How to get tourist visa for Palau?

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How to get tourist visa for Palau?
corona, travelling has become a lot harder than it ever was for travellers, but would it not be nice to fly around the globe and land on a breathtaking island in the Pacific Ocean? Well, if your answer is positive, but you have no idea what island to visit and, most importantly, how to get there, we have got you covered as today we are taking an adventurous trip to Palau! Palau is an archipelago of islands in Oceania's Micronesia region, to the southeast of the Philippines, with Indonesia and Papua New Guinea as neighbours. While the largest city of Koror is home to 70% of Palau's inhabitants, the country is made up of over 300 islands, many of which are uninhabited. All but six of Palau's islands are located within a vast lagoon surrounded by a barrier reef that extends about 70 miles northeast to southwest. The Antelope, captained by English Captain Henry Wilson, was shipwrecked on a reef at Ulong, a Rock Island halfway between Koror and Peleliu, in 1783, marking the first known foreign encounter. Also, interestingly enough, traditional Palauan communities were and still are structured on matrilineal clans. The roles of men and women are clearly delineated. The United States Dollar is the Republic's official currency. English is widely spoken, and many service providers are able to communicate in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, or Japanese. palau coral reefs When is it the best time to travel to Palau? With an annual mean temperature of 28°C, Palau has a tropical climate all year long, which basically means that rainfall can occur at any time of year, with an average humidity of 82 per cent throughout the year. Even though rain falls more frequently during the spring season, there still is plenty of sunshine for you to make the best out of your visit. Once in Palau, make sure you try birdwatching! Palau's rainforests are home to almost 170 species of birds, including 13 endemics. The Palau Ground-Dove, which is only found in a few sites in the Rock Islands, is one of the rarest birds to observe. Also, if you are looking for a more active way to spend your time, then try kayaking. Paddlers may explore hundreds of lonely coves and lagoons with the ideal unspoilt landscape in Palau, which was built for kayaking. On its east shore, Babeldaob includes the current capital, Ngerulmud, as well as mountains and sandy beaches. Badrulchau, old basalt monoliths, sit in green pastures bordered by palm palms to the north. However, the truly remarkable aspect of this island country is that it places a strong emphasis on eco-tourism to preserve the natural beauty of its surroundings on land and beneath the seas. In short, we can easily say that despite not being one of the most famous holiday destinations, Palau literally has everything to make sure that you leave the country with an unforgettable experience and everlasting memories! However, before you book your hotel on the shores of the Pacific, there is one more detail that you should take care of prior to your visit to Palau. Yes, you are guessing right, we are talking about the visa. As you can see from the title, today, our main topic will be the Palau tourist visa; we will be answering some questions such as “do you need visa to go to Palau?” looking through all the documents required for Palau tourist visa.l

Palau tourist visa application

visa application form So, first of all, do you need visa to go to Palau? We can easily separate all the countries around the world into some groups in order to answer this question as simple as possible. The first group includes the countries that are eligible for visa-exempt entrance into Palau. Countries like the United States of America, European Union member countries are located in this list. For example, you do not require a visa if you are a US citizen visiting Palau for one year or less. You must have a passport valid for at least six months at the time of arrival to visit Palau. This restriction does not apply to US military members who are visiting or going to Palau on official business. Meanwhile, citizens of Bangladesh and Myanmar are the only two nationals that need to obtain a visa before their visit. Last but not least, the third group is the countries that are eligible for a visa on arrival. Even though we have named some countries for each group, do not forget to visit the visa policy section on our site to check whether you need a visa for Palau or not. After determining which group you do belong to, now you can proceed with the application process itself. As we have mentioned above, except for Bangladesh and Myanmar people, any foreign nationals who want to go to Palau and require a visa for entrance can get a visa on arrival in Palau.

What about the Palau tourist visa extension?

dollars The visa will be valid for 30 days and will only allow one entrance. However, if you fall in love with the island, and let me tell you that the chances are pretty high, the visa can be extended twice, which will enable you to enjoy Palau for an even longer time. As you can see, the Palau tourist visa extension is pretty simple to obtain. Also, if you plan on staying in Palau for an extended amount of time, you can apply for a long-term visa at the responsible institution, which in our case is most likely will be the Palau embassy or consulate. But there is a chance for you to apply for a residency permit after you arrive in Palau. Choose whichever suits you the most. Also, bear it in your mind that when you leave the country, you will be charged a departure tax of 20 USD and a green fee of 30 USD, in total accounting for a total of 50 United States Dollars. You should be aware that you must meet certain conditions before visiting Palau. Some of them are only applicable to countries that are eligible for a visa on arrival, while the passport-related one applies to everybody. The optimum time to apply for a Palau visa is two to three months before your departure date. So, what are the Palau tourist visa requirements and how to apply for Palau visa, and most importantly how to apply Palau tourist visa?

How to apply Palau tourist visa?

passports Firstly, all visitors to Palau must have a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months from the date of their arrival in Palau. Also, as one of the Palau tourist visa requirements, passports should be no more than ten years old, with at least one or two blank "visa pages". Proof of financial means is also needed to be submitted by the applicant, which, to be precise, equals a weekly saving of 200 United States Dollars. You will also be required to showcase a return or onward flight ticket, accommodation place booking or invitation letter at the same time. However, keep in mind that border control might ask for some extra documentation. The processing time for the Palau visa on arrival takes a few minutes on average. For all international citizens, the visa on arrival cost is waived, although the Palau visa fees may vary slightly based solely on your nationality. However, I believe it worth mentioning again that even if the visa costs nothing when you leave Palau, you will be charged a departure tax of 20 USD and a green fee of 30 USD, the total amount basically being 50 USD. You may get a visa on arrival in Palau at any of the country's border checkpoints. You can apply for a business visa if you are travelling to Palau for a meeting or conference. The institute or group you will be visiting must write a letter to the authorities explaining why you're coming and how long you'll be staying. Travellers must show confirmation of full COVID-19 immunization, with the final dosage given at least fourteen days before departure. Either the US Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization must approve or license the vaccine for emergency use. All travellers must also provide proof of either a negative result of a COVID-19 PCR test, and such test must be taken within three (3) days prior to departure from the point of origin to the Republic, or Documentation of recovery from COVID-19. Once you are in Palau already, all travellers visiting the Republic are recommended to exercise social distance, wear a mask over their nose and mouth while within six feet of others, and avoid big indoor gatherings for fourteen days prior to their trip.

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