How to get Turkey Business/Congress/Trade Fair Visit Visa?

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istanbul landscape
istanbul landscape

Located at the crossroad of east and west, Europa and Asia, Turkey has long been in the center of attention. This country offers so much to its visitors in terms of having a great time. The lands of modern Turkey have been the center of ancient civilizations. Once, ancient greek cities located in Anatolia dominated world trade routes, making immense riches. They were jewels of roman-greek civilization. Then completely unexpected nomads of Turks have changed the course of history once and for all. Today you can find both examples of greek and Turk civilizations existing in harmony. Of course, this offers a great range of opportunities to tourists. Whoever travels to this marvelous country will be amazed by all the different types of wonders. Cappadocia with its renowned geological formations and colossal Hagia Sophia are only two examples of touristic places in Turkey. Having noted that, there are countless places to visit in Turkey. The best thing about the country is that it serves all different kinds of tastes. Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon or just get away from it all, you can find the most suitable places in Turkey. To do that, first, you need to learn whether you need to apply for a visa for Turkey. Supposedly if you need a visa to Turkey, you might wonder how to get one. Well, there are several methods that will get you a visa. Nevertheless, none of them will be as easy as contacting Pickvisa. Travelers who desire to visit Turkey can benefit from the services offered by Pickvisa. Go to the services section on our website to learn more about that.

Although tourism is the main reason for most travelers traveling to Turkey, there are other appealing things for newcomers. Some might be business and educational opportunities. It is a regional center in terms of businesses. You might want to move your operations to Turkey. For that, you may need to start a Turkey visa application for the appropriate visa type, which in this case is a Business/Congress/Trade/Fair visa. For this article, we will look at the details of this visa. But first, we will look at the visa policy of this country to learn more about the general Turkey visa requirements. Let's cut to the chase and look at Turkey's visa policy.

Visa policy of Turkey


According to the specific rules set by the visa policy of Turkey, depending on your nationality you may need a visa to Turkey if you want to go to Turkey. If you want to learn about your visa status to Turkey, I strongly recommend you to check our visa policy section. There, choose Turkey to learn more about the visa policy of that country. There are many types of visas to Turkey. If I were to classify them, I would do it as followings:

  1. Tourist/business visas
  2. Official visa
  3. Educational visas
  4. Work visas
  5. Other visas

Business/Congress/Trade/Fair visa is the first-tier visa. This visa is for persons whose intentions include business trips or short-term educational trips. This visa type is considered to be a short-term visa which’s validity does not exceed a year. Using this visa you will be able to participate in business meetings, conferences, negotiations, conventions, fairs, congresses, etc. You may ask “how to get a visa for Turkey?”. If you do so, no need to worry anymore as we are going to discuss that in the next paragraphs.

How to get a visa for Turkey?

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The process of completing Turkey visa application is a long one. It requires patience and effort. There are two different ways to obtain this visa. One is a traditional way which includes contacting foreign representatives of the Turkish republic. The second way is to do it through the official online system. Nonetheless, not nationals of all countries can get e visa. If you are from Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Laos, North Korea, Palestine, Tonga then you will need to attend the embassies, consulates of Turkey in person. Regardless of your choice, you will fill out Turkey visa application form, and be objected to tariffs. If you are going to contact foreign representatives of Turkey, you will first make an appointment and then attend the embassy at the given time. There you will present your documents.

Turkey visa requirements


As usual, every visa has its own set of requirements. To apply for a visa for Turkey you will need to meet these requirements. When you attend the appointment you will need to bring the required documents, and pay some fees. In the list below you will find Turkey visa requirements for Business/Congress/Trade/Fair visit visa:

  • Turkey visa application form should be filled out by the applicant themselves. It should be dated and signed as well.
  • You should present your passport. Thus passport should be issued not more than 10 years ago. It should remain valid for at least two months once you leave Turkey. It should contain free visa pages ready to get processed. It should bear the signature of the holder.
  • Two photos of the applicant are needed. These photos must be taken in the last six months. These photos should cover a clear face which should take around 70-80 percent of the whole photo. The picture has to be taken with a white background. The size of the photo should be equal to 3x4. Alongside the passport, you should also present your valid national ID card.
  • If you are applying from a country that you are not a citizen of, then you will need to present your residence permit or visa.
  • You should present photocopies of some of your documents, such as the main page of your passport and previously granted visas.
  • You should present your travel itinerary, including flight tickets and accommodation proof such as hotel booking.
  • You should prove your work status with a letter sent by a sponsor company. This letter should demonstrate the name, postal address, and telephone number of the sponsor/company. Your work position, start and finish date of the task, and timeframe of your tasks should be noted.
  • You should prove your finances for the travel. You can do it using numerous methods. Bank statements, traveler’s cheques, payslips, proof of employment, and proof of sponsorship are acceptable as well.
  • You should present some documents which give information on travel occasions. These are mostly related to organization, sending and hosting bodies, etc.

Some additional documents can be asked. To get more precise information on requirements, it would be a better idea to contact your local Turkish consulate or embassy in person.

How long does it take to get Turkey visa?

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The Visa process can take longer than expected time. You might wonder about the average time and ask the question “how long does it take to get Turkey visa?”. The average time varies greatly and it is dependent on several factors. One of the main factors is the person’s nationality. We can not predict the workflow of every embassy or consulate of the Turkish republic. Therefore the timeline will change from country to country. In most cases, you will get your visa from the foreign representative of Turkey within 1 and 20 days. In the case of e visa, however, the time is needed for the visa processing is relatively short. It will take only a few days to get the visa. You can shorten the time by simply paying more for the visa.

How much does a visa cost for Turkey?

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When we are planning our trip to another country, often we consider costs. Visa fees should also be taken into consideration. Therefore, you may ask how much does a visa cost for Turkey? Yet again, it depends on several factors. Decisive factors will be your nationality, the visa type you are applying for, and the way you apply. Generally speaking, the Turkey visa fees for Business/Congress/Trade/Fair visa change between 25 and 80 USD. You can get an e visa within a day for 150 USD. These fees are non-refundable.

To wrap up today's topic, we can say Turkey is a stunning country with its natural beauties, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient history. Everyone finds something to enjoy in Turkey. Its cuisine is one of the best in the world. Aside from touristic opportunities, there are also great business opportunities too. For this article, we discussed the conditions, requirements, Turkey visa fees for a particular visa type. You can find out more about visas by surfing in our website. If you need a visa to Turkey, you can get it easily using our services as well.

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