How to get tourist visa for Libya?

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How to get tourist visa for Libya?

There are different things to consider before travelling to a country for any reason. People can choose to leave their country to travel for vacation, business, tourism, etc. Depending on the reasons, you will most probably need a travelling visa. For those who want to travel to Libya for tourism, a tourist visa is necessary. With the advanced internet and growing technology, you can easily get a tourist visa for Libya quickly. You can visit today to get more information about Libya tourist visa details. The details and information include Libya visa fees, how to get a Libya tourist visa and Libya tourist visa extension.

Requirements for a Libya Tourist Visa

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You need to provide certain documents to the Libyan embassy or consulate in your country to be considered eligible for a tourist visa to Libya. The documents include:

1. Photographs

For identity purposes, you must provide your passport-type photograph to the Libyan embassy or online travel company like This photo must meet certain criteria, such as:

• The photographs must be taken against a white background. The background should not be any other colour or have a mixture of white and other colours. It should be a white background.

• The picture must not be more than six months old. That is, it should be captured within the last six months of your submission. The passport size photo should be printed on high-quality photo paper.

• You are expected to take the picture without wearing eyeglasses or a headcover. However, these criteria might be overruled for only religious purposes.

• Your face should be in the middle of the picture. Thus, provide the whole frontal view of your head. Keep a neutral expression as you take the picture, without a smile.

• Don't affix your photo to your Libya tourist visa application. The photo should not have a mark of staples or adhesive tape.

2. Passport

It is another important document to provide before you are given a tourist visa for Libya. The passport must have at least two blank pages. Other criteria your international passport should meet before you are considered eligible to get a visa to Libya includes:

• The passport should be valid. It means that you can use it for the next six months. If your passport does not meet this requirement, update it immediately before applying for a tourist visa for Libya or Libya tourist visa extension.

• The passport should not in any way be altered, torn, frayed or separated.

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3. Tourist Sites list

You might also need to provide a scanned list of the sights you intend to visit for tourism purposes. Your profession also might be asked. You should be aware of this now, so you don't feel frustrated when asked to provide this information at the embassy. Also, have cash with you for Libya visa fees.

4. Visa Application Form

The visa application form is another required document for getting a visa to Libya. To travel to Libya or any other country, you must apply for a visa, and during this process, you must present an application form. The form must be duly signed. The name of the applicant must be in full, just as it appears in your international passport. Make sure you answer all the questions in all fields on the visa application form.

5. Proof of funds

Proof of funds document in short POF is required at the Libyan embassy to show you can financially support yourself within the period of your stay in the country. The government of Libya does not want tourists to be stranded in the country. Since the tourist visa is just for tourism purposes and not to work, you need to show your bank statements and other financial documents that prove you are financially capable. This document may differ if you want to travel to Libya with dependents. If you are invited for tourism in Libya by an individual or company, a letter showing financial support or responsibility from the individual or company should be provided.

6. Certificate of Medical vaccination

Even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a medical vaccination certificate on certain diseases such as yellow fever is recommended. It was mandated by the World Health Organization (WHO). To prove you are medically fit and healthy, provide all certificates you are required of. You may also be asked to go for self-quarantine when you arrived in the country, especially for the COVID-19 case.

7. Proof of Accommodation

Knowing how to get a tourist visa for Libya is not complete without providing your accommodation details at the immigration department of the Libyan embassy. The hotel or any other place you will stay in Libya should be provided with addresses and contacts.

8. Proof of travel arrangements

To get a Libya tourist visa online, you must provide documents of your flight ticket and travel itinerary.

9. A document showing a fully paid round ticket should be provided.

Libya Tourist Visa Extension

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Just like any other visa, a tourist visa has its duration. You are expected to leave the country before the last day of your stay in the country. There is a possibility that you want to stay longer than 30 (or 45) days, maybe to visit other places in the country. In this case, visit the immigration office in Libya for a tourist visa extension. Don't stay in the country more than the expected days without a Libya tourist visa extension, as this would get you punishment and a fine. Keep in mind that a tourist visa extension is not guaranteed. Just have all the necessary documents and have good reasons to extend your Libya tourist visa.

Validity of tourist visa

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A tourist visa is usually valid for 45 days, counting from the visa's date to you at the embassy. The tourist visa validity on arrival is 30 days. In the two cases above, the visa holder can stay in the country for 30 days, that is one month.

Who can apply for a Libya tourist visa?

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Applying for a Libya tourist visa is open for all. Whether you are from Asia, Africa, America, Europe or Australia, have the necessary documents listed above ready and with you. You can also visit to check if your country is eligible to get a tourist visa for Libya on arrival. It is not possible for all citizens of all countries.

How to apply for a tourist visa at the Libyan embassy

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As stated earlier, go with the required documents above to get the tourist visa for Libya. Pickvisa can also process everything for you without you going to the embassy. This will give you time to do other things before you travel to Libya.

Best time for applying for a tourist visa for Libya

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To avoid the rush and inevitable frustration, start as early as 1-2 months before the date you want to travel to apply for a tourist visa. If you need the visa urgently, pickvisa will save your time and prevent expensive delays. Your documents will be reviewed thoroughly to ensure your tourist visa application is completed, correct and ready for submission. If there is a mistake, you will be contacted immediately to put everything in place. You need to provide your actual passport if you are applying for a Libya tourist visa online. With traceable couriers like Certified Mail, UPS, Express Mail or FedEx, you can send your passport and other required documents to Pickvisa.

Final Thought

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Traveling to Libya for tourism is not difficult when you know the information you have just read beforehand. With the documents mentioned above and the right guide from expert travel companies like, your travel is already possible and memorable.

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