How to get work visa for Azerbaijan?

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How to get work visa for Azerbaijan?
tourism in Azerbaijan, including business, sport, healthcare, intellectual, hunting, exotic, seaside, and even culinary tourism. Azerbaijan is home to nine of the world's eleven climate zones. The country's climate allows everyone to plan summer and winter vacations. Ecological tours to Azerbaijan, which include visits to nature reserves, trekking, and climbing routes, are very popular. The swimming season in Azerbaijan begins in May, and midday sandy beaches provide opportunities for diving. A modern hotel and service facilities have been created, training of staff for the tourism industry has been provided, and a comprehensive network of travel agencies (more than 200 travel agencies) has been ensured. The information and advertising structures are successfully operating as a result of the government's actions in the country. Today, we will talk about Azerbaijan work visa with the harmony of beautiful tourism infrastructure and some information on overall visas, such as how to get Azerbaijan visa. Besides tourism visas, some foreigners look at Azerbaijan as a better workplace than his or her country. Therefore, they need an Azerbaijan work visa to work without interruption during their work life. How much is Azerbaijan visa fee? You can also find answers to this question throughout the article. So, if you are ready, let's not waste our time and start!

Azerbaijan work visa

liberation day In Azerbaijan, there are several different types of work visas. Like any other country, Azerbaijan has its own set of rules for issuing visas to foreign nationals who wish to travel within its borders. The following are examples of visas issued by the Azerbaijani government: - Tourist visa - Business visa - Official visa - Transit visa - Diplomatic visa Foreign nationals can stay in Azerbaijan for a variety of periods of time with these visas. To work in Azerbaijan, however, foreigners must first obtain an Azerbaijan work visa as well as a temporary residence permit, which allows them to stay in the country lawfully. Now, let's find out what the Azerbaijan work visa requirements are.

Azerbaijan work visa requirements

stamping Azerbaijan work visa application can be a comprehensive issue, but first, we need to find out the required documents to apply for an Azerbaijan work visa. Foreign citizens will need both a temporary residence permit and a work permit to live and work in Azerbaijan. Each of these permits has the same duration, and the required documents for both are submitted together. To obtain an individual permit, the employer must present the following documents to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan: ● Form of application  - the following items must be included in the application: - For legal person: the legal person name, organizational-legal form, and legal address (all have to be clearly mentioned);  - Name, surname, data on the identification card (serial, number, date of issuance and issuing authority, address) for individuals (do not use other person's information!); - Foreigner's name, surname, nationality, permanent residence address, date and country of birth, sex, profession, labour activity data for the previous five years, position and work address (current work address has to be accurately noted). ● A reference letter confirming the need to hire the expert for the intended job; ● A copy of the relevant documents entitling foreigners residing in Azerbaijan for other reasons to remain on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan; ● Immigrant's health certificate, as well as a medical certificate stating that they are not infected with any contagious diseases (HIV infection, Hepatitis B and C viruses, and neuropsychological reference) included in the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers (in some cases, especially after Covid-19 some medical certificates related other diseases can be added to this list); ● Employer: if a legal person, a notarized duplicate of the regulation and a state registration certificate; if individuals, a notarized copy of their identification document and a certificate on taxpayer's registration; ● A copy of the foreigner's identification document that has been notarized (It should be in English. If you provide your identity in your own language, that version of your identification document will not be accepted by relevant authorities). Above was information for Azerbaijan work visa requirements. Azerbaijan work visa extension is the next topic that we would like to inform you about. But before that, let's find out, "Are there any nationals who are exempt from the need for a work permit?" There are no countries with which Azerbaijan has established work permit exemptions. Select professions and groups, such as spouses of Azerbaijani citizens, seamen, and heads of branch offices established in Azerbaijan, may be eligible for work permit exemptions. However, before travelling to Azerbaijan, you should seek legal advice regarding an application for an exemption.

Azerbaijan work visa extension

azerbaijan currency Sometimes foreigners need to extend their Azerbaijan work visa. Therefore they need information on how they can do that. Well, Migration Service is the best place to go for an Azerbaijan work visa extension. What about fees? To get or to extend a work permit to engage in paid labour activity on the Republic of Azerbaijan's territory, you should pay 1000 AZN (about 600 USD).

Application process

online application In this section, we will give information about the "Azerbaijan work visa apply" process. What is the procedure for obtaining an Azerbaijan work visa? In Azerbaijan, the employer is responsible for obtaining work permits for any foreign employees. Employees must provide the employer with any relevant documents so that they can be submitted during the recruitment process.  The company must show the State Migration Service that the foreign employee is at least 18 years old and that any qualified Azerbaijani job seekers cannot fill the role. The employer should submit the required documents listed in the previous section after justifying these points. The State Migration Service will make a choice on the issuance of work and temporary residence permits after receiving all of the required documents. Work permits in Azerbaijan are usually issued within 30 days. If a work permit application is rejected, the applicant will get written notification within five working days. The candidate may travel to Azerbaijan and start working after receiving approval.

Other important points to consider

visa application form Work permits in Azerbaijan are only issued for a year at a time. Permits can be renewed up to four times in one-year increments. Your employees should also understand how to apply for a permanent residence permit. They can apply for a permanent residence permit after living in Azerbaijan for two years on a temporary residence permit. To conduct business activities in Azerbaijan, citizens of the European Union, Canada, the United States, and the majority of other countries require a visa. Visitors who need a visa to enter Azerbaijan for business purposes must first obtain a business visa from an Azerbaijani consulate or embassy. Only a few Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nationalities are exempt from requiring a visa to conduct business in Azerbaijan. Armenian nationals are not permitted to enter Azerbaijan. Foreign nationals who have entered Armenia with an Armenian entry stamp may also be denied entry to Azerbaijan.

How to get Azerbaijan visa?

embassy of azerbaijan We would like to introduce you to the electronic visa system, which is very useful for Azerbaijan work visa. In this section, you will also find the answer to the Azerbaijan work visa fees (e-Visa). Since March 15, 2013, Azerbaijan has been implementing a new e-visa system in order to carry out the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan's Decree dated November 20, 2012, titled "On the facilitation of visa procedures for foreigners and stateless persons, travelling to the Republic of Azerbaijan." With the goal of attracting more tourists from around the world, this new system began transferring all visa applications to an electronic format starting from 2015. Visitors must submit all required documents to as a result of this. After preparing the necessary documents, submits an e-visa application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When the MFA approves the e-visa, it is sent to visitors in an electronic format. Visitors will no longer need to print the e-visa and will be free to enter the country via any mode of entry (by air, on land, by sea, etc.). How to get Azerbaijan visa? Well, the processing time is typically 1-3 business days. It's possible that urgent processing will take up to 3-5 business hours. Individual and group e-Visa applications are both possible. To apply for an e-Visa, citizens of most countries only need a copy of their passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 (six) months from the date of your arrival in Azerbaijan. Are you wondering how much is Azerbaijan visa fee? The government charges $20 for standard.

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