How to get work visa for Bolivia?

How to get work visa for Bolivia?

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How to get work visa for Bolivia?

Working in Bolivia, South America- requires you to know Spanish more than English! Are you ready to work there? Well, in this blog piece, you will find the minutest Bolivia work visa details. Apart from that, we also like you to know how to apply for Bolivia visa?

Before we go there, let us find out the tourist attractions in Bolivia if you get bored working:

1. Uyuni Salt Flat

2. North Yungas Road

3. Laguna Colorado

4. Tiwanaku

5. The Witches Market

6. Huayna Potosi

7. Madidi National Park

8. Reserva Eduardo Avaroa

9. Oruro Carnival

10. Lake Titicaca

Here are a few hallmarks to bolster you with a Bolivia work visa.

How to get a Bolivia visa?

flag and coat of arms of bolivia

 A quick guide on how to get a Bolivia visa and how to apply for Bolivia visa starts with the following steps:

1. Check if your country has a Bolivian Consulate.

2. Find the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Bolivia.

3. Get in touch with them to know how to apply for Bolivia visa? Ask them about the requirements for a work visa in Bolivia.

4. Fill up the Bolivia visa application form.

5. Check if all the documents mentioned as requirements are present with you.

6. Take a printout of the confirmation page.

7. Sign the page.

8. Collect all the necessary documents for a Bolivia visa.

9. Payout the Bolivian visa fees as suggested by the Embassy or Consulate

10. Hand over the documents to the Embassy. Or you can give it to the Consulate at the opening hours or on the date of your appointment.

11. Patiently wait for the visa to process for 10-15 working days.

12. You will get notified once your Bolivia visa is approved.

13. Get your visa!

Here are the entry/exit/visa requirements that you need to possess to get a Bolivia visa.

1. Valid passport for at least six months

2. Apply for a separate visa if you intend to work, study, or volunteer in Bolivia

3. Every time you enter or leave Bolivia, you should get entry or exit stamps

4. A Bolivian visa costs around 30 USD.

5. If you need to travel to Bolivia, then with the help of a visitor visa, you can stay up to 30 days for a trip. Bear in mind, the number of days of stay should not exceed 90 days in a year.

6. It is crucial to show proof of your round-trip ticket.

7. The minors travelling alone or with one parent having Bolivian citizenship and staying in Bolivia for more than 90 days should obtain authorization from the non-traveling parent or both the parents whenever they plan to leave Bolivia

8. Proof of lodging letter from the Bolivian friends/family.

To know more about how to get Bolivia visa, read on.

Three groups of countries divided by the Bolivian Government

signing the contract

One of the foremost requirements for a work visa in Bolivia includes the country-wise classification. These groups also answer your queries related to Bolivia work visa extension.

Group 1 countries:

If you belong to this category, you do not need to know to apply for a Bolivia visa for trips that are up to 30 days? You can extend your stay up to 90 days.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • New Zealand

Group 2 countries:

If you belong to one of these countries, you need to obtain a Bolivia visa before travelling to Bolivia. Three ways to do that.

  • Get the Bolivia visa from the Bolivian Embassy
  • Get the Bolivia visa from Consulate near you

c. Get the Bolivia visa on arrival to Bolivia after paying a fee of 160 USD (USA citizens). Cost varies depending on the nationality. However, for most countries, the fee is around 30 USD. Bolivia tourist visa costs 0 to 30 USD. Bolivia visa on arrival costs 0 to 95 USD. Two months Bolivia student visa costs 50 USD. Three months Bolivia student visa costs 50 USD. A temporary residence visa costs 200 to 250 USD. A humanitarian visa is free.

List of Group 2 countries include:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Bangladesh
  • Botswana
  • The Central African Republic
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Iran
  • Kenya
  • The Maldives
  • Nepal
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe

Group 3 Countries:

If you come from these countries, you need to apply for a Bolivia visa at the Embassy or Consulate abroad. The process will last longer than usual. It is so because an authorization request has to go to the National Migration Service in Bolivia.

  • Afghanistan
  • Bhutan
  • Indonesia
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Libya
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Rwanda
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

Bolivia work visa benefits

manager filling document

Law that helps you reap the Bolivia work visa benefits are the following:

1. The Pensions Law is applicable for the Bolivian as well as the foreign nationals.

2. If foreign national wishes to transfer his balance from the integrated pension system to his home country, he can do so.

3. General Labour Law states that foreign nationals represent only 15 percent of the total employer workforce.

4. Foreign nationals who get hired in Bolivia can carry out temporary activities there.

5. Foreign nationals can meet with remuneration, affiliation with the social security system, pension funds, social security contributions, and taxes.

6. There are two types of people who work in Bolivia - workers, and employers. Workers who provide material or manual service. Employers who work in a proper office under specified conditions and perform intellectual work.

7. Independent and self-employed contractors do not fall under the two types of people working in Bolivia - workers or employers of General Labor Law in Bolivia.

These are the various Bolivia work visa benefits that can help make your dream of working in Bolivia come true.

Bolivia work visa details

passport on the map

Apart from the information already mentioned till now and will get mentioned later, Bolivia visa details also include:

1. Foreign nationals can get a Specific Purpose Visa for Transitory Work in Bolivia. It can get issued for 30, 60, 90, or up to 180 days.

2. A Temporary Resident Visa can let foreign nationals conduct remunerated or lucrative activities in Bolivia for a longer duration with the help of a local employment relationship.

3. Visa-exempt foreign nationals can conduct certain non-technical activities in Bolivia for 30 days based upon the Tourist status granted at the entry port.

Bolivia work visa extension

permanent residency

Employees who want to work in Bolivia for a shorter duration lasting from 30 days to 180 days can apply for transitory residence or work visas. If the employee wants to stay longer, say from one to three years, they can apply for a temporary residence visa. An employee who has stayed in Bolivia for more than three years can apply for permanent residence. The fees increase as per the duration of the employee’s stay.

Requirements for work visa in Bolivia

woman completing application form

To obtain a Bolivia visa application, you as a candidate need to have the following documents:

1. Thoroughly filled and signed application.

2. You need to possess a passport that is valid for at least six months. It should have a minimum of two blank pages.

3. 2-3 passport-sized recent photographs where your face covers 70-80 percent of the photo. Your photo should not have any facial expression. The applicant should close their mouth, and their eyes should remain open. The size of the photograph should be 3 cm X 3 cm.

4. Supporting documents asked by the Consulate.

5. Medical certificate

6. Proof of document of Invitation from the company in Bolivia. The letter should include the employer's name, postal address, and telephone number. Information about the workplace, position, salary, and joining date should get mentioned. The information should have the estimated time for work leave and the reason for travel. If someone owns a company- they need to carry a valid trade license copy along with the documents that prove ownership of the company.

7. Criminal and Police records from the country of residence. Police records as issued through the INTERPOL.

8. If your workplace is high-risk for yellow fever, you should have a yellow fever vaccination certificate/ proof.

9. If you have transited through a country that has yellow fever- you need a vaccination certificate.

10. Recommendation letter from one of the chambers of Commerce and Industries, Government of the respective country

11. Recommendation letter from the Commerce and Industry of the respective country

12. A recommendation letter or the Reference number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Afghanistan

13. Proof of travel arrangements for the whole duration of your trip to Bolivia.

14. Certified copy of Tax Identification Number or original electronic certification- if the company gets established in Bolivia.

15. Clearance certificates for single entry or multiple entries from the Police This clearance certificate - called the Certificate of Good Conduct.

16. Residency permit from the country you live in currently

17. Documents that prove that the applicant can take care of his expenses throughout the travel. A bank statement that shows financial activities for the last three months should be present. Along with that, cash, credit card, payslips, evidence of employment, and proof of sponsor’s readiness to cover the expenses should be there.

The points mentioned above gladly include all the requirements for a work visa in Bolivia.

Work in Bolivia


The financial benefits you will get if you fulfill all the requirements for a work visa in Bolivia:

1. Employees who work at shops and restaurants earn less than 200 USD per month.

2. Teachers, police officers, bank tellers, and public servants at Government institutions earn about 300 to 500 USD per month.

3. Employees at managerial positions earn about 500 to 1000 USD per month or more.

The best part if you work in Bolivia is that 60% of Bolivians are freelancers or self-employed. Bolivia is open to a sole proprietorship. It supports the thinking of a freelancer.

Bolivia visa on arrival

viru viru international airport

Group 2 countries are eligible for a Bolivia visa on arrival. They can also apply for it at a consulate beforehand. The list of countries who can obtain Bolivia visa on arrival include:

1. Albania

2. Armenia

3. The Bahamas

4. Bangladesh

5. Bahrein

6. Comoros

7. Egypt

8. India

9. South Korea

10. Bangladesh

11. Srilanka

12. China

13. Vietnam


lake titicaca

We hope your doubts revolving around the Bolivia visa application or Bolivia work visa extension have got solved.

PS- If you love to add a pinch of salt to your cuisines, do visit Salar de Uyuni- 4000 square mile salt flats would take your breath away!

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