12 Instagrammable places in Gold Coast

Nigar Bayramgizi19 March 20212140 views9 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Gold Coast
America, Europa, Central Asia. However, have you ever wanted to be in Australia? Why not? Suppose you are searching a little on the internet about this continent. In that case, you will witness in yourself that visitors can find original experiences and landscapes full of color, culture, and natural beauty in each corner of Australia. So there is one place that I would like to advise you to visit Australia and see. This place is on the Gold Coast. In this article, I will try to give information about places to visit on Gold Coast and what to do in Gold Coast for travel lovers, especially those who share their trip experiences via Instagram. Let's take a glance at where is the Gold Coast. This coastal city in Australia is located in the state of Queensland. This place is leading tourism because of its clean, surfing beaches, great weather, theme parks, nightlife, rainforest hinterland, and Instagrammable places for modern people who are eager to take the most liked Instagram photo during their holiday. So, let's begin a little discussion of famous places in Gold Coast. Who knows? Maybe, after reading this article, you will plan to travel to Gold Coast Australia. 

1. Burleigh Heads Beach

seashore In my opinion, if we speak about wonderful places in Gold Coast, which is a coastal city, we should start with its Burleigh Heads Beach. Its beauty does not need any evidence or description. Probably people who visit there or see its photo anywhere will agree with me. Burleigh Heads is located between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta. It is surrounded by a lush tropical headland and right across the road from the bustling James Street filled with a tasty kitchen. If you visit this Instagrammable city, you will meet National Park, which suggests walking trails to enjoy nature and wildlife. If you think "what to do on the Gold Coast," you should know that swimming and surfing are two of the most popular things in this marvelous place. Surfers usually make a beeline to the popular point break on the northern side, but you can also surf the beach breaks around the outer bar. Besides, you can spend an interesting time learning the local markets which offer you a wide variety of art and crafts. And The list of "what to do in Gold Coast" does not end. If you plan to visit Burleigh Heads Beach, one of the places to visit in Gold Coast, you should mark that you will enjoy the sun, sand, and swimming and get acquainted with its rich history. So, during your travel to Gold Coast Australia, visit there undoubtedly, and of course, do not forget to take the most-liked Instagram photo.

2. Warner Bros. Movie World

hogwarts railway If you are looking for famous places in the Gold Coast, you should write Warner Bros. Movie World's name. This theme park which is owned and operated by Village Roadshow's Theme Parks division was opened on 3 June 1991. It can be said that it is Hollywood of the Gold Coast. If you decide to visit there you will get a great opportunity to see your favorite superheroes, and I think it will be very excited to share that wonderful experience on Instagram with your friends. Crushing on Superman, cuddling the Looney Tunes, unleashing your inner girl boss with Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. Movie World would be both unforgettable and a very fun memory for you. Besides, a selfie with your churros donut sandwich, Warner Bros. Movie World will prove that this is one of the Instagrammable places.

3. Lamington National Park

Lamington National Park. When you are searching "where is the Gold Coast?", you can see that this is one of the Gold Coast places that you must visit. This park is located on the Plateau of Lamington, Queensland fringe, Australia, spread over 51,000 sections. It is one of the famous places in Gold Coast with its natural environment, pure mountains, strolling tracks, birdlife, enormous trees, and rainforest. And who likes to share his\her travel experiences on Instagram should know that these feathers make this place very Instagrammable. Also, we should mention that this park is World Heritage-Listed. There is an hour's drive between Surfers Paradise and Lamington National Park. At the same time, it is 30 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and is built 3000 feet above sea level. I think it can be a glorious chance to visit there. Also, hiking, bird watching, bushwalking, camping, picnic with friends, or family can be appropriate answers for "what to do in Gold Coast". 

4. Surfers Paradise Beach

surfers paradise beach Another wonderful place where you can enjoy sand, sun, and sea is Surfers Paradise Beach. It was formed in the 1970s. Although skyscrapers surround this beach, it is very clean. It is very suitable for family holidays. Kids can play and build sandcastles in the soft white sand. On the other hand, surfers can ride the typically gentle swells. Moreover, you can see several cultural events all over the year. They can be Film and Music Festivals or Sand Safari Art Culture and different Street Entertainment. Only watching sunset proves that it is worth visiting this adorable and Instagrammable place.

5. Sea World

sea world If you want to have an amazing time in Gold Coast you should visit Sea World. It is the largest marine park in Australia. It consists of an Oceanarium, Marine Mammal park, and Theme Park. Sea world is full of fun and adventure, which maintains exciting rides, animal exhibits, and many other fun attractions. Everyone can enjoy the exhibits and shows like performing dolphins, sea lions, and Jet-Ski stunts. Also, you can see the polar bears, penguin feeding presentation. It can be an unforgettable holiday for your family in this Instagrammable place, so get your Australia e-visa now and make this happen!

6. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

currumbin wildlife sanctuary If you are with your family on your travel to Gold Coast Australia, you should visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a famous wildlife park owned by the non-profit National Trust of Queensland. You can see distinctive birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals. Amazingly, numerous brightly colored rainbow lorikeets eat from travelers' hands. You can witness a free-flight bird show, a Tarzan –worthy Adventure Park High Ropes Course, Segway tours. Also, kangaroos, cuddle koalas can be a great spot for your Instagram post about your trip. Besides, you can get information about the supercontinent of Gondwana.

7. SkyPoint Observation Deck

observation deck SkyPoint Observation Deck should be among the places to visit in Gold Coast. It is the tallest residential tower in Australia. It is on the top floor of the Q1 building in Gold Coast and situated at the height of 230 meters above sea level. This building promises a great, admirable view of all of Gold Coast. It means if you include this place into your travel to Gold Coast Australia list, you can catch a wonderful most liked Instagram photo. SkyPoint Observation Deck suggests many interesting changes, such as live music sessions and themed dance parties. 

8. Tally Creek

tally creek Visitors who are looking for both a cheap and interesting trip to Gold Coast should consider Tally Creek. It would be a paradise for you for some days. You can visit there for swimming, camping, kayaking, and so on. And if you want to take the most liked Instagram photo, you should go at sunrise, where the water turns into beautiful pinks and oranges. Also, Australian Wildlife which is surrounded can be an incredible spot for your Instagram.

9. Tamborine Mountain

falls Tamborine Mountain is among the places in Gold Coast which are the center of visitors' attention. It is one of the Instagrammable places in this city. One of the important reasons for the Tamborine mountain holiday is that this place is the greenest and calmest place in Australia. People will get a chance to escape the busy and crowded city life and find beautiful peace. There are several marvelous waterfalls, wonderful botanic gardens, and walking trails. So all of these feathers make this place more Instagrammable.

10. Purlingbrook Falls

purlingbrook falls If you want to enjoy the beauty of this coastal city's nature, you should see Purlingbrook Falls. This flows down a huge cliff face, plunging into a cool rock below. This waterfall is formed like a horse's tail and now, it is in the UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unique structure and natural value. You will meet ancient lepidozamias, colorful hakeas, and dazzling wildflowers along the way to this marvelous waterfall. There are 265 steps on this walk, and it can be easier to walk in a clockwise direction. Therefore, you can get the opportunity to take incredible photos of these Instagrammable falls

11. Glow Worm Caves

When you plan your travel schedule to this city, you should think about Glow Worm Caves among the places to visit in Gold Coast. This place is constructed in a naturalistic style, complete with stalagmites, flowstones, and stalactites. One of its unique natural features is that the Glow Worm Caves are a human-made beauty. Visitors can go through the Glowworm alley with the help of a guided tour. Also, visitors get a chance to buy different merchandise related to the tour at the souvenir shop located outside the caves. Although this tour takes no longer than one hour, you can enjoy yourself with your friends and families.

12. Natural Bridge

natural bridge Another option to the wonderful places in Gold Coast which I can offer you is Natural Bridge. The bridge is situated in the southwest of the Gold Coast. Its name was taken from a rock arch in Springbrook National Park. Through this arch flows a tributary of the river Nerang. Natural Bridge is between Binna Bura and Springbrook, Plateau in the Scenic Rim Region, and you can see species like a cascade tree frog, sooty owl, koala, and so on. These feathers make this place more attractive for visitors looking for beautiful places to visit in Gold Coast.

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