12 Instagrammable places in Ethiopia

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12 Instagrammable places in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is a country that is the oldest not only on the mainland but also in the entire Middle East. The present name of the state was taken from "Aityopia", which in Greek is interpreted as "the country of the sunburned". Are you wondering where is Ethiopia? Ethiopia on the map is located on the African continent, namely in its northeast. Ethiopia on the map has no outlet to the sea. Ethiopia is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the west, Somalia and Djibouti to the east, and Kenya to the south. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is a country that attracts almost everyone. Here you will see unique landscapes, high mountain reserves, wonderful national parks, unique representatives of flora and fauna, unusual rituals, traditions of the local Ethiopia population, and unsurpassed historical sights. Ethiopia is a country where the sun shines all year round, and there is a festive atmosphere. Especially known is the wildlife of Ethiopia, which, we can say, is the main attraction of the country. The wildlife of Ethiopia includes Instagrammable lakes, rivers, waterfalls, intricate reliefs. The most common way to get acquainted with the nature of the country is a safari. As a method of transportation, you can choose either an exotic mule or a reliable SUV. The country has a considerable number of historical, religious and cultural attractions that delight the eyes of not only local residents but also curious travellers. Various entertaining excursions are organized in all these Instagrammable places, from which tourists enjoy themselves. From early autumn to mid-autumn, Ethiopia is becoming a popular destination for rafting. And it is here that rafting on the Blue Nile and Avash is popular. coffee The country is also one of the world's largest coffee producers. Coffee in Ethiopia is considered the national drink. A cup of coffee in Ethiopia you can drink everywhere: in small cafes, in markets and even on major roads. And, what is most surprising is that Ethiopia's coffee everywhere turns out incredibly tasty. In addition to coffee, it is also worth trying honey wine, which is called "tej". If you are planning a holiday in Ethiopia, then the most suitable time is the period from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter, you can add late spring (April and May). The weather will not be very hot and without precipitation, and you will enjoy all the beauty of Ethiopia. Take into account the fact that the country lives on a special calendar, which lags behind the global one by eight years. In this calendar, not twelve, but as many as thirteen months, which explains the special chronology. If you are tired of developed and ultra-modern countries and you would like to try something new, then, by all means, travel to Ethiopia and be sure to take a picture against the background of magnificent and unique sights. And to make it easier for you to choose where to take the most liked Instagram photos in Ethiopia, we have collected 12 Instagrammable places in Ethiopia for you.

1. The capital of Ethiopia

capital of ethiopia The capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa – is a city of diverse cultures. In the city, you will see the magnificent palace of the late nineteenth-century ruler Menelik II, designed in the neoclassical style. The structure, the architect of which was the famous Italian Capucci, combines the features of North Indian culture. Attractive for tourists are the Coptic Church of St. George and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which have served as places of pilgrimage since ancient times. Visit the Museum of Ethnography, located in the capital of Ethiopia. On the one hand, the building itself is interesting, which occupies the palace of the ruler Haili Selassie. The building is the first palace on the territory of the country, built according to European canons. Two floors of the museum show the bedroom of Haili Selassie, a gallery with paintings, and a whole floor of ethnographic objects. Here you will see exhibits that belong to eighty different linguistic nationalities, and tools of labour, and hand-made household items. By visiting this museum, you will get a real tour of different regions of Ethiopia. Fascinating in the city are the Palace of Africa Museum, the Menegasha National Park, which aims to protect relic juniper and eucalyptus forests, the imperial castle of Menelik II, the Art and Archaeological Museums, and the Mercato market. Mercato is a huge public market in Africa and the brightest and largest in the country. There is everything here – spices, camels, and various other goods. It also serves as an ideal place for the selection of souvenirs and other small things. A curious fact is that there is a street of Alexander Pushkin, and his monument was erected here. It was in Ethiopia that the great-grandfather of the outstanding poet Ibrahim Hannibal lived at that time.

2. The city of Gondar

little town A city full of ancient castles of the XVI-XVIII centuries and churches of the XIII-XV centuries, on the one hand, and fascinating mountain panoramas and having a beautiful cool climate, on the other hand. Next to the settlements is the luxurious home of Emperor Fasilidas, who founded the city itself. Also, in the city, there is a wonderful pond with unique flora. Other notable places in Gondar are 5 ancient castles, the main of which is Fasil-Gebbi, and the church of Debre-Byrhan-Selassie, painted with incredible frescoes of the XIII century.

3. City of Lalibela

lalibela Lalibela is one of the most notable Ethiopian cities, which has been the main centre of pilgrimage for a long time. The Church of the Savior of the World is the largest of the eleven unusual temples carved in the rocks, while the Church of the Virgin Mary is distinguished by its excellent architecture. There are also underground churches-wells, founded at the dawn of modern civilization. Today, the churches contain unique religious artefacts. One of these artefacts is the Bible, written more than 600 years ago. Among the world-class venerated shrines here is the Church of the Cross, the Church of the Virgin and the Church of St. George. St. George's Church is particularly unique. It was built in the twelfth century by order of the ruler, who decided to build his own Jerusalem. The building of the church was cut out of the rock in the form of a Greek cross, which goes into the ground. One gets the impression that he is immersed in a stone wall, the depth of which is more than 25 meters.

4. National Museum of Ethiopia

museum If you are a fan of museums, be sure to visit the National Museum of Ethiopia located in the capital of Ethiopia, which is the main museum of the country and has a variety of exhibits from prehistoric times to the present day. Here you can find "Lucy" - an exact copy of the skeleton confirmation of the existence of Australopithecus, whose age is estimated at 3.18 million years. Also of interest are famous Ethiopian paintings from the monasteries of Axum, Lalibela and Tana, and a permanent exhibition that exhibits the ceremonial robes of the royal family and its entourage.

5. Fasil-Gebbi Fortress

fasil-gebbi fortress The fortress, which is located in the city of Gondar, is a whole complex that includes temples, palaces and castles of the XVII-XVIII centuries, which were listed by UNESCO. The attraction combines more than one architectural style, namely, you will see Baroque, Arabic, Nubian, and Indian styles. Centuries ago, the building served as the seat of the emperors, but today its doors are open to visitors.

6. The city of Axum

axum city Located in the northern part of Ethiopia, Aksum is the most visited city by travellers. The city is simply imbued with the spirit of antiquity, and this is no coincidence since it was founded about three thousand years ago. According to legend, this city was ruled by Menelik I, who was the founder of the kingdom of Axum and the son of King Solomon. In the archaeological part, there are about 200 huge obelisks, which were built not just by people but by people-cyclops (so says a local legend). The most famous building here is the Church of the Virgin Mary. According to one legend, a valuable relic was hidden in the sanctuary – the Ark of the Covenant, brought here by King Menelik.

7. Simen National Park

simen national park The park is a unique natural place with an area of 22.5 thousand hectares. Ras Dashen Peak is located in the park, the height of which reaches 4620 meters. Here you will get a chance to look at various natural African zones, namely mountain deserts, savannas and highlands. Also, here you will meet many unique and entertaining representatives of the fauna.

8. Water attractions in Ethiopia

aquapark The wildlife of Ethiopia is quite diverse and also includes water attractions. Water attractions in Ethiopia are interesting to many travellers. Being in this unique country, be sure to find time to visit Lake Tana and Lake Abbe, the Awash River and, of course, the magnificent Tis-Ysat waterfall. Lake Tana is the main waterway of the country. It is here that the source of the Blue Nile is located. In addition to being a vital source of water and food, the lake's waters are used by a hydroelectric power station that provides energy to the entire state. Lake Abbe is a salty body of water that lies between unearthly landscapes. It is known for limestone pillars, towers and formations of unusual shapes and colours. In addition, you can go fishing in beautiful lakes such as Chamo and Abaya, which are home to huge Nile perch, catfish, triggerfish, rainbow trout and trout. The Avash River is considered a large full-flowing river. Since ancient times, sugar cane and cotton have been grown here. Along the coast of the river is a national park, which is home to antelopes and gazelles. Tis-Ysat Waterfall is the most beautiful and amazing among the waterfalls of the Blue Nile, which occupies not the last place in the list of "sights of Ethiopia".

9. The cave of Sof Omar

cave of sof omar Sof-Omar Cave is an impressive cave located on the territory of the Bale National Park. The cave was formed due to the fact that the river had already made its way between the mountains for several millennia. For a long time, it was a religious centre and a holy place.

10. Bahr Dar City

bahr dar city No less common destination among travellers is the city of Bahr Dar, which has become famous for its extensive palm alleys and numerous various attractions. A wonderful town is located on the southern coast of Lake Tana, which is the source of the Blue Nile. The surrounding area of Bahr Dar is the location of the former Emperor's palace and the Tis Ysat Waterfall, including the country's main attraction – the 37 islands of Lake Tana.

11. The city of Harar

harar city The city of Harar is one of the fascinating and exotic cities that arouses considerable curiosity on the part of tourists. Harar is the fourth holy city in Islam, with approximately 82 mosques. There are also Instagrammable places of interest in Ethiopia. Be sure to visit the Governor's Palace, several mosques and a Coptic church.

12. Volcanoes of Ethiopia

ethiopia Two popular volcanoes in the country are Erta Ale and Dallol. Erta Ale-the most violent volcano in Ethiopia, in the crater of which is located a red-hot lava lake. The volcano has been continuously active since the 60s of the XX century. At the same time, Erta Ale is a continuously growing volcano – every time a lava ejection and eruption, the mountain becomes higher. The height currently reaches 613 meters. The Dallol volcano is one of the most special Instagrammable places on Earth. The landscape of this area is similar to the view of one of the moons of Jupiter. As a result of the explosion of 1926, a large yellow-purple lake was formed here, which is located 48 meters below sea level. So, what are you waiting for? Clean your camera, obtain your Ethiopia visa and get ready to travel to Ethiopia.

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