12 Instagrammable places in Lisbon

12 Instagrammable places in Lisbon

Ieva Miltina13 September 20201381 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Lisbon
European capitals over and over again. The beautiful architecture, delicious food, and charismatic people are just a few of the things that might lure holidaymakers from all over the world. And what’s the best - the city is so vibrant and diverse that anyone will find something for their liking! May it be a weekend with family, a surfing trip with friends, or a wild week of parties in some of those spectacular clubs. Or even if it is just a few days for downtime on your own. If you are looking for an amazing destination for your next trip, why not opt for travel to Lisbon? I will try to offer some insight and ideas on what to do in Lisbon while you are there. And meanwhile, I hope to persuade you through a list of the most instagrammable places in Lisbon. Who knows, maybe your Instagram account will hit an all-time high of likes after posting some of the moments from the most amazing holidays in Lisbon! Are you ready to take off?

1. The classic - Rua Augusta Arch

praca do comercio First things first. Cross one of the most instagrammable places in Portugal off your list and head directly to the central plaza of Lisbon - to Praca Do Comercio. This yellow and grand building with a one-of-a-kind arch is definitely one of the favourites for many visitors to this city. Therefore the best time to take those precious pictures for your feed will be in the mornings, especially weekend mornings. While people are still happily snoring after a good party the night before! And after making sure some memories are saved on your camera, head direction water, and enjoy a super relaxing walk along the river. I was lucky to hear street musicians playing there, and it totally made my day. Enjoying a drink during sunset on the steps overlooking the river is also a great idea for an activity!

2. The famous Pink Street

pink street Slightly quirky but definitely attention-grabbing, this spot will be a great backdrop for your Instagram fashion shots! The bright pink colour of the pavement will give you a lot of room for creative ideas, and even if you are not keen on planning an elaborate photo shoot, the buildings and streets themselves are extra photogenic too. Head there in the late morning to avoid crowds - after locals have gone to work and before the tourists have started moving around!

3. One of many - the Elevador Da Bica

elevador da bica It is no secret that Lisbon is located on hills, and not everyone is keen on climbing those steep pavements daily. This is where these cute yellow (and colourful graffiti decorated) trams come in handy - they will bring you to most corners of the city but also will be a great object to show on your Instagram. If you are considering what to do in Lisbon, I definitely suggest planning one day just going around the town on different trams and exploring the beautiful neighbourhoods!

4. The photogenic Belem Tower

belem tower Slightly out of the centre, Belem Tower is located on an islet that can be reached on a short wooden path. It is also one of the most popular instagrammable places in Lisbon because of its unique location and proximity to water. The best time to visit there is either early morning or in the evening shortly before closing exactly due to popularity among other tourists. By the way - if you are there, don’t miss the opportunity to try the famous Pastel de Nata in one of the places located a short walk from this tower (read more about this below!).

5. The home of a renowned local treat - Pasteis de Belem

lisbon food A local secret recipe has been a special treat for the guests of this shop for almost 200 years already now. One of the staples of Portugal, but especially Lisbon, is exactly the divine Pastel de Nata custard tart. This is not to be missed by any chance because I assure you - the tart is actually mind-blowingly delicious. And the cute shop is not only one of the arguably most delicious instagrammable places in Lisbon, but probably also the place where you will make some mouthwatering #instatravel food pics!

6. An afternoon stroll in Alfama District

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Lisbon is Alfama. Narrow cobblestone streets, cute houses, and lots and lots of particular details. Exploring this part of the city, you will encounter numerous viewing platforms looking over the rooftops of houses that cover the hills all the way down to the Tagus River. Charming and very, very typical! While roaming this district, I especially enjoyed the afternoon or early evening sun - perfect light conditions for cinematic photography! And to catch the best moments without exhausting yourself, get a tram on the way up, but walk your way down to the centre!

7. The supercool Village Underground Lisboa

If you want to catch some more urban and hipster vibes to show to your followers, then this will be a great spot to visit. A coworking space and an event venue - it will catch your eye with colourful container blocks and other creative angles. Going there you also will be able to visit one of the local favourites - the double-decker bus cafe. Get a cup of coffee, talk to the locals, and find out some other unknown spots for some unique snaps!

8. Spectacular and unforgettable the Atlantic Ocean

azenhas do mar portugal Lisbon is not directly located on the coast of the ocean (rather on the banks of the Tagus River), but it can be reached quickly enough. If you do visit this charismatic capital, missing at least a day on the coast would be a shame. And not because of the amazingly great water for swimming (because it is not as warm), but because of the spectacular views. Bikini pics, cliff pics, surfer pics, or just vacay pics - you name it! And if you do want to swim in rather warm waters, then the best time to travel to Portugal is around September or October. But if you have time to go somewhere besides Lisbon - in Algarve water will be suitable for swimming even in November!

9. The beautiful Moorish palace -  Casa Do Alentejo

casa do alentejo The entrance to this gem is hidden from most eyes, but it should definitely not be missed. Not only this palace is extremely beautiful, but it also offers quite many scenarios for your typical “Lisbon pics”. The backyard, the famous azulejos that tell a story on the walls, or even a restaurant with heaps of local specialities to choose from. You decide what will be the focus of your visit, but make sure you get there if you are keen on getting some likes!

10. Amazingly photogenic Pena Palace in Sintra

pena palace Technically, 30 minutes out of Lisbon itself, this palace is not to be missed if you are roaming for the most epic snaps. This is actually one of the most instagrammable places in Portugal and will catch your followers’ attention with incredibly bright colours, cute fairy-tale shapes, and amazing views over the valley. And while on the quest for the best angles, just enjoy the beauty and a day out of the city!

11. The surprising Santa Justa Lift

santa justa lift One of the most noteworthy landmarks is Santa Justa Lift, which was made by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard and opened in 1902. He actually was a student of the famous Gustave Eiffel! And even though it might seem slightly odd that the elevator is just there, basically on the street, it starts to make more sense knowing it connects a lower part of the street to a higher one. Many go to get the beautiful views from the top, and if you are not trying to avoid long lines (to go up), then you definitely should too! Epic pictures of Lisbon rooftops are guaranteed!

12. The epic Lisbon Destination Hostel

lisbon destination hostel The famous hospitality is one of the reasons why people travel to Portugal. To prove that, one would just need to check the list of the world’s best hostels (rated by the guests) - Lisbon is on the list on numerous occasions year after year. Besides the great service, their establishments are often extremely appealing and unique to the eye. My favourite one during my travel to Lisbon was Lisbon Destination Hostel. Located in a Rossio Railway Station, this hostel is rather a mansion and designed to reach full Instagram potential! And their beds are a treat too... Is travel to Portugal now on your to-do list? I sure hope so because this shortlist of most instagrammable places in Lisbon is just a tiny fraction of the beauty and great moments you will find in this rather tiny but spectacular country! Served along with a pleasant breeze from the ocean and a glass of cooled Vinho Verde, the vibe of Lisbon will be something to remember for ages. With that said - the best time to travel to Portugal is whenever you are craving for seriously great holidays, which might as well be now! Get your Portugal visa now and be ready for the adventure of your life!

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