of the important issues is insurance. You are required to report your travel insurance to the competent authority. Additionally, the accommodation address, the hotel reservation, or the address information of the house of stay must be specified. In addition to your financial resources, you may also be asked for a motivation letter.

If you want a 7-day visa when you arrive at Togo airport, you have to pay a fee of 20 dollars. If you want to increase the 7-day visa period, you will have to pay more. Fees may vary depending on your nationality. In case you wish to get more information, you can visit our official website (

Togo visa free countries

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Togo visa exempt countries are not obligated to obtain a visa. Here, only 14 countries are exempt from obtaining a visa to Togo. Togo visa free countries are shown below:

● Benin
● Burkino Faso
● Cape Verde
● Cote d’Ivoire
● Gambia
● Ghana
● Guinea
● Guinea-Bissau
● Liberia
● Mali
● Niger
● Nigeria
● Senegal
● Sierra Leone

Citizens of the countries shown in the list have the opportunity to travel to Togo without a visa. Citizens of these countries can reach their destinations by going to Togo for different purposes.

Togo transit visa

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Togo transit visa provides the opportunity to pass from this country to another country. Foreigners can come to this country and stay here for a short time and then travel to the third country. By getting a transit visa to Togo, you can travel here and then travel to other African countries as a tourist. For example, by getting a 7-day Togo transit visa, you can travel to Togo attractions during this period. At the end of 7 days, you can travel to other touristic countries of Africa. Thus, you will add African adventures to your life. The documents required to obtain a transit visa to Togo are almost the same as those for other types of visas. The embassy or consulate may also request additional documents from you. However, you should generally obtain the same visa documents and present them to the embassy or consulate.

Travel to Togo

landscape of tamberma

After you get a visa to Togo, you can visit and see the mysterious places of this place. You can discover the different cultures, life, food and historical touristic places of Africa in this country. A narrow strip of the African savannah, namely Togo, shows that there is much to see other than just dry grasslands, from lagoons and Mount Agou in the south to Fosse aux Lions National Park in the north. The nature of Togo is extremely beautiful. Here we introduce you to a few places in Togo that you can visit.


monument de le independance

During your trip from the capital city of Lome to Togo, you can primarily explore the east coast with its extensive lagoons or travel directly north to Keran National Park. Little is left of the dense forests in the Togodo area, but it’s worth a quick turn from the main Eyadema road to the tiny Reserve Nationale de Togodo on the border with Benin. Here you can see the West African African buffalo.


fazao-malfakassa national park

In the peak region of the Atakora Mountains (up to 844 meters high) in the heart of Togo lies the large nature reserve Fazao-Malfakassa. These are two nature reserves to the west of the city of Sokode, connected by a vast tree savanna. The scenery is breathtaking, but don't expect as many games here as in East Africa. Togo has suffered heavily from poachers and has only just begun to focus on ecotourism. Special birds of prey, such as the Ayres hawk-eagle, can be found among the densely wooded hills. Antelopes such as Bongo, Sitatunga and Kob are common.

Keran National Park


Keran National Park in the north of Togo is the beautiful, or Kran National Park for short, the most visited site in the country and also a highlight during your tour of Togo. Much of the region is affected by the seasonal flooding of the Koumongou River. Elephants from Ghana still find enough water here during the dry season. The open savanna proves to be an unprecedented attraction for black-crowned cranes, saddle-billed storks, Denham’s bustard, as well as giant fighting eagles. If you want to see birds on your Togo trip, Keran National Park is the right place.

Fosse aux Lions


It was established to protect the elephants of the Dapaong plain, unfortunately, it was not possible to protect the lions. However, small games such as schooner monkey, meerkats, and wild boar are still common.

Markets in Togo

togo market

Some markets can be visited almost everywhere in Togo. The Grand Marche is located in the shopping center of the capital, Lome. This is a three-story hall where the market is set up. Both African and European products can be bought here. Lome also has a fetish and voodoo market. All kinds of attributes from fetish and voodoo religion can be bought in this market. All these qualities have magical powers that preserve happiness or health. In Togoville there is a traditional market where money is not paid. Attributes and goods are bought there by barter.

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