How to get tourist visa for Senegal?

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How to get tourist visa for Senegal?
travel to Senegal and find out about Senegal visa requirements. There are lots of frequently asked questions online regarding travelling to Senegal that this article will answer. Some of them are how to get Senegal visa, do you need a visa for Senegal, what does a Senegal tourist visa cost, and how much is a visa in Senegal. This article will also know Senegal visa requirements, Senegal tourist visa fees, and Senegal visa policy. First, we will find out the reasons why people need a visa for Senegal.

Why travel to Senegal for tourism?

embassy of senegal The natural gems and other beautiful heritage are why travellers from different countries visit this West African country. Immediately they find out how much is a visa in Senegal and start planning. Lake Retba, known for its salt content, is a pink lake people love to see. To have a remembrance of what the Atlantic slave travel looked like, people visit the Goree museum. You will see Fort d’Estrees, which is an example of royalty here. Another tourism attraction site is the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. You will see lots of animals and birds here. The highest statue in Africa, known as the African Renaissance Monument, is located in Senegal. It is commonplace for lovers of craft and history. If you love wildlife, watch the birds in Saloum Delta and see the endangered species in Niokolo Koba National Park. There are more reasons people travel to Senegal for tourism. After payment of Senegal tourist visa fees, visit the places above and take Instagrammable pictures.

What is a Senegal Tourist visa?

holding red passport It is a document given to tourists to enter Senegal for only tourism purposes. You are not meant to participate in any business activities in Senegal. If you want to work or do another thing apart from tourism, visit for the right travelling guide on the best Senegal visa for you. To get a tourist visa for Senegal, you need to provide certain documents after finding out how much is a visa in Senegal.

Senegal visa requirements

vaccinated person using digital passport app There are requirements to meet and documents you must provide at the Senegal embassy or consulate before issuing a tourist visa. Some of the documents include: • International Passport Before any other document, it is expected you have your passport with you. It is one thing to have a travelling passport and another thing to have a valid travelling passport. The passport you are to submit at the Senegalese embassy must be valid. The validation of your passport should exceed six months from the date you are applying for a visa for Senegal. Also, the international passport must not be separated, altered or torn. You will also find more information on Senegal visa policy on our website. • Senegal tourist visa application form According to Senegal visa policy, you must sign and complete your Senegal tourist visa application form after paying the Senegal tourist visa fees. Every field on the application form online or in paper form must be answered correctly. For the right guide in filling the form, consult • Two Passport Photos The immigration officer at the embassy will request your passport photos. The photos that are accepted must come in a white background and must be recent photos. So, it is encouraged you take this photo within six months before the date of your Senegal tourist visa application. You are not expected to put on a headcover or an eyeglass except for religious reasons. Make sure your face is seen and that the photo is of size two inches by two inches. • Medical insurance certificate Medical certificates of certain diseases are recommended to have before applying. You must have tests of different ailments such as yellow fever and COVID-19. However, COVID-19 test is required. If the result turns out negative, you will be denied a tourist visa for Senegal. Only medical certificates from a well-known hospital in your country of origin or country you are travelling from being accepted. Carry out this test within the last three days of your tourist visa application. It is paramount to know that testing positive to the above-mentioned ailments does not mean a permanent Senegalese tourist visa rejection. All you need is to have yourself treated in your country. Then apply again when you are medically fit. • Proof of Accommodation It is expected that you have already contacted the hotel that you will stay in Senegal before applying for a tourist visa. You will submit at the embassy both the location and contacts of the hospital. It is asked for safety reasons. • Proof of funds or finance This document is requested from the immigration department in a Senegalese embassy to show you can financially fend for yourself throughout your stay in the country for tourism. Your bank statements and other financial documents will be required. You can visit now to find out the financial documents the embassy of Senegal will likely ask you before issuing you a tourist visa. If you are invited by a company or an individual in Senegal for tourism purposes, they have to provide a letter showing they are responsible for your upkeep throughout your stay in the country. • Travel arrangements A travel itinerary and a flight ticket are some of the documents that prove your travel arrangements. The immigration officers will likely ask you for them before giving you a Senegal tourist visa. Getting these documents might take time. If you are busy in schedule or want to get the tourist visa without stress, faster and easier, consult to handle the process without needing to go to the embassy yourself.

Senegal tourist visa-exempt countries

senegal visa application form Do you need a visa for Senegal is one of the questions citizens of certain countries ask. If you are a citizen of the ECOWAS countries, you don’t need a visa to enter Senegal. The ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) countries include: • Burkina Faso • Ghana • Cape Verde • Benin Republic • Liberia • Nigeria • Ivory Coast (Côte D’ivoire) • The Gambia • Mali • Senegal • Togo • Sierra Leone • Guinea Bissau • Guinea • Niger Apart from these members of ECOWAS states, you don’t need a visa to travel to Senegal if you are a citizen of Brazil, the USA, Canada, South Korea, Tunisia, Chad, Singapore, Mauritius, Japan, Mauritania, India, Central Africa Republic and Malaysia. If you are not from these listed countries, visit to know more about Senegal visa requirements and a Senegal tourist visa cost.

How to get Senegal tourist visa?

woman giving blue passport Apart from getting a Senegal tourist visa through the help of online expert travel companies, you can get it directly from the Senegal embassy. All you have to do on how to get Senegal visa is to surf on the internet to know the Senegal embassy or consulate nearest to you. Find out the date and time they are working and visit them before any other thing. You can find this information and more on Contact them after getting their contacts and location to know the tourist visa requirements. Get these documents and go to the Senegal Embassy in person. If there is no Senegal embassy in your country, you can go to the Senegalese embassy in a nearby country to do this. You will be asked to provide the documents listed above such as proof of funds, passport, photos etc. When you arrive in the country and want to stay longer than the duration, apply for a tourist visa extension in Senegal. You might be asked to provide extra documents. For no reason should you stay in Senegal for more than the duration given to you to avoid fines and punishment. You may also get a tourist visa on arrival. Visit to know if you are eligible for this. If you are eligible, you will get your Senegal tourist visa at the point of entry. It can be at the airport or seaport, depending on the travelling medium you used to travel to Senegal.

Final Thought

mosque Senegal is a beautiful country with lots of wildlife and beaches. The beauty of the country has given rise to tourism which has increased the revenue of the country. People from different countries travel to Senegal throughout the year for tourism purposes. They travel alone, with their friends and family, to have a memorable time. You can join them to see the beauty of the country. However, just like every other country, there are different requirements you must meet to be eligible to get a tourist visa for Senegal, especially if you are not a citizen of Senegal visa-exempt countries. Just get the documents mentioned above ready and seek the best travelling guide from to start your tourism dream in Senegal.

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