12 Instagrammable places in Mendoza

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12 Instagrammable places in Mendoza
where is Mendoza. It is among Argentina's best regions and worth visiting during your travel to Argentina because travel to Mendoza Argentina promises many Instagrammable places. You will find a lot of wonderful places to visit in Mendoza Argentina, where you will be able to take the most liked Instagram photos. What to do in Mendoza Argentina? Mendoza represents the country's wine culture. It is an area that deserves to be popular not only for producing the best wines but also because it also has tourist sites full of culture, nature, and dream landscapes. So, you will not ask what to do in Mendoza Argentina, as it offers too many things to do in Mendoza Argentina. If you have already decided to apply for Argentina visa and travel to Mendoza Argentina, read this post about the 12 instagrammable places to visit in Mendoza to take the most liked Instagram photos. After reading, you will find answers to your questions about your travel to Argentina, especially Mendoza, such as where is Mendoza, what to do in Mendoza Argentina, which things to do in Mendoza Argentina, etc. 

1. San Rafael

san rafael mendoza argentina San Rafael is the capital of the state of Mendoza in Argentina. It is a city with dreamy landscapes and rivers such as the Diamante, which crosses the state and the Atuel, and where you can practice rafting and kayaking. Among the places to visit in Mendoza Argentina, you will find the Plaza San Martin and the neo-romantic cathedral called San Rafael Arcangel, as well as coffee shops such as Sr. Cafe and Oasis Cafe. It is a city full of tourism where you can ride a mountain bike, climb, rappel and paraglide. Valle Grande, the dams, and the reservoirs of Los Reyunos and El Tigre are also good options to visit during your travel to Argentina

2. Inca Bridge

inca In the Las Cuevas District, you will find the Inca Bridge, one of the most important natural monuments in the country and one of Mendoza's tourist attractions. It is located in the Andes mountain range, between the Banderita Norte and Banderita Sur hills, 2 hours from San Rafael. It is one of the best things to do in Mendoza to go in winter and walk in the snow if the weather conditions are not very extreme. It is just 20 minutes from the Los Puquios mini ski centre, perfect if it is the first time you practice trekking and horseback riding. It also offers expeditions to Aconcagua.

3. Uspallata

uspallata Desert mountains and petroglyphs make Uspallata interesting, which is located in the Las Heras department. It is also surrounded by the Mendoza River and the San Alberto and Uspallata streams. Uspallata is one of Mendoza's instagrammable places due to its landscapes, where you can take the most liked Instagram photos.

4. Uco Valley

uco valley North of the Tunuyan River, you will find the Uco Valley during your travel to Mendoza Argentina. This wine region of Argentina is characterized by its fertile soils and is surrounded by the Andes' highest peaks. It is the ideal place to spend vacations in Mendoza and to do bicycle rides, horseback riding, trekking, rafting, the sighting of landscapes, wine tastings, and excursions. You will also have the opportunity to stay in resorts whose essence is focused on preserving the environment. One of them is the Salentein Inn, an hour and a half from the city, which belongs to the Salentein Wineries, which in turn has a space for the Killka culture.

5. Art and Architecture

mendoza If you are looking to try different types of wines and also enjoy modern and art deco buildings, you have to go to the city of Mendoza at the start of your travel to Argentina. Here you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, located in the vicinity of Plaza Independencia. Also, you will have plenty of options to have fun, including the Selectro, Independencia, and Tajamar theatres, cinemas at Universidad and Cinemacenter, and casinos like Sun Plaza Mendoza and Casino Mendoza. The city, considered one of the world capitals of wine, is the starting point for other tourist destinations in Mendoza, such as the Wine Roads, mountains, and rivers.

6. Cerro de Aconcagua

aconcagua If you do not know what to do in Mendoza Argentina, a good option is Cerro de Aconcagua, located within the Cerro Aconcagua Provincial Park. Being the highest in the southern hemisphere, it is ideal for climbing. It is one of the tourist places to visit in winter in Mendoza, where you may see the red fox, the mountain mice, the torrent duck, and the European hares. The best thing is that you will have the School of Mountain and Trekking Guides and the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides within the park, which will facilitate your excursion.

7. Independence Square

independence square Between the streets of Patricias Mendocinas, Chile, General Espejo, and Rivadavia, you will find the Plaza Independencia, located in the urban space of the city of Mendoza, Argentina. It has an area of 1600 square meters and a fountain of dancing waters. It is one of the tourist places in Mendoza where you will have the opportunity to buy handicrafts typical of the province and appreciate street shows. Likewise, it is an obligatory stop if you want to go to any part of the state because petunias, pansies, and marigolds surround urban bus stops. You will find several places to stay near the square, such as Villaggio Hotel and Park Hyatt Mendoza. Quinta Norte and Bute will offer you the best dishes to delight your palate with Argentine specialities.

8. Malargue

malargue At the foot of the Andes mountain range, Argentina, you will find the city of Malargue. It is one of Mendoza's tourist places to go in winter with one of the natural reserves of the cavernous complex, along with the Caverna de Brujas, the wetland of the lagoon, and the La Payunia Reserve. If you are looking for places to ski in Mendoza, it is the perfect destination because it has a ski centre and a Planetarium.

9. San Martin

lake In the north centre of Mendoza, you will find San Martín, one of the most important cities in Argentina, as it connects Buenos Aires with Mendoza and Santiago de Chile through a highway and rail corridor. Here you will have the opportunity to know the Wine and Olive Paths, vineyards, and wineries throughout San Martin. Go horseback riding, stroll through the dunes in 4 × 4, air flights, do motorcycling and motor racing at the Jorge Angel Penna Autodrome, take a tour of the religious temple Nuestra Senora de Belen and visit the Canal de la Patria.

10. The Penitentes

snow Two hours approximately is what separates the Los Penitentes sector from the city of Mendoza, Argentina. A famous town thanks to the Penitentes ski centre, a starting point for expeditions to Aconcagua. It is also known for its varied hotel infrastructure, including the Cruz de Cana Refuge and the Penitentes Lodge. It is one of the snowy places in Mendoza with rock formations that look like the monks' pilgrimage. It is the perfect place if your passion is skiing, snowboarding, or heli-skiing, especially from mid-June to August. Here you will also find good restaurants like El Parador and Ayelen and records like Voodo and Kamizake.

11. Tupungato

tupungato Within the city of Valle de Uco, you will get another of the interesting places of Mendoza, Tupungato, in Argentina. It is known as the "Capital of the Walnut and High-altitude Wines," located one hour from Mendoza. In the historic centre, you will visit the home of Dr Ernesto Piaggi and the old Professor Dionisio Chaca school. It is also one of the outstanding sites of interest in Mendoza, Argentina, surrounded by mountains, wineries, and excellent wines. And if you are looking for tranquillity, you can go to the Antigua Villa San Carlos, where you will enjoy nature. However, if you are adventurous, you have to go to the Tupungato Volcano, 3 hours from the city, the Cristo Orante Monastery, the Tupungato Military Historical Museum, and the Andean Condor Reserve.

12. The Caves

cave You will find another of Mendoza's famous attractions: Las Cuevas, a small hunt on the border with Chile that is two hours from the city. Here you will see the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains. Despite being a very beautiful space, it is one of Mendoza's abandoned places because it does not have restaurant services or great luxuries. If you want to walk through this bordering area, you must bring everything you need, in addition to a camera. Photographic so you can capture the best images. The access roads to Las Cuevas are extremely dangerous due to the strong curves, so it is better to go on Mendoza tours.

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