In search of a wave of life

In search of a wave of life

Rasim Aghazada01 July 20191268 views2 min. read


    In search of a wave of life

    People are searching for their own waves throughout their lives. Sometimes, even if everything goes well in life, there is still something missing for feeling perfect. Watching the heroes in movies and in real life, we want to live their lives and be on their waves. But the vast majority can never catch that and simply keeps wasting their life. And when you ask "what do you do when you realize the life you live is not the one you want?" and “why do not you live the life you want” they bring financial situation, the unwanted mentality, others' opinions, different life of those living abroad, and thousands of different excuses as a reason and thus, leaving everything on its current. When I started mountaineering, many people told me that I am crazy and asked about the reasons why I go. In most cases, it is hard to answer. It is meaningless to clarify it to someone who does not understand you. Of course, going to mountains, enduring cold, sometimes losing the appetite, feeling thirsty, not taking a shower for days could be hard for some people to understand; however, it is that hunger, thirst shows how strong is your will, what boundaries you can cross, and what you are able to do. The body smell will be just the smell of sweat for those who do not understand, but it will be the smell of persistence for those who understand. Now it is night in Peru, and I am looking at the pictures taken during our days at Mount Aconcagua, where I got my uneasy but at the same time a great life lesson. We only had time to share our time at the summit. I think those who were asking “why” would understand some of the reasons why to take such a risk, to endure so much trouble, and will find the answer to their questions from the photos I shared. Just have a look; one of the reasons is the sun rising and setting behind that clear horizon. I watched the sunrise and sunset from the window of my house for many years, now here I am, sitting on my wave of life and watching the sunset.

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