How to get tourist visa for Malta?

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How to get tourist visa for Malta?

Who doesn't love islands! They are majestic and calm at the same time. It carries away all the negative vibes and leaves you refreshed and filled with positive energies while returning. One such archipelago is Malta. It is located just above the northern African coast in the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, part of Italy, Malta has multiple islands connected, creating a circular environment. You should know how long does it take to get Malta visa.

The island of Malta is the largest of the chain and is one of the three chief islands of the Maltese archipelago. Its capital Valletta is a lively and historically significant City with many heritage buildings dating to the middle times of the second Millenium. The city has big palaces, forts, cathedrals, among other iconic structures. It is distinguished for its rich ancient historical sites, to which many rulers over these islands have contributed. The Malta tourist visa checklist is pretty long.


The beauty of Malta is alluring and will captivate all your senses. With planned resources and time, one can surely plan for a trip and come back with the best and most memorable island experience you can ever envisage. The favorite news is that it comes under the European visa system. As per your Indian Nationality status, all required is a Schengen Visa and a few supplementary identification papers to reach your dream destination. If you know how long does it take to get Malta visa then you should keep on reading. It is necessary to get a proper visa before flying out to visit Malta for a person who is from a non-Schengen country. Indian citizens having plans to visit the island territory are needed to apply for a Malta Visa beforehand.

Keep on reading to know more about the Malta tourist visa checklist.

Types of Visa for Malta

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There are assorted types of distinct visas that a person traveling from a non-Schengen country needs to apply for and successfully receive when traveling to Malta. The Malta tourist visa requirements are completely different. Read on to know more.

The various types of Malta Visa that are issued are as follows:

Short-Term Visa

One of the most commonly issued Visas for non-Schengen country citizens is the short-term visa. As per the individual number of entries allowed by the consulate, this visa allows travelers to travel from and between the Schengen countries. This Visa validity is for a maximum duration of 90 days from the date of issue. It is one of the Malta tourist visa requirements.

Tourist Visa

For tourists who do not belong to the Schengen region and are from non-Schengen countries, a Schengen tourist visa must travel to Malta. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that one applies for a tourist Malta Visa to visit the place for recreation and leisure activities. A small knowledge tip for tourists is that March is the best time to visit Malta for the weather is perfect during that time of the year.

Business Visa


When business persons travel for commercial purposes, the business visa allows them to travel in and stay in Malta for a brief duration. Participation in business and industrial conferences also falls under commercial activities, and hence one has to apply for this visa when they wish to travel to Malta with business intentions.

Training visa


Numerous companies desire that the employees train themselves and enhance their skills. For this, they can send their employees to Malta to get the necessary training and return well equipped for specific tasks. how to get work visa in Malta then you should know more about it. For this training, a visa is required for an employee part of such a training program. During application, all details have to be mentioned along with the time duration of stay training. Read on to know about how to apply for Malta tourist visa.

Exhibitions visa

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Malta is a historical place, and the natural beauty it possesses makes it one of the most beautiful nations in Europe. It is a good place to exhibit products. So, if one wants to exhibit products and goods for the local people which can be useful for them, then one can take an exhibition visa for promoting products. There is a good possibility that the local people of malta tourist visa apply online may not know much about current trends in the market and other places worldwide. So it's a good chance to introduce them to new stuff and at the same time promote their brand.

Medical treatment visa


Malta has some world-class and medical facilities. There are huge hospitals and infrastructure. For those willing to take medical treatment in Malta, a medical visa is required. Information about the treatment, such as disease and illness, medical conditions, have to be given and explained to the officials. The period of treatment has to be mentioned. You should know about apply for Malta tourist visa.

Research visa

Malta island is renowned for its history as well as archaeology. The fact that it is made up of multiple islands makes it the most interesting research topic for many scientists and researchers. The European government also promotes research since they want the students and scientists to research their issues and bring them out to notice and the solutions relating to them. For this, a research visa is required. Accordingly, documents have to be furnished giving details of the research background and the time duration required.

Language learning visa


For those willing to learn a new and unique language, Maltese is a great language to choose for learning. It is quite easy and fun to learn and also can be taught to students back home. Language learning Visa is given to explain to the officials to obtain the necessary Malta tourist visa fees.

Malta visa fee


If you are wondering how much is Malta visa fee, then you should know that the visa fee for adults is 60 euros, and for children between 6- 12 years of age, it is 35 euros. The Malta tourist visa fees come to around 4800 rs for Indians, and this fee has to be paid at the Embassy when submitting the Visa application.

Steps to know about the process of Malta visa online application

If you are wondering how to get work visa in Malta then keep reading. The process of applying is laid down below and followed properly to avoid rejection of the visa.

Check the visa type you need

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Firstly, one has to find out the type of visa required based on visiting Malta. Since different visas have different duration also, the duration of the visit is important. Visa is generally given for 90 days maximum, but an extension has to be applied if one has to extend the start. Once the Malta tourist visa fees type is decided, one can simply download the Malta tourist visa application form from the Malta tourism website or other sources.

Appointment booking

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Booking an appointment with the Embassy is the next step. This can be done with Malta tourist visa apply online application.

Visit the Embassy on time

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On the appointment day, visiting the Embassy on time is essential otherwise, the visa interview may get rescheduled. Although a small window of a few minutes would be given, the Embassy won't wait after that. After reaching the Embassy, verification of the appointment letter would be done, and then a token number would be given.

After the turn comes, all documents will be checked and verified over the next few minutes or half an hour. It's important to fill and organize all documents properly. Photocopies of the documents have to be carried along. Once cleared, the file and passport will be taken by the Embassy for some time. The malta tourist visa application can be rejected at this stage, and the process has to be initiated over again.

Ensure there are no typo errors

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The information given will be entered into the online system of the Embassy. Then a hard copy of the application will be handed over, which has to be signed in the presence of embassy officials. You should know how much is Malta visa fee. Also, the visa application fee has to be paid, and a receipt would be provided for the same. This receipt of Malta tourist visa apply online process will have to be produced at the time of collection of the visa.

Getting your biometrics scanned: In the next stage, biometrics will be taken. All the 10 fingers will be scanned and will take around 10 minutes. Only after this, the application will be processed by the Embassy.

Time required to get a Visa

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If you are wondering how long does it take to get Malta visa then you should know that it takes around 15 days. For a Malta visa application, it generally takes around 15 business days to complete. On being completely processed, it will be issued to you. This will be couriered at the address given or can be obtained at the Visa Application Center. 

Malta tourist visa documents are required


The Malta tourist visa documents required are as follows. These are the essential documents that are required to be submitted along with the Malta Visa application form and how much is Malta visa fee.

Passport – Current original passport has to be attached with proper validity along with Malta tourist visa application. Also, it has to be ensured that the current passport has at least a couple of blank pages.

Photographs – 2 passport size recent photographs, of dimensions 35 mm x 45 mm, with face covering 80% of the area is required.

Itinerary – Copies of confirmed flight tickets for going and returning and hotel booking are required. This is yet another Malta tourist visa documents required.

Proof of Subsistence – Bank statement has to be attached displaying adequate funds to cover the Malta trip.

Travel Insurance. Travel insurance to cover the trip of a minimum amount of 30000 Euros is needed.

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