How to get visa for startup in USA?

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Have you been wondering how to get a visa for USA? Consider yourself in the right place.

What is startup visa?

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It is a temporary conditional residence authorization in different countries to build your startup there. It is an amendment in the USA to the immigration law to form a visa category for foreign entrepreneurs.

USA startup visa application requires - investment ranging from $1.8 million or more in your business and preservation of permanent full-time jobs. Immigrant entrepreneurs who successfully get startup visas create job opportunities; each startup employs an average of 760 people. Application to startup visa indicates investments that have been made in the country, establishing the USA business. Process, and you can move in and out of the country freely.

Applicant's requirements are; high profile trade publications, national awards, command of an increased salary, and serving in leading organizations.

How to get visa for startup in USA?

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Decide if you need a visa and what type of visa you need. When picking out a visa, you must be very keen since there are different types of visas.

  • Be uncommon and self-confident. Wondering how to apply for a visa for USA, firstly you must be courageous enough due to the details required by the consular officer. You might be responsible for answering questions such as "how will you pay for the trip?", "how long will you stay?". Furthermore, you can't lie to the consular officer because they have access to lots of information. Be honest to avoid your visa declination.
  • You also should prove that you could afford the trip to the USA, which will increase your chance of getting the startup visa. For a USA startup visa application, you will need to show that you have a reliable source of income for your company. You should have enough funds to cater for yourself because you will be starting a new life in a different country. Have more than one source of income that will help out if one of your businesses doesn't generate enough profit.
  • For a successful business startup visa USA, you will have to pay for it as one of the visa recommendations, considering that you will have to pay taxes. The availability of money improves stable settlement, thus increasing your chances to get your visa without issues.
  • If you want to get a visa, mainly in the interview sessions, never be late for the interview, be calm and precise.
  • Engaging in the visa lottery. You can obtain a startup visa USA through the different visa programs, mostly known as the green card lottery. In case you win this USA lottery program, you will permanently get a united states resident card. To apply for a green card, you should be eligible and fill at least two forms or file a petition.
  • One of the startup visa USA requirements is you must have a business that favours the rules and regulations given. The EB visas that fall under the extraordinary ability and the immigrant investor visa are favourable for entrepreneurs (E5). Immigrants who are curious about how to get visa for startup in USA should know that they need to engage in new commercial businesses that help the US economy through job creation and capital investment. Each year, up to 7.1 per cent of all employment-based immigration visas are awarded to E5 investors around the world.
  • The USA government reviews your business progress before issuing you the permit and confirming a genuine business. They also detect your travelling history and bank statements to know if you are a serious business person. So before applying for a visa startup, make sure you meet all their rules to avoid rejection. You must have a good relationship with foreign companies to improve your qualifications.

Startup visa USA requirements

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How to apply for a visa for USA? You must prepare and have original documents for your visa interview at the USA embassy.

If you do not have a particular document, you should explain why you don't have it and attach it as a pdf.

To have a business startup visa USA you need to present these documents:

- Passport(s) valid for at least six months beyond the scheduled date of entrance.

- Immigrant visa and Alien Registration Application, Form DS-260.

- Two (2) 2x2 pictures are included.

- The applicant's civil documents.

- Financial support. You must demonstrate financial support to the consular during your immigrant visa interview.

Your spouse and minor unmarried children under the age of 21 may apply for immigrant visas alongside you if your petition is approved. They, too, must fill out required application forms, collect required civil documents, pay required fees, and submit to medical examinations, just like you. Same-sex spouses of US citizens and LPRs and their minor children are now eligible for citizenship.

As an entrepreneur, the consular officers must know all the assets you own for clear, detailed paperwork. It will help if you share a sample affidavit of personal property, income, and assets for reference. Anything under your name is valuable you must include in your visa application, and it will increase your chances of getting a visa. As an entrepreneur, it helps during an investigation to know if the assets belong to the holder.

Ready to make your moves into the USA


Before migrating to the USA, it is imperative first to visit and create a foundation for a startup. Doing this will also increase your chances of having a startup visa and maintaining your travelling history. And it will indicate that you are serious about conducting business in other countries. Advantageously, this enables easy relocation back to the states. You can open offices and branches for rapid business growth.

Prepare for the interview


To apply for a visa, you should be ready for the interview failure to that there will be a delay or denial of your ticket. While at the embassy, you will be given instructions to where you will be applying and interviewing; read those instructions carefully. During the interview, you will be asked some questions like; what is startup visa? Questions about your educational, professional, and personal information are also expected.

Pay the visa fees


Before the interview, each applicant must pay the visa fee, and they charge $330 per person. The fee is not refundable whether the visa is accessible or not. Other fees apply to other processes, such as medical exam fees or local government fees. Consider that paying the fees does not guarantee you that you'll get the visa.

Attend the interview


Present yourself to the embassy on the scheduled date and time of your interview. A consulate officer will interview you and determine whether you can receive the startup visa or not. During the interview, a loop mark must be scanned by which is vital for your identity. If you cannot appear or delay the interview day, you should contact the USA embassy as soon as possible.

Visa processing

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After the interview, you have to wait for your application to be processed, depending on the applied time. After the processing, you will know if your applications were approved or denied. Remember that you can organize travel issues after the visa is approved to avoid wasting money in denial. Using travel assist will increase the rate of your visa undergoing approval. Once your visa is approved, you are free to travel to your preferred destination.



If your startup visa in USA application is processed successfully, you will receive a sticker attached to your passport. Before applying for a visa, make a wise decision that will benefit the end of the result. Attend your appointment and provide your fingerprints and photographs to verify your identity. You might wait longer if you did not submit the precise information that is required.

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