21 Instagrammable places in Graz

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21 Instagrammable places in Graz
where is Graz? Graz is a city in Austria on the Mura River, the second-largest city in the country. In the town's heart is a medieval main square, stores and restaurants are located in the streets adjacent to the square. One way or another, all the roads combine all Renaissance architecture and are notable for their beautiful Baroque style. The city has a funicular that leads to the top of Schlossberg Mountain and a clock tower with a long history.  Graz boasts its historical heritage, as this Austrian town is the most preserved in all Europe. The city of Austria is filled with historic buildings and Baroque architecture, and the city itself is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These all are the reasons that make it worth applying for an Austria visa. graz Architects inspired by Italy built many buildings, and the city itself is a famous scientific, educational, and cultural city throughout Europe. Graz's roots go back to the Roman past because the Romans built the small port, which is now the old part of the city. However, the town's name takes its roots from the Slavs because "Graz" comes from the word "Hradec". Today we will look at the Instagrammable places of Graz and show you the unique places to take a photo.

1. Kunsthaus

kunsthaus This futuristic building in Graz is a museum of modern art. The stunning, innovative building has a unique shape and is an incredible location where you can take no less original, most liked Instagram photos.

2. Murinsel

murinsel Murinsel is an artificial island built entirely of steel in 2003. Inside the building are a theatre, where concerts and various events are held, and a playground and a cafe.  

3. Attems Palace

attems palace This aristocratic palace is probably the most beautiful building, built in the Baroque style. The castle now houses the editorial office of a local newspaper, concert halls and stores, and artists' offices.

4. City Hall

city hall The town hall, as well as other historical sights of the Austrian city of Graz, majestically rises on the central square. The municipality building itself was built in the 19th century in the style of classicism. 

5. Landhaus

landhaus The Landhaus is a small Florence in Austria. Earlier it was mentioned that during the construction of Graz, the architects were inspired by Italian architecture. The complex of Instagrammable buildings in the Renaissance style consists of several majestic buildings with Tuscan galleries and inner courtyards. At present, the most massive yard is used as a place for various folk festivals and events.

6. Schlossberg Castle

schlossberg castle Schlossberg Castle is one of the best places to see in Graz Austria. At the top of the hill, above the town of Graz, the legendary Schlosberg Castle with its famous clock tower is located. Unfortunately, like many Austrian sights, the castle was destroyed, and only ruins remained, but the clock tower Urturm survived. There are a lot of well-groomed flower beds, fountains with pergolas, and a magnificent, even Instagrammable view over the whole Graz. There are cafeterias with terraces on the territory.

7. The ruins of the Gosting castle

gosting castle The ruins of the once most potent defensive fortress that defended the city back in the 11th century are located within the city limits. Unfortunately, after the fire, only the Chapel of St. Anne and the ruins of the fortress were removed.

8. Arnold Schwarzeneger Museum

arnold schwarzeneger museum Arnold was born in the village of Tal near Graz. The museum itself is located in the house where Schwarzenegger was born and lived. At the time of his career, Arnold also lived in this house. Now there are unique exhibits, and the most liked Instagram photos of the celebrity. 

9. Sackstrasse street

sackstrasse street Locals call this street "Miles of Art", along with art objects, various art cafes, artists' studios, new and unique Instagrammable places, and art and craft workshops. In addition to all the above, the street has a large number of shopping booths and benches, where you can find valuable antique items, as well as Instagrammable jewellery.

10. Eggenberg Castle

eggenberg castle The next one on the list of the best places to see in Graz Austria is Eggenberg Castle. The castle of extraordinary beauty was erected for Prince Eggenberg, who was an adviser to Emperor Ferdinand II and had considerable weight at the court. The structure itself has four towers, each representing the season, and was built in the style of "Renaissance harmony" and most amazingly, the castle has 52 rooms and 24 standard rooms. 52 rooms mean the number of weeks in a year, and 24 halls are 24 hours a day. It was conceived because Prince Eggenberg was fond of astrology

11. Arsenal

arsenal The armoury building was erected back in the 17th century and kept there all the stocks of weapons that were planned to be distributed to the Graz population in case of war or a sudden attack by an enemy of the state. Currently, the Arsenal holds over a few thousand guns, rifles, pistols, and many other firearms. Moreover, armour and tournament robes are kept in the Arsenal.

12. Emperor Ferdinand Mausoleum

emperor ferdinand mausoleum The mausoleum is the family burial vault of all Habsburg dynasty representatives and has some Florentine forms in architecture. 

13. Basilica Mariatross and Dompfarramt

basilica mariatross Majestic and incredible scale structure, which captures the spirit with its decoration and beauty, mesmerizes everyone who visited this basilica. Absolutely everything "from and to", up to every detail, is made in Baroque and Renaissance styles, as well as in Gothic style. It takes your breath away and steals your breath, affecting every cell of soul, heart, and mind.

14. The Church of St. Lucas

church of st lucas The church is unique for its fusion of religion and art nouveau, and it is worth coming here at least to be surprised and get a lasting impression of what you have seen. Graz is such a unique and diverse city that even if the question is about religion, then here, you will find unusual things that can capture your mind.

15. City Park

city park The park, located in the centre of the city, is a forest island, which takes away every visitor from the bustle. The lake and the green area with fountains like a magical forest are the Instagrammable places where the soul finds peace, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee and take beautiful, most liked Instagram photos.

16. Johannes Kepler Observatory

johannes kepler observatory In the evenings, you can enjoy the starry sky and fly to the distant expanses of the universe without leaving the earth - this is an Instagrammable event.

17. St. Martin's Palace

st martin palace The Palace of St. Martin is located in a remote area in the southwest called Strasgang. The area is known since ancient Rome, where it also passed an important trade route. And if you look back to medieval times, the ancient Aribonid clan lived here, which comes from Bavaria. 

18. Church of the Holy Trinity

church This church is an incredible masterpiece of Baroque architecture. In medieval times, this area served as a cemetery, but in 1694, the first stone in constructing a small memorial chapel was laid here. The prototype of the church was the Church of Jesus, which is located in Rome. Nowadays, the church belongs to the Franciscan monastic order's female branch, although previously, the church was dedicated to St. Ursula. 

19. Botanical garden

botanical garden Huge glass greenhouses keep a wide variety of exotic plants, which require special temperature conditions and special care all year round. The greenhouse structure passes 98% of sunlight, and it is considered the highest achievement of the world level to this day. Inside there are four climatic zones. Mediterranean vegetation diversity can be found in the "cold house" department, and the flora of South America and Australia is located in a modest house. Also, on the greenhouse territory, you can find poisonous plants and plants that can immediately cause the strongest allergic reaction in humans. Among other things, there is a botanical garden in the open air. The garden was initially created for scientific purposes, and now there are various seminars and conferences.

20. Streetcar museum

car museum Earlier, the first city tramway station was located here, and now the territory is an open-air museum. The museum features both ancient streetcars and other various public transport modes. 

21. Gezoize National Park

gezoize national park Throughout the park runs the river Ans, the park's apex is in the area of 110 square kilometres. Gezoize is the youngest national park, founded in 2002. Also, the park itself is located on mountainous terrain, so mountain landscapes and untouched nature distinguish it. Here you can find a vast number of rare plants and wildlife representatives. Incidentally, it is worth noting that in the National Park of Gezoize, historical sites, such as the Benedictine Monastery Edmond, founded by the Archbishop of Salzburg in 1074. This monastery is famous around the world for its extensive depository of books. gezoize national park  As Graz is an original historical site, there are indeed many unique locations on our list that have a long history. In this Instagrammable city in Austria, you can immerse yourself entirely in the historical heritage of our society and planet. By the way, Graz is a student youth city with many different events for every taste and age category. Everyone will find here something for himself. By the way, the explanation that Graz is a student city is straightforward. There are four universities: The Charles and Franz University of Graz, Graz University of Technology, a medical university, and a university of music and acting. There are two educational institutions in the city, such as economic and polytechnic. The total number of students throughout Graz is about 55 thousand people.  boats An interesting fact: in 1902, the first museum of forensic science in the world was opened, and we owe this merit to the outstanding scientist of the Austrian Technical University - Hans Gustav Adolf Gross. If you move away from the central sights, then just walking through the streets, exploring every turn and getting lost in the city, you can discover incredible locations, far from tourist trails and hidden from the eyes of huge crowds of curious passers-by.  Moreover, almost every location of the historic Austrian city of Graz is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and will tell you silently its story, touching to the core and, of course, charming with its incredible views, unique natural landscapes.  graz The historic city architecture in Austria is a mixture of different epochs and styles, history and art nouveau, urban fuss, and natural beauties.  One way or another, the Austrian city of Graz, located in the federal state of Styria, is an Instagrammable city where a unique blend of old and young, religion and science, culture and history, exciting and all-absorbing leisure, aesthetics both in nature and in cultural life. Why Graz is the most photogenic city in the world? The answer is simple - Graz is unique, and every detail of the city fascinates the ancient world and also gives incredible emotions.

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