12 Instagrammable places in Brno

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12 Instagrammable places in Brno
Czech Republic visa and coming here will have a lot of fun and will capture incredible places in the pictures. Most often, in the Instagram feed, you can see Prague in all its glory. But few people know about "Little Vienna", the city of Brno, which, like the capital, is filled with beautiful architecture, streets with centuries-old history, and an unforgettable atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity.

Where is Brno?

Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic with a thousand-year history. A visit here will not only give you an unforgettable experience but will also let you take a lot of photos that will make your Instagram feed bright, rich, and interesting. So, let's move to the list of 12 Instagrammable places in Brno.

1. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

st paul cathedral You can start your travel to Brno from St. Peter and St. Paul's Cathedral. The cathedral was built in the XIII century. It is a magnificent building in the Neo-Gothic style with Baroque elements. Its spires stretching to the sky can be seen from any street in the city. The internal part of the cathedral is fascinating with paintings; the walls are decorated with mosaics and huge windows with stained-glass windows. The altar of the cathedral is 11 meters high and is decorated with sculptures of Saints Peter and Paul, made by the famous sculptor Joseph Leimer from Vienna. However, the most important thing is that here a tourist can climb the observation deck on the tower and take a beautiful bird 's-eye view of the entire city.

2. St. Jacob's Church

st jacobs church The building was built at the end of the 16th century and has hardly changed since then. A tower 92 meters high rises above the church. There is a window that overlooks the Old Town Hall on the south side, and there you can see a small sculpture of a man showing bare buttocks. There is a legend that by such an action, sculptor A. Pilgram expressed his opinion towards the city authorities because of the non-payment of wages. Inside, the church amazes with its majesty: columns in Gothic style, stained-glass windows, and an altar painted with biblical stories. Only 20 years ago, a church vault was found in the church basements, the second largest in Europe, which is breathtaking. About 50,000 people were buried here. The walls made of bones and the column made of skulls are certainly not for the faint of heart, but it will be interesting to visit the main memorial site of Brno, and the photos will be breathtaking.

3. Liberty Square

liberty square This place is one of the Instagrammable places in Brno where you can take Instagrammable pictures on every corner. The heart of the city, where city life is booming, conveying the mentality of the city. The square is surrounded by historical architecture, among which is the spectacular House of the Four Mamlases. The front facade of the building as if leans on 4 statues of men in full height, the faces of the statues will make everyone smile: men holding the balcony of the third floor are afraid to lose their loincloths, and their faces don't look wise. Also, here is the Plague Column, the top of which is decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary. There is also a strange sight on the square - an Astronomical Clock made of black marble. It is a 6-meter long cartridge case with cylindrical holes. The clock does not show the time, but there is one peculiarity: every day at 11 a.m., one of these holes shoots glass balls that bring good luck. People who believe in this trait gather at the clock at this time. All around the central square, there are cosy, colourful verandas of cafes. A great idea for a photo on Instagram could be a coffee at a table in a restaurant on Liberty Square, wherein the background will be all the splendour of architecture of the historic city of Brno.

4. Observatory and planetarium

observatory and planetarium Brno Observatory and Planetarium is a magical place where you can visit space, see the microcosm that exists around us, but can be seen with the naked eye, get acquainted with the underwater world, and plunge into the fantasy of having visited the future. The observatory is equipped with the latest equipment, which will allow you to get into a fascinating scientific journey. After visiting the astronomical observation point, you will see distant planets in the palm of your hand. In the yard of the planetarium, there are huge models of our planet and the moon, near which you can get unforgettable Instagram pictures. In the dark, the illuminated planets look like real ones in the abyss of space. Your Instagram content will be filled with magic pictures against their background.

5. Bernstein Castle

bernstein castle The famous Bernstein Castle is one of the reasons why people travel to Brno. Not far from Brno, there is the Bernstein Castle. It is the place to get quality photos from your holiday filled with Czech history. Bernstein Castle is a unique place. The castle from the 16th century has not changed a bit since then. An impregnable fortress that has never been taken by its enemies in history. The castle is very atmospheric, and film directors love it for this. Movies such as "Van Helsing", "Wanted", "Luther", and others have been made here. After spending 1 hour on the road from Brno, you will see not only an unusually beautiful historical monument but also an Instagram worthy place with a beautiful landscape. The castle, with its severe and powerful appearance, is located on a rock above the Svratka River.

6. Moravian Karst Caves

macocha gorge The Moravian Karst is 100 square kilometres of extraordinary beauty created by nature itself. In one place you will see caves, rocks, abysses, rivers underground. The Macocha Abyss is the deepest sinkhole in Europe (138,7 m deep). Tourists can tickle their nerves by visiting the lookout bridge at the edge of the abyss, taking unique photos for Instagram. In total, there are 1100 caves in reserve, only 5 are open for tourists, but this is enough to see the extraordinary underground world. The caves are covered with stalagmites and stalactites, which gives them a fascinating Instagram worthy look. You can also take a boat ride through the underground river all the way to the gorge and see it from inside. The road passes by underground lakes and picturesque natural sculptures, which is also a beautiful view of beautiful photographs.

7. Villa Tugendhat

villa tugendhat The next Instagrammable place is Villa Tugendgad. Brno was the first Czech town to have modern houses in the Bauhaus style at that time, which became popular in 1920. Villa Tugendhat was an absolutely unusual residential building of that time and the first in the world built with steel structures. It was a masterpiece of modernism. The splendour of this Villa is indoors, although, on the outside, it is also beautiful. The photos taken against a three-meter wall background from natural onyx become masterpieces, especially when the sun sets, and the stone comes alive with different colours in its rays.

8. Mahen Theatre

mahen national theatre Mahen Theatre is one of the Instagrammable places to visit in Brno. The Mahen Theatre is a main cultural attraction of Brno. The Czech Republic is, in general, rich in architecture, but this theatre is one of a kind. It is by right a "postcard" place, on the background of which one can get great Instagrammable pictures. The building of the theatre is made in the Neoclassicism style and decorated in the Baroque style.

9. Slavkov Castle

slavkov castle Slavkov Castle (Austerlitz), built in 1237, is another photogenic place to take beautiful photos in Brno. The magnificent Baroque chateau with its luxurious interior and beautiful garden is interesting to thousands of tourists. The pictures of the pond with the castle in the background will not leave anyone indifferent.

10. Old Town Hall

old town The Old Town Hall was built in the 13th century; the tower on the building only appeared in the 16th century. Its peculiarity is that it is tilted, and coming closer, it feels like it is about to fall down. And it has nothing to do with the temporary defects of the building; that was the architect's idea. The tower is very beautifully decorated, and the arch, through a passage to the courtyard of the Town Hall, is exactly the installation space. Its view is impeccable, decorated with a stunning sculpture of five towers, squire, and city council. In the middle of the sculpture, there is a woman who represents fairness and justice, with a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. The 63-meter high tower has an observation deck with a magnificent view of the city, which will be a beautiful landscape in your picture.

11. Cabbage Market

market herbal city The Cabbage Market or Vegetable Market is a picturesque square of the city, which turns into a market in the morning. The area is surrounded by beautiful historical buildings, as well as Liberty Square, some of which deserve special attention and will be an interesting background for a most liked Instagram photo. In the centre of the square, there is an interesting Parnas fountain (Parnassus). It appeared in this place in 1695 and is made in Baroque style. The fountain looks like a cave, the top of which is decorated with a sculpture symbolizing Europe. Under it, there are allegorical sculptures of Greece, Babylon, and Persia. The cave grotto is decorated with the figure of Hercules, who holds the hound of Hades in chains. The sculptures are so realistic that it is impossible to take your eyes away from them, and of course, you will want to capture them on camera.

12. Labyrinth Under the Vegetable Market

interior of the ossuary The last point in our list of Instagrammable places in Brno is Labyrinth Under the Vegetable Market. It is a real underground labyrinth, medieval tunnels, and cellars with mysterious corners. Here you will get interesting photos reflecting the atmosphere of the underground world under the ancient city.  Brno is a city full of attractions, and everyone should see them. This city enchants with its cosiness and romantic atmosphere: a city that you want to visit again and again, and, of course, to photograph every corner, every street, to remember it forever and to have a most liked Instagram photo.

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