12 Instagrammable places in Monaco

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12 Instagrammable places in Monaco
Data show that 32% of the total population is a millionaire. Every year thousands of people travel to Monaco, and some of them decide to stay there forever. Considering that you have plans to visit Monaco, we will give detailed information about famous places in Monaco, where is Monaco, what to do in Monaco, Instagrammable places, and more.

Where is Monaco?

monaco city Monaco is a microstate on the French Riviera in Western Europe and bordering France to the north, east, and west. The population of Monaco is roughly 40,000, and the entire area is 2,1 square km. What is the official language of Monaco? The official language is French. But national Monegasque language and English and Italian are the other most spoken languages. It means that tourists will not face any communication problems during their vacation. Which currency to use? Such as in France and most other European countries, the most used currency is EURO. The official religion is Roman Catholicism.

1. Monte-Carlo Casino

monaco city Monaco is full of mysteries and beauties, but the most well-known among all places to visit in Monaco is Monte-Carlo. Breathtaking views, thousands of attractions, luxury hotels, restaurants, cafes are waiting for you. Probably, when you ask for information about Monte-Carlo, most people will talk about Casino Monte-Carlo. Not only visitors who want to try their luck, but also people who are interested in architecture admire this place. Nearly all visitors talk about mesmerizing interior architectural design, and most of them believe that it is the gorgeous one they have ever seen. Also, some of you can recognize this casino from the movie James Bond GoldenEye. Varieties of games like blackjack, baccarat, punto banco, and more are available to play. If you want to visit this Instagrammable casino, remember that it is open between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

2. Princess Grace Rose Garden

princess grace rose garden Are you looking for famous places in Monaco to take Instagrammable pictures? If the answer is yes, you should go to the Princess Grace Rose Garden. Where is Monaco, Princess Grace Rose Garden? It is in Fontvieille Park, Avenue des Guelfes. This garden is very well-known among visitors to Monaco and citizens. People love to spend a relaxing time and enjoy the mesmerizing view of 300 kinds of roses. Some of those roses are named after the Princes and Princesses of the Grimaldi Royal Family. Also, this garden is honoured with the name Ecological Garden. Don't forget to capture some photographs to share on Instagram.

3. Opera de Monte-Carlo

opera building Places to visit in Monaco have a wide range, and the Monte-Carlo Opera House can be an excellent example. Excellent view, beautiful trees, magnificent fountains are only some of the properties. The Opera house was built by Charles Garnier, who was the architect of the Paris Opera House. Many famous opera singers have a chance to perform in this opera house. The Monte-Carlo Opera House offers classical music, but sometimes they host other music concerts and ballet performances. The opera season begins in September and lasts till April.

4. Prince's Palace of Monaco

prince palace Palais du Prince is an example of places to see in Monaco. It was built in 1191 by the Genoa Republic, but after conquering the land, the royal family has begun to live in the fortress since today. Palais du Prince is a private residence, but it is open for visitors at certain times. You can take part in tours to the castle and learn facts about Monaco and the royal family's history. Here you get a chance to see outstanding Italian galleries, Blue Room, Mazarin Room, Throne Room, Palatine Chapel, and the Main Courtyard. What to do in Monaco in the summer? Travelling between July and August, you can enjoy the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra's classical music concerts in the central courtyard. Another ceremony is the Changing of the Guard, and it happens at 11:55 in front of the palace. It would be the best Instagrammable moment to share on Instagram. Probably, it will be your most liked Instagram photo.

5. Musee Oceanographique (The Oceanographic Museum)

musee oceanographique The Oceanographic Museum is 90 meters above sea level on Le Rocher. The spectacular view, museum artefacts, and aquariums attract attention from all visitors to this spot. The most crucial reason that makes museums one of the places to visit in Monaco is the aquariums. This museum opened in 1910 by order of Prince Albert I. They have three aquariums (one of the oldest in the world) in this museum: the Tropical Aquarium, Mediterranean Aquarium, and Shark Lagoon. Besides, there is Turtle Island and a Touch Tank where you can hold a baby shark. After getting priceless facts about marine life, you can enjoy the charming view and take some photos for your Instagram in La Terrasse Restaurant on the roof terrace. If you are lucky, you can observe the Italian Riviera, too. 

6. Jardin Exotique

jardin exotique If we talk about famous places in Monaco to visit, we should mention Jardin Exotique. The garden is at 62 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique, also known as a more modern Monaco. Being close to the seashore and having flourishing nature hypnotize all tourists. Jardin Exotique opened in 1933 and contained an astonishing variety of species from Latin America, Africa, Mexico, etc. Moreover, there is an Observatory Cave and Anthropology Museum, and tours are available to those places each hour after 10 am. Visiting the Anthropology Museum will give you a chance to get detailed knowledge about the prehistoric era, pre-Roman and Roman periods. Don't forget to take some photos to share on Instagram; without any doubt, it will be your most liked Instagram photo

7. Visit the Cathedral

monaco city One of the most exciting places to see in Monaco is the cathedral in 4 Rue Colonel-Bellando-de-Castro. The Roman-Byzantine architectural style of the cathedral will make you have goosebumps from first sight. Besides architectural beauty, this cathedral is crucial for Monaco because many notable people were buried here, such as the Princes of Monaco, Prince Rainier, Princess Grace. Another characteristic feature of the cathedral is the Episcopal throne made from white Carrara marble. Furthermore, you can listen to Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco's sacred music and the Cathedral Choir every Sunday (10 am from September through June). 

8. Monaco Grand Prix

formula one grand prix Undoubtedly, the Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most exciting sports events. There are several Formula One circuits, and the Monaco circuit is one of them. First Formula One Monaco Grand Prix took place on April 14th, 1929. It is interesting to note that Monaco Grand Prix is the shortest among all (just 3.337km). The race starts in Boulevard Albert 1 and ends in Place du Casino. Automobile Club of Monaco is the organizer of this race. Despite the area becoming so crowded during races, it is worth it to be there. If you are in French Riviera during May, remember that the Cannes Film Festival takes place during that time. So you can capture many Instagrammable pictures.

9. Collection of Vintage Cars

vintage cars Are you interested in vintage cars? We have great news for you. There is a vintage car collection in Terrasses de Fontvieille, Monaco. This collection is one of the most exciting Instagrammable places in the town: more than 100 automobiles and six historic coaches on display. You will find car vehicles of car companies from various parts of the world (European and American). Every year thousands of car lovers travel to Monaco just because of this car collection. Considering that there are many vintage car lovers on social media, we can undoubtedly say that you can take your most liked Instagram photo here.

10. Fort Antoine

fort antoine One of the most captivating Instagrammable places in Monaco is the historical fortress Fort Antoine. Today, people use it more different from their original purpose. Nowadays, outdoor performances took place in Fort Antoine. We should mention that all performances are in french, and you must buy a ticket to watch performances. The capacity of the area is just 350 people. It is open to the public when there are any live performances (Monday-Friday from 10 am-1 pm and 2 pm-5 pm). 

11. Jardin Japonais

jardin japonais It sounds weird and unbelievable, but there is a Japanese garden in Monaco. The name of that garden is Jardin Japonais. Where is this spot? Jardin Japonais is in Avenue Princesse Grace; you will find it effortlessly. This park is in an amazing location for those who want to get rid of the city's noise for a while. Jardin Japonais with pure water, waterfalls, and beautiful nature will make you forget all your problems. There is no doubt that the Japanese garden is one of the places to see in Monaco.

12. Marvelous Restaurants

restaurant What to do in Monaco? We have already mentioned 11 destinations for you. In the end, after hiking in the city, you will need to get energy, and there can not be any better option than having a meal in a restaurant in Monaco. We will not mention exact names, but we will give some meal advice. They are Barbajuan, Bouillabaisse, Gnocchi, Porchetta, Fougasse, Pissaladière, Galapian, and more. Among these meals, Barbajuan has its popularity, and this is the national food of Monaco.

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