12 Instagrammable places in Chicago

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12 Instagrammable places in Chicago
Chicago offers endless attractions and Instagrammable places that are worth visiting a thousand times. Still, there are some places to visit in Chicago, so that a brief introduction will be better. Where is Chicago? Although Chicago is a famous city from Instagram photos of many users, you may still be interested in where is Chicago and what to do in Chicago. This city is the capital of Illinois state of the US. It is one of the most exciting and charismatic cities in the United States. There are many places to see in Chicago for the traveler, who can stroll between impressive skyscrapers and delight with many activities, many places to visit in Chicago, and all the art, music, and history that it treasures that give it a unique aspect. Chicago is the third-most populous city in the country and one of those places that leave no room for boredom; you will have a great time in Chicago. So if you are wondering what places to visit in Chicago and what to do in Chicago to make your visit worthwhile, I leave this list of the most Instagrammable places in Chicago for you to take note of, and your trip is everything you expect. Also, by reading this post on Instagrammable places in Chicago, you will find not popular Instagrammable places in Chicago and find answers to your questions such as where is Chicago, what to do in Chicago, what places to visit in Chicago.  

1. Cloud Gate

cloud gate If you do not take your most liked photo on Instagram looking for your reflection in The Bean, as this sculpture is colloquially called because of the shape it has, it is as if you had not been to Chicago. This stainless steel piece, which is famous as Cloud Gate, attracts all the eyes of those who visit Millenium Park, one of the most beautiful spaces in the city, surrounded by skyscrapers. It is difficult to find a place without people and, without a doubt, one of the best times to visit it is when it begins to get dark because it is enhanced by the lights that come from the buildings. Yes, the Cloud Gate is one of the most Instagrammable places in Chicago you have to see.

2. Skydeck

skydeck If you do not know what places to visit in Chicago, visit Skydeck. Are you afraid of heights? Then this place is not for you. This skyscraper was for 20 years the tallest building in the world (442 meters), and there, on its 103rd floor, you will have one of the best views of the city from its Skydeck. If you are lucky and the day is clear, you will be able to see up to almost 80 km away. But the best thing is that you can look out on the Ledge and stand on a glass floor that protrudes from the building with the streets of the city at your feet. Experiencing that feeling is one of the best things you can do in one of the not popular Instagrammable places in Chicago, take a deep breath and hold your adrenaline pumping without getting triggered while taking a souvenir photo!

3. Art Institute of Chicago

art institute of chicago If you want to have an exciting time in Chicago, visit this place. A I said, the city is full of art, and it is worth spending a good time observing it calmly and without wasting time queuing to buy tickets. At the Art Institute, you will be able to stroll through collections from ancient Greece, Japan, Africa, and America. Still, you will also have the opportunity to admire well-known paintings such as the Van Gogh self-portrait or other impressionist collections of great value. The Art Institute is one of the best places to see in Chicago. In addition to being an architecturally beautiful space, it will also help you understand the evolution of art over the years.

4. 360 Chicago Observation Deck

chicago view from observation deck If you are looking for Chicago's best views from above to take the most liked Instagram photos, another must-see in the collection is the one you will find from the John Hancock Center on the 360 Observation Deck. Ride up to the 94th floor at astonishing speed and get a 360 view of the city and the closest states. When you travel to Chicago, you will understand that one of its most fantastic attractions is to see how the town grew after being hit by a great fire in 1871. For this reason, its skyscrapers are real works of art that are worth admiring over and over again. It is also famous as one of the most Instagrammable places in Chicago. 

5. Navy Pier Centennial Wheel

ferris wheel It is another must-see place in Chicago where you will take the best and most liked Instagram photos. The Navy Pier once became one of the world's largest piers and therefore had significant historical importance for the city. Today it is a place with wonderful views of Chicago, from where it is possible to take a ferry boat to sail on Lake Michigan, shop, stay in a bar or get on one of the tourist attractions such as its iconic Ferris wheel, which attracts all looks and gives a beautiful and different perspective of the city.

6. Sheed Aquarium

sheed aquarium Chicago is a city with an infinity of places and tourist attractions for all tastes, and a place where adults and children alike have fun is the Sheed Aquarium. This is where you will take your most liked photo on Instagram. You can enjoy, without haste or stress, more than 30 animals from all over the world, coming from the Amazon to the polar areas. It is amazing to see so many species and learn interactively. There are also 4D experiences and special exhibits.

7. The Chicago Theater

chicago theater Surely you have seen in photos that vertical poster. And in which it reads CHICAGO with red, yellow, and white lights. The Chicago Theater is a landmark in the city. This building, which was declared a historic place, has existed since 1921 and was built to start showing silent films. Today it is a reference. You can attend plays and concerts and take a tour of its interior where you can learn more about its history through different events and anecdotes in its almost 100 years of history. 

8. Michigan Lake

michigan lake Did you know that Lake Michigan is the largest in the United States? No? Well, you already know, and the best thing is that you can navigate it by boat on tours that leave from Navy Pier, and that allows you to enjoy the city at a different pace and with good views by taking your most liked photo on Instagram. Honestly, navigating Lake Michigan is a great alternative for those who do not know what places to see in Chicago since it is a different and quite complete way of sightseeing.

9. Field Museum

tyrannosaurus dinosaur Here you can spend the day almost without realizing it. While the city is beautiful, staying indoors at places like the Field Museum is one thing to see in Chicago and one that you will not regret! Science and history come together in this museum. It is possible to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex's complete skeleton, explore more than 10,000 years of history, and understand the earth's evolution curiously and interactively.

10. Adler Planetarium

adler planetarium Among the things you can do in Chicago, you cannot miss a visit to America's first planetarium. It is a very interesting and entertaining tour, full of science, stars, and constellations if you travel with children. You learn about the universe with fun, and you can go back to the year 1913 to see what the Chicago sky was like at that time or to know how the first steps of man on the moon were. Fun and very instructive at the same time.

11. Navy Pier

navy pier Are you looking for entertainment alternatives in Chicago? Well, you are in luck, since at Navy Pier you can find several things to do. For example, ride the Ferris wheel, play at the carnival-style kiosks and to close the afternoon, stroll along the pier while eating something delicious or taking photos. Besides, this place is beautiful during the day, but at night it offers you an excellent view of the city since the lights are reflected in the water and create a show that you will surely remember for a long time.

12. Wicker Park

street Wicker Park is the Bohemian neighborhood of Chicago, still with old houses before the great fire that devoured the city. Today it is full of cafes and bars where designers and musicians meet. You will have an unmissable walk throughout the street.  Get your US visa and enjoy an adventurous trip to Chicago!

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